Monday, December 24, 2007

Instant Nephew

My hubby's first sister's second daughter (ie, my niece) got married on the 15th of December 2007 and with the solemnization comes an instant nephew for us! :) The first wave of events were carried out in the bride's hometown in Tanah Merah, Kelantan amidst the rain.

Khaleeq seized the opportunity to conquer the microphone at the event as he decided to entertain the invited guests.

The other half of the celebration was in Tanjung Karang, Selangor. The groom even cooked for the "makan beradab". Since there weren't much protocol involved, we invaded the meja pengantin and got to eat the really good stuff. Inclusive of the big, fat prawns and siakap masak 3 rasa deliciously prepared by the groom himself. Yummy!!!

Welcome to the clan, Zack! You can come and invade our kitchen anytime..

-dillz blogging out-

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Water

As part of an educational holiday program, the Azruls (minus baby Khaleeda) went on a field trip to aquaria in KLCC. It started with an LRT ride for Khadra and Khaleeq accompanied by their dad. I took the car and waited for them at the entrance to the tunnel joining Suria to the convention centre. (Just making sure that we'd have the car when they are too tired to walk and wanting to sleep on their way home)

They were featuring the Endau Rompin inhabitants when we were there , so we got to see the mischievous kongkang as well. We were greeted with a petting aquarium whereby the visitors are able to touch the exhibits there. First up were a school of recently fed baby sharks swimming in a circular container. Khadra (and Azrul) didn't want to touch them, but Khaleeq quickly stepped up to the plate. Always not afraid to try something new, that boy.. (at least once!) However, the dang baby shark whipped its tail and splashed water all over my little boy's face and shirt! That kinda put him off the baby sharks a little bit and quite loudly refused a second try. heh heh heh... He did try to hold a few star fishes in the next container, though..

Overall, the exhibits were pretty well put together and there's a tinge of quiet 'class' about it. I especially liked the 15-foot (or more) glass cylinder filled with all kinds of fishies and the stand-easy travellator tunnel going under the glass tank of sharks, stingrays and other wonderful sea creatures.

If you haven't been, I strongly suggest that you do give it a visit. Just have to tahan waiting in line for the entrance tickets. I don't understand why they only opened two counters when the queue is 100m long. Oh well, typical Malaysian brand of customer service, I guess..

-dillz blogging out-

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Eid

Happy Eidul Adha to all muslims.

How did your break go? The Azruls had quite an eventful one as we decided to take part in the annual qurban held in Taman Tenaga this year. Ours was one-seventh of "Lembu 2" , the white cow tied to a tree trunk in the mosque's compound. There were 5 cows sacrificed this year and another one given by the Jabatan Agama for the kampung to feast on.

The cool thing about celebrating Eidul Adha in Taman Tenaga is that the activities related to it are carried out by the actual residents of this small Malay settlement. Right from the actual slaughtering, the act of "melapah" (ie skinning) and also the cooking. It's all a big, modern gotong-royong that started the night before with an organized house-to-house "takbir". The kids who came along will get a small angpow and the troopers will be feasted with food in every single house. Pretty cool, indeed...

Just made me realize that I am not doing enough for this little community. I should be with the ladies cutting up the veges and meat or something. Instead, I was just standing around taking pictures of my cow and just being LLB. (Look-Like-Busy) Hmmm.. Maybe I should take out my "I am just out of confinement" card this time round. Doubt that I'll have any more relevant excuses for next year. heh heh heh.. Gotto remember to come equipped with a sharp knife next year.

By the way, I brought the two kiddos over to witness the slaughtering for the experience. Khadra fled at the first sight of blood while Khaleeq just went "Ee-uuu!!"

... just as expected!

-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's Almost Over

Yeay! Yeay! 2 days to habis pantang!!!! Been waiting for the 44th day since like forever. ;)

Finally, can just devour whatever I wanna eat on Eidul Adha without any guilt! How very appropriate! But, must remember not to touch laksa and jambu yet. No big deal coz I'm not a big fan anyways. Other than that, I am all game! Yee-ha! In the mean time, I just have to tahan 2 more days...

Here's a collection of pix during Khaleeda's first month check-up with the pead which coincidentally spells my ticket to mengularrr!!! heh heh heh (pantang pun boleh mengular...) She put on a little more than a kg from her birth weight and other than that we had nothing exciting to report. Which is GOOD, I guess. :) I think she looks really cute in her Baby Big Bird tee. Quite expensive lah the Sesame Beginnings range ni. Have to wait for Sale to buy.. But, I really like.. Cute, like that.. heh heh heh..

-dillz blogging out-

Monday, December 17, 2007

Kira's in Italia

Been meaning to post that my sister, Kira, is currently on an intensive high school exchange program to Italy for two whole months. She left for Roma last 8th of December via Dubai. She's actually on a program by AFS and as I ciloked from their official website;

AFS Statement of Purpose
AFS is an international, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create more just and peaceful world. 

The first time I heard about this program was through Farahana Azmin, Ema's friend, as she went on a similar program to Spain some years ago. Personally, I am all for student exchange programs because I too had the good fortune of attending one back during my A-Level days. Since Cobham Hall was part of the Round Square schools, student exchange between member schools is possible. I attended The Athenian School in Danville, California (very near to San Francisco) and my partner in crime, the ever elusive che' nah, went to Canada. (Apa nama sekolah tu, babe?) I was there for a whole month; attending high school- taking up Physics, Calculus, Stained Glass and Chorus, going to field trips and vacationing to Lake Tahoe. Boy, did I have oodles of fun.. :) heh heh heh

So, when Kira pitched to us (hubby and I) the idea of applying for the program, we were behind her all the way. Well, more Azrul than me, actually.. :) He was the one who helped her with the application form as well as the running around . She had to go through an interview to gauge her suitability for the program where she actually Thriller danced for the interviewer. BTW, the program is not FOC either. The participant has to pay RM9K for the 2 month stay which I think is well worth the money. Anyways, once her application was successful, we also loaned her several Italian dictionaries to help her once she gets there. (is it helping you, Kir?)

Kira is staying with the Acquasantas, a family of five (inclusive of one elder brother, a 15 year old sister and a younger brother) in Laterza, TA. (Somewhere in the South of Italy) Her friends and family are able to catch up with her on her travelblog which she has set to private. (Understandably so since she is posting the host family details - addresses and phone numbers - here. You don't really want just any Tom, Dick or Harry to read it. Tak pasal-pasal aje ada stalker nanti)

I took the liberty to cilok what she posted in her blog:

rules in school;
1. no uniform
2. eat anytime in class
3. can go out anytime during classes from 10 to 12
4. can listen to ipod during classes
5. can bring handphone
6. cant wear hats/snowcaps/caps in class
7. can go home early but only parents have to pick up
hmm there are more but i cant remember :P

Wah, seronoknya!!!!!!

Some pictures I took from her blog:
Looks like she has been having way too much fun! All she talks about is food, food and more food!!! She's even planning to slaughter her own chicken soon! :) All in the name of good glorious food! heh heh heh

I envy you, kiddo. Have fun and take good care of yourself!

-dillz blogging out-

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


As promised. The kiddies year-end concert at Early Years Playgroup for this year.

Theme of concert is Children of the World. Good news for the mommies is that we only had to prepare three screens as the backdrops because the screens used for Anna and the King last year are gonna be recycled as part of Hang Jebat's istana. Less to design and less to paint. :) The main screen is of 4 prominent landmarks of the world - Great Wall of China for the tanglung dance by the nursery kids, Taj Mahal for the Bollywood dance by the kindergarten kids; as well as the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy and the Eiffel Tower in France for the international medley they sing as a finale. The second backdrop is of a desert for the Cowboy/Western sketch cum sing-a-long and the final scenery is of a beachfront for the hula dance. The teachers also prepared 3-d cacti and coconut trees as props - very believable.

First up was the nursery kids doing the tanglung dance. Unfortunately, Khaleeq froze. He just stood there, stone faced.. heh heh heh .. Stage fright lah, mamat nih.. Took a little snippet of him doing nothing. if you are interested, click here for the link.
Then came Khadra's Bollywood dance. Fuyyoh!!! Check that booty shaking, dudes!! (Khadra's in the sexy green and pink number)

The Western sketch is of the cowboys riding their stick horses around a campfire and having a drink after. Then comes the cowgirls in their stick horses (some were pink horses!) and having a cuppa also.. At the end of the long ride, they have a little sing-song session of Country Road.

Next is the Hawaiian dance by the nursery kids PLUS the girls from the kindergarten class. Watch the snippet here!

Then, a little sketch set during the Sultanate of Malacca era, Hang Jebat has his dancing girls dance for him, Hang Tuah kills Hang Jebat and everybody's happy. Khadra is Melor, Hang Tuah's girlfriend from the jungles of Malacca. She even had a script:
"My name is Melor. Hang Tuah likes me!"
(She then doubled up as one of the dancing girls)

As a finale, they performed a medley of songs: Can Mali Can, Kookaburra and Frerre Jacques. Watch it here.

Oh, there was also the awards presentation where everyone got a prezzie. Khadra had an additional one for Best Overall Development for 4 1/2 year old. This is Khadra's last concert here as she'll be attending another school effective Jan 2008. Fear not though, I'll still be volunteering for the backdrop designs next year as Khaleeq is still gonna go there.. heh heh heh I hope he'll learn to control the stage fright by then!

-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


My fifth sister, Ewa has 6 best friends from her secondary school days in Sri Aman. Shikin, Liyana, Izati, Munz, Raff, (Ewa) and Deena. And they call themselves the S.L.I.M.R.E.D. (You know what they say about names, right? Your name is actually a doa. So, doa kena bagus-bagus.. Slim, aje..)

Personally, they have a loong history with me. You see, during their adolescent years, I happened to be that elder sister with the legal driver's licence and car who could drive them around attending parties and such. I was their 'kaki'! Sometimes, I'd have to have my date with Azrul in between sending them everywhere. Not forgetting the fact that I actually tutored this lot in some of the subjects for SPM. So, through the screaming and yelling while class was in session, we bonded. ;) Since then, these people have always been in my life, even up till now. I remember taking them out to Sate Kajang Samuri in Bangi when I got my first paycheck. They were present during my wedding, my children's birth, birthdays and Hari Raya gatherings...

They popped in Pantai Hillpark to visit Khaleeda on her 4th day. But, only S.L.I.M. came. Raff was in Melaka, she's a doctor, you know.. Ewa is still in Melbourne, finishing up her masters and Deena is in the UK. Soon, Shikin will be going off to the UK to do her ACCA, they will be left as L.I.M. Once Ewa comes home, they will be known as L.I.M.E. .. heh heh heh

Ever wondered how one can have so many best friends? I kinda had my own S.L.I.M.R.E.D clan when I was in Form 5 too. We were living far away from our family and in STF, I was very close to 7 others in my class: Fida, Mira, Linda Razali, Kynne, Fara, Nor and Fedzah. Some of them are still close to me up 'til now. For instance, Mira and Kynne are working with the same organization as I am, so we often have catch up sessions over coffee or food. Fida, a Dr now; Fara and Fedzah are staying in the Klang Valley area, so we do meet up when there's Hari Raya open houses or Srikandi events. Nor is still in Trengganu, working with the national O&G company and the last I heard Linda Razali is still in Penang, lecturing.

I don't think I could have survived my adolescent and adult years without my girlfriends. Growing up, we shared experiences, stories and tips on a wide spectrum of things; boys, working woes, housing loans and even breastfeeding.

Since then, I have made more great girlfriends along the way. After all, one can never have one too many of a great girlfriend!

-dillz blogging out-

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Six, One & Four years olds

Ziezi had a birthday bash for all her kids on Saturday, 8th December 2007. Naqib turned 6 on 10.11.07, Heleyna Zahra turned Uno on 1.12.07 and Nelysa Khadija will be four on 30.12.07. So, why not have them all at once? Penat sekali je..

We were supposed to come in early to help out with the preparations. But we had some errands to run that morning and didn't get there until 2.30pm (the party was scheduled to start at 3pm). heh heh heh It was very festive-like, loads of balloons, streamers and brightly decorated tables and chairs. There was a nail art station and sand art station already set up. I volunteered to open up a face painting booth for the kids. (Cover datang lambat, maa) Though I could not eat the meehoon goreng and Nasi Dagang served at the party, we did have a lot of fun.. Check out the collage!-dillz blogging out-

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Khaleeq Ku Sayang

My son Khaleeq and a Magna Doodle sketch of him made by my dear hubby. Sebijik, right?

Being a rather loud person *ehem* and finding that I rarely ever run out of things to say, I was a little concerned when Khaleeq was barely talking at the age of three. We made him undergo all sorts of examinations and meet all sorts of specialists. ( Read about it here! ) We also enrolled him in the same playgroup as Khadra to speed up the oratory skills.

At this juncture, I am pleased to report that he is not JUST another pretty face. It has been quite hard to shut him up these days for he is always yakking. :) Not that we understand ALL that he says, but we could kinda guess most of them. His favourite phrases include; "Khadra, SHARE!!!", "Hey! It's missing!!", " (Missing item) , where are you?" and "Gimme the (item of interest)"; So, that's great progress! :)

I do believe his biggest influence in terms of his vocab and slang (he definitely has one) comes from his favourite shows; (like : Wiggles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Blue's Clues, Elmo's World, Sesame Street, Barney, Dora the explorer and everything else on Playhouse Disney Channel) as well as his elder sister, Khadra. Khaleeq has this tendency to add -ya at the end of a word. For instance; tv-ya, tree-ya, A-ya, E-ya (for the alphabets) - just too cute! One of his teachers even asked me if he had a Furby at home coz he speaks like one. Boleh? heh heh heh

I also noticed that as much as he loves to dance and sing; he kinda sucks at it. Kesian dia singing out of tune. I normally try to hold in my laughter out of pity. Khaleeq has two distinctive voices, one that he uses when he is trying to be all manja-manja and another when he gets pretty upset. The first is very soft and sing-songy and kinda makes your heart melt instantaneously. The other is shrieky and loud and just plain irritating. Unfortunately, it is the second voice that he utilizes to sing. Nevermind the out of tune part.. heh heh heh His dancing skills, most unfortunately, is by imitating the Wiggles and Steve from Blue's Clues. Horror, I tell you! :)

Khaleeq is just a joy to watch. In the mornings, he would come up to me and greet , "Good Morning, mummy" and plant a kiss on my cheek before scurrying off to watch his morning dose of Playhouse Disney Channel. He is also our in-house clown. He just loves to make people laugh. For instance, there's the Knock! Knock! jokes.
Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Stinky Shoes!
Stinky Shoes Who?
*2 seconds silence*
Knock! Knock! - and another Knock! Knock! joke will commence. You wait and wait for the punchline and there's none. So, you'd just laugh because it is so NOT funny! And this would go on for a few good rounds. (or until I m just too lazy to answer him)

In the fashion-front, Khaleeq truly has a mind of his own. To the utter dismay of our Bibik Parmi, he tears down his wardrobe in order to create his own ensemble. He sometimes changes his clothes up to five times a day. (H is actually asking me to change his shirt as I type this)

However, I find that bringing up a little boy is totally different from bringing up a girl. With Khadra, I use a lot more reasoning (when I am in the mood for it) and with Khaleeq, I tend to lose it more (ie more shouting). It's just that he is so darn active and when he is in one of his moods he could be a little too physical. (ie pinching, pulling hair, literally jumping on people and throwing stuff) He is also a little harder to control when we are out. So, I have to resort to the cuddly monkey harness when we go to public places.(just have to ignore the "looks" that the public gives me though) So, I am now trying very hard to cut down on the yelling and pinching his butts. Just have to remember to take a deep breath and chill during one of the episodes.. :)

For all the joy, laughter and yelling that you have brought me, little boy, please know that I do love you.. Unconditionally.. the good, the bad and the ugly.. just bring it on..

I love you, Khaleeq boy!

-dillz blogging out-

Friday, December 07, 2007

Eee. Bee. Emm

I have always known that I would breastfeed my babies even from early on. Of course, the advantages are aplenty : nutritious and everything in just the right amount, hassle free when you are mobile - no need to bring the thermos of hot water, bottles and formula when you go shopping and not to mention, cost effective ( especially if you plan to have several kids). With Khadra, I exclusively breastfed (only drinking mommy's wholesome milk) her for 7 months, that was until I was 5 months pregnant with Khaleeq. Khaleeq had a longer span of exclusive breastfeeding - 11 months. However, I carried on breastfeeding him whenever I was around him. Only when I was away, our trusted Bibik Lidiya would make him formula milk instead. It was a huge relief for me then coz it also meant that I could stop expressing milk at work. This went on until he was 2 years and 3 months. Not bad, not bad at all... I hope this time round I'll be able to match my experience with Khaleeq. Just taking it one day at a time.. We'll see how it goes..

So far, I think we are on the right track. It is Day 30 and my little stash of Expressed Breast Milk a.k.a EBM is now at 23 bottles. I have a couple of 2 oz., 2.5 oz. as well as 3 oz. bottles to cater for Khaleeda's current milk intake while I am out and about town. (merayau la, mana lagi..)

I started expressing since Week 2 and hopefully, I'll be able to hit 60 bottles of 4 oz. by the time I get back to work in January next year (or more, who knows.. ) It's not all that impossible, you know.. I personally know at least 2 people who came back to work with 100+ bottles of EBM stocked in their freezer. (which was especially bought to store them milk, by the way.. And NO, they were not especially well-endowed if you know what I mean..)

I have been tempted to switch my old skool Avent ISIS manual pump to the double automatic pump most of my friends are using, but I really do swear by my Avent pump. Seriously.. Eventhough Avent has come up with an enhanced version of the classic pump as well as a more intelligent version of the pump, obsolete me am still using the good old pump I bought during Khadra's days. All thanks to the purchase of the pump spare parts way back then.. The bottles, sterilizer unit as well as the warmer has also been brought out from storage, so I did not have to spend much this time round. (Lega... heh heh heh)

Excuse me, I am off to pump some milky!

-dillz blogging out-

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Belated Welcome!

Sorry babe, but I have yet to announce another addition to the Zaghlol clan; grandchild number 9, Miss Laiqa Akhyar binti Wafi Nazrin. Born on August 28th, 2007 to my third sister, Illa, Laiqa is the long awaited princess after three boys. She came out just a tiny 2.9kg, but this little makcik has already been to Bangkok. Jangan main-main... heh heh heh
Here's a picture of her during her recent aqiqah - so serenely sleeping in the Graco swing.

And here's a little picture of my Khaleeda in her other crib that was also beautifully decorated for the same event. Khaleeda was only 4 days old then. Yes, we attended the event. Can't deny it 'coz we've got pictures to prove it!

-dillz blogging out-

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Busy As A Bee!

Have been busy, people.. Mainly because that time of year is here yet again... I have been running around town to prepare / assemble / acquire / tailor costumes for the children's concert this coming 12th of December. Just like last year and the year before last, the kids will be performing their year-end concert as a finale, before school is out. This is truly an event that I look forward to every year. The theme this year is about Children of the World. They will be travelling around the world, showcasing the different cultures through songs, sketches and dances.

The costumes I need to prepare for Khadra are:
1. Sexy Indian costume for her Bollywood dance;
2. Cowgirl costume;
3. Customized "Kemban" for her role as Hang Tuah's gilfriend, Melor; and
4. Bikini set for her hula dance.

For Khaleeq:
1. A Chinese boy costume complete with the headgear with the braided hair and tanglung for his lantern dance;
2. Baju Melayu for his role as extras in the Hang Tuah sketch - orang kampung je; and
3. Swimming trunks for the hula dance.

Status update: So far, all have been obtained pending the tailored Melor outfit and Khadra's Bollywood skirt that had to be altered. These will hopefully be ready for pick-up this Sunday. Pheww!!

Also, just like previous years, I am officially the designated artist for the concert's backdrops this year. Not too many backdrops this year; just three new ones. And because of my pantang status, I am only designing and sketching the backdrops for other mommies to paint. (Who knows, I might just paint a little bit of it..) I'll definitely get a snap of my fruits of labour once it's done, okay?

Yes, I know I am still in my confinement... But, I make sure that I have my barut and socks on when I am doing all of the above, though.. After all, a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do, no?

-dillz blogging out-

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What's That?

Setting: 8:30am, at the living room of our condo in Pantai Hillpark

Khaleeq: Mom, what's that? (his index finger generally pointing towards my direction)
Me: What's what, Khaleeq?
Khaleeq: I'm Khaleeq. What's that? (pointing to the tiny person I've got wrapped in my arms)
Me: (*in my mind* Ooh.. tanya nama ke? )It's your baby, Khaleeda.
Khaleeq: Khai-di-ya?
Me: No, Khaleeq. Khaleeda.
Khaleeq: Khai-di-ya! (Beaming from ear to ear)
Me: (*in my mind* Suka hati kau lah...)

So, that's what my dear boy is calling his new sister.. Khai-di-ya pun Khai-di-ya lah...

-dillz blogging out-

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ada Apa Dengan Facebook

What is it with this new trend that is sweeping the nation? YES, I am talking about Facebook. What makes it so darn addictive that I am already updating my FB status as early as the fourth day after I delivered Khaleeda. (Only because I was still in the hospital for the first three days)

In my humble opinion, it is so darn successful due to the reasons I shall present to you shortly;

1. More people from my generation layan FaceBook as opposed to friendster or myspace that attracts those born in the 80s and 90s. This makes it possible for you to find your long lost friends from your old sekolah menengah, rendah , kindy or even your old family friends. (Which I have done -- way to go STF and Sri Petaling clan!!)
2. Everything is so much easier and much more user-friendly. Special mention for the ease to upload a whole lot of pictures at one time and being able to tag the people in them.
3. Very cool basic features such as the addictive status function that makes you wanna change it every time you log on and the Wall-to-Wall function that enables you to see the trail of correspondences between the two of you on the Wall.
4.It allows third party application which is waaay cooler 'coz it makes it so darn diverse and you are able to take Net socializing to a whole new level. You can now poke, fight, play with, race or give your loved ones / friends all the material wealths in the world without spending a single ringgit.

Contohnya , some of my favourite applications are:

My Aquarium:

Your very own personalized aquarium, but better. You are able to send a fish or other sea creatures to your friend. There are shrimp, crab, octopus, jellyfish, eel, shark, sworfish and even puckerfish to choose from. Fishies were sent to and fro especially during Ramadhan as breaking fast gifts. (Really!) It has somewhat toned down a bit though I did receive some for my lauk pantang! ;) (Thanks Sukreen!) You can even add on some glittered sea creatures, man.. Bling bling, gitu..

My Fab Bag:

I absolutely LOVE this application because designer handbags, I loike! In reality, I am unable to own a whole bunch of them because it is so darn expansive! Virtual pun virtual,lah! What's cool about it though is that you can buy your friends freakingly expensive bags and you get to keep them in your collection and switch your handbag like you change your underpants! heh heh heh (Even the Birkin in Croc Porosus Lisse by Hermes which costs $148000) There's a Fab Card for you to shop with and as soon as you max out, your credit limit gets increased! Sweet!!!!

Growing Gifts:

You send a mystery seed over and in 4 days, it'll bloom into a bonsai tree, red rose, sunflower or even the more unusual money tree, tree of knowledge or truffle chocolate tower. The more you send, the more variety of plants you will unlock.

The sister application for Growing Gifts is Hatching Eggs. Same concept, only that this time an egg will hatch in 4 days to reveal your surprise. So far i have received a teacup kitten, white tiger, breakfast, chocolate bunny, owl and fairy!

The moral of the applications (and they have one) is: you have to wait for the good things in life! (I guess)


Nominate your friends for any Superlative. Most likely To:
- Correct Your Grammar
- Have a Closet Full of Manolo Blahnik
- Sell their Soul for a Donut
- Be A Good Dad
- Get Caught Without Underwear On
- Have A Cellphone But Never Answer It
- Have the Best Butt Cleavage

Or, better yet; just make up your own. It's interesting to know what your friends REALLY think of you..

Pirates vs Ninja:

This application rules after the recent upgrade. You are now able to pick fights with the Ninja Army, thus increasing your Experience and your Gold Bounty.I once spent one whole day picking fights to upgrade my status and improve my ranking. heh heh heh

Through hard work and loads of strategy and more so luck; I am now a Level 5 Ninja - The Lady of Dusk. Another 100 plus experience to go before I am upgraded to Level 6 Ninja! Woo-hoo! In the mean time, I think I'll leave the battling to another day...

There are also some other cool applications that I'm still too chicken to try; like the IQ Test which tells you your approximate IQ score and broadcasts it to all your friends.Malu, ah!

-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

His Nose Job

The date was November 1st, 2007. The venue? Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre, KL. Remember the Hospital post I did about a year back? Of course you don't. Here it is.. He is Patient #3. So, it turned out that the case was not closed after all. After all this time, he has been getting sharp pains in his ears. Sometimes, an episode would last for a whole hour and it'd irritate the life out of him. Imagine living with that for the past one year.

So, we finally decided to go for a second opinion at Gleneagles and the specialist suggested that what he's experiencing is referred pain and the real cause is due to his deviated septum. So, a Septoplasty + Coblation were suggested. We actually wanted to wait 'till the baby was born, but after finding out that the entire operation would only take about 20 minutes, we decided to go ahead and schedule it before the baby was induced on the 7th. It's mainly due to logistics issues. If we were to wait, I'd have to bring the baby along while waiting for him to recover. Breastfeeding, kata.. Macam susah, la kan.. Anyways, I managed to freak him out a few days before the operation with my own fears of General Anesthetics. So, I had to be there for extra support. heh heh heh.

We checked in at about 07:00 hrs in Gleneagles Intan. The operation was scheduled at 13:30hrs. Personally, I thought the registration process at the A&E could have been completed much quicker and the two-bedded room we waited in was a little bit stuffy. I basically hoarded the bed since I was the one 36 weeks pregnant and hubby was basically healthy sans the ear pains. The specialists checked in before that and all we had to do were wait for the time to come. So, what is there to do? Hubby recited the Quran for a bit, read some magazines for a bit and then joined me on the bed for a little nap. (Hospital bed is kuat, kan?)

When it was time to be wheeled into the Op theatre, I was allowed to follow him to the first floor. I was even allowed to wait with him at the receiving area until it was time to be wheeled in. How cool was that? I know for sure that if it was me going through the surgery, it'll help me! I remember dreading the waiting at the receiving area, alone... Just scary... When the anaesthetist came to wheel him off, I salam-ed him and gave him a little peck on the cheek; and off I go to Dome downstairs for lunch!

At about 14:15 hrs, we got the single room and Azrul was already back from surgery and he looked really fine. I got him a "Peas Get Well" balloon and when he tried call his mom on the phone, blood started to spray out of his nose. Really gross! Had a change of robe, gauze up his nose and an ice pack on his forehead. Barulah nampak macam sakit! heh heh heh
In the mean time, he had to breathe through his mouth and we'll soon see whether this helps with the pain or not..

-dillz blogging out-

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bringing Home Khaleeda

Welcome baby Khaleeda Mohd Azrul! Here she is, all cleaned up on her born-day. She came in at 3.27kg at 16:25 hrs on 07.11.07. (Yeay, dapat jugak nombor kepit for plate number!)

The labour was induced. Checked into PMC at 08:00hrs at the Delivery Ward on C2. Immediately admitted into C226 before they carried out the necessary procedures: BP, Fetal heart monitoring, Enema and of course checking if shaving is needed. (Phew, nasib baik I took care of that much earlier.. ;)) They put in the tablet to start the induction and we basically just had to wait it out until the good Dr comes along sometime in the afternoon. Armed with Dr Miriam Stoppard's book, I was brushing up on what actually takes place in my body during the delivery process to psych myself up. The pain was quite mild then - just a little cramp-like sensation across the tummy and some minor back pain. Sometimes my hubby rubs my back and that really eased the pain somewhat. It's called the first stage of labour and I gathered that it'll be quite some time before we get to the good stuff... Sambil-sambil tu, jalan-jalan and rocking myself to make sure the process is sped up.

Actually, I didn't have to wait all that long, but it was, how shall I say it, hmm.. memorable! I could still remember the contractions after my water bag was broken at 12:15 hrs. There's this sharp pain across the band of your tummy. By this time, I was already on the bed, experiencing intense pain lasting 30 - 60 seconds every 2-3 minutes. Azrul was reading some verses of the Al-Quran by my side. Hubby helped by just being beside me, holding my hand when I needed to manage the pain. Throughout that time, my mom was there, giving encouragement, calling the nurse, trying to make me feel comfortable - she knew what she was doing; after all she's been through it 7 times. Even Ziezi came in for a while to say hi.

I really tried to be strong, so I didn't take anything (Nada! Zilch!) until it was 14:45 hrs. (refer to this post I wrote about epidural when Heleyna was born) The staff nurse suggested the Gas. I said, "Well, OK..." Didn't really help with the pain so much, but I was very much more relaxed. Suddenly , everything seemed hazy and woozy and I wasn't thinking about the pain so much. Just breathing in and out.. In and out.. At about 15:15 hrs, I thought I felt the urge and the nurse was called in for an internal check - to see how much I have dilated. "Ooh... It's only 4 cm. Still a long time to go, girl.. " Way to work on my morales.. Aduss.. Lama lagi ke? "Take the pethidine, la. It'll make you relax more", she suggested. I said, "OK" and the shot went into my butt cheeks a few minutes later. The contractions still hurts, there's no two way about it, but what I liked about it are:
1. It makes you relaxed in between contractions
2. You're only aware of the time when there's pain and the rest of the time you're kinda floating..
3. Suddenly you are 8cm dilated!
Yeay! I felt the urge, the Dr was called in. When he showed up, there was this commotion in the delivery ward and in about 2 minutes, Khaleeda was out! Then, they collected the cord blood for the stem cell, delivered the placenta and it was a wrap!
After about 2 hrs, we were wheeled up to C327 for post-recovery. Stayed for 2 nights and we were cleared to go home on Friday, 9.11.07.

Here's my 2nd princess, leaving the hospital - in a newborn dress, nonetheless. Just seeing my precious, I think I'll go through that again, anytime..

-dillz blogging out-

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So Much To Do, So Little Time

I thought I had planned it all out quite nicely.. But, still.. I am finding that I am still trying to conjure time to finish off my To- Do list. It is already 2.30am on 7 Nov and I have these to complete by 7am:

1. Finish this blog entry (heh heh heh)
2. Finish packing my hospital bag for mommy and baby (What? Still not ready?)
3. Complete my second round of sembahyang Hajat and Taubat.
4. Slot in a little more sleep before 5.30am.
5. Take a good shower while remembering to carry out the 'selusuh' tips from my mom.
6. Read out 2 surahs to help with pain management after Subuh.
7. Down the raw 'telur kampung' concoction before leaving for the hospital.

It's a good thing I managed to finish off my beauty routine last night. All in good time before my dinner rendezvous with hubby at Nirwana in Bangsar -- Ooh.. the peria goeng is just so heavenly! Be assured that those needed to be removed has been removed; and those needed to be gone are temporarily gone. Even managed to buff my nails before dinner!

Aah... and you think going into labour is easy..

PS: BTW, anybody has the number of a good makcik urut for post natal? Must be willing to come to Pantai Hillpark area by herself (not needing pick-up) and does not cost a bomb!

-dillz blogging out-

Monday, November 05, 2007

Countdown Begins

Am already on MC. I have been on and off from work since last week, actually. Working a bit at home and a bit more in the office, just to get away from the kids. Am actually finishing off my last assignment before I take my 2-month maternity! Weh-hey!! Can't wait...

A LOTTTTT has happened since my last post. I mean, Harry Potter? Come on... heh heh heh.. So, for that I am very very sorry..

Since our cuti-cuti Malaysia and Singapore trips, plus my facebook discovery , plus work (I know, lame..), plus raya, plus my hubby's sinus surgery, plus getting ready for the new kid on the block plus getting my beauty routine done before the delivery.. I have been pretty busy..

Contractions are already present, though far between.. Due to be induced on November 7th, 2007. Might check in here sooner, though..

Khaleeda, be a good girl and make it easy for mummy...

Ya Allah, berikan aku kekuatan utk menghadapi pengalaman ini..
Ya Rabbal-alamin...

..and guys, sorry for everything.. I am going for a battle soon..

-dillz blogging out-

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry's here!

I have had the pre-order receipt for the 7th installment of Harry Porter since 17th February 2007. It's been five long months of wait and he is finally here.. Picked him up with hubby in the morning from MPH MidValley.. Found out that MPH, Popular and Times will not be selling HP7 in their stores from today onwards, only pre-orders will be honoured and all activities pertaining to HP7 will be cancelled at these stores... What's that all about? You could still get a copy if you haven't already (shame on you..) at Kinokuniya, Boarders, and strangely even at Tesco and Carrefour too.. I think they are even going at a lower price at these stores too.. Didn't get a single discount from MPH despite pre-ordering since February. Tipah tertipu! (there is the free mug though)

Whatever.. Harry's here..

Ampun tuanku beribu ampun.. Excuse me while I hibernate and finish my read! (Nasib baik lakiku akan ke Bangla for three days.. The timing couldn't be more perfect! heh heh heh)

-dillz blogging out-

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Curly Locks No More!

Remember this sweet girl with beautiful curly locks which reminds you of Goldilocks from that fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears? My daughter, Khadra, right? Yup, that one.. Believe it or not, but she was born with ruler straight hair and all that changed after our Australia trip back in 2004. She was about 10 months then when suddenly this beautiful curls started developing. It wasn't the afro type, carca marba, curl chaos - it's the other type; really big, clear, glamourous locks that you'd pay a few hundred bucks at the salon for. Needless to say, her hair has been a major topic since then, especially so since that the girls in my family never had those kinds of locks! AND, in fact when I was pregnant with Khadra, my mom was secretly praying for a grandchild with nice curly hair. So, imagine when this actually happened, we were pleasantly surprised - we wanted her hair, full stop!

For the last 4 years, Khadra had only made one trip to the Indian barber's place - to shave her head bald after her aqiqah when she was just a little tot. We were just afraid that the locks will disappear should we cut them. We have really been trying to preserve the locks eversince; up to the extent of not combing her hair after her hair wash! So, imagine our surprise when she demanded that we cut her hair and make it straight last Wednesday. :(

I have seen it coming for a few months now. She'd just remark on passing that she doesn't like her hair... She wants her hair to be straight, not curled.. How she loved my straight long hair and how she wants hers to be exactly like mine... You know, typical girl stuff - teenage girl stuff; definitely NOT 4 year old girl stuff.. I always try to reverse psycho her , saying how I loved her hair, pointing out all the glamouros Hollywood celebs with beautiful curly locks not unlike her own on the idiot box and the trick seemed to work for a while. Until that fateful Wednesday.

She was so adamant about wanting to chop her locks off that day that she even asked me to use 'that blue scissors you use to cut Khaleeq's hair'. (Okay, okay, I trim Khaleeq's hair using that blue scissors.. Only the bangs though, 'coz it was starting to get in his way!) I could see that she really meant business that we made a trip to A Cut Above in MidValley that very day after work. The haircut was RM35, but she gets her hair trimmed by a junior stylist and sit on that blue cat and all.. I decided to let her enjoy the full experience and agreed to pay the extra RM10 for wash and blow as well.. It was kinda cool seeing her acting all grown up. She was okay during the hair cutting phase. A little apprehensive during the wash phase and practically agitated when the stylist tried to blow her blouse and her hair dry. heh heh heh Aaah.. How fast my little girl is growing up... And here's her little chronicle: 

I must say it turned out rather nice, it takes a little getting used to.. but still rather adorable. With that little China doll bangs, she can now pass for the Azlul clan -- sebijik macam my mum, siut!!!

-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wedding Fwenzy!

We attended 2 weddings last weekend and we have another two more this weekend. Seems that everyone is trying to catch the 07.07.07 date for their nikah.

The first luncheon wedding took place in the Putrajaya; it was Amadt's brother's wedding. When the wedding invite came, it was addressed to Azrul, Dilla, Khadra and Khaleeq. I was pleasantly surprised as it captured our little family of four in its entirety with the correct spelling and all.. Just a little confused as I did not recognize the bride nor the groom's name. Sapa pulak la ni... On that Saturday, we just made our way to Putrajaya to Amadt's brother's do -- on the way there were signages all over Putrajaya with the mystery groom's name pointing the same way as where we were heading. Only then did we put two and two together.. Mystery grrom who got our names right = Amadt's brother. Punyalah blur... Sheesh.. Anywho, they had cak lem pong which was rather cool. The kids were a little jakun about it (as were the parents). So, we spent a good 20 minutes in front of the group listening and enjoying the music. Plus, I also got to see Rina, (Amadt's wife) a cool chic I got to know during my years in PPP. She now lives in JB, so it's rather hard to catch her around this part of town. So, out comes the phone for a photo op!!!! She has two kids already but she's still sekeping! Amazing!!

The second wedding was Elyas'. He happens to be my brother's and my hubby's friend whom I got to know during my UNITEN years. The lovely bride is Farah - don't really know her, but she sure is gorgeous! This was my first pool wedding and it was pretty informal and intimate. The guests were mainly their friends and there were about 100 people there. The entertainment was by Elyas' friends that includes this really familiar famous face - I reckon he might have been with a vocal group or something coz he really sings like a dream... (you know, like Shades ke apa ke..) It turned out that he was actually Cham, from the very hip and happening group, V.E. Mak aaai.. Outdated nye makcik.. Patutla macam pernah nampak, aje.. heh heh heh

However, the surprise of the night came in the form of this:
Anuar Zain sat at our table and he was sooooo friendly!!!!! He made conversations with just about everyone on the table. He came alone, so I can't dish any hot gossips here... It's just so awkward when you actually meet a celebrity in a normal, day-to-day setting. You can't really act like you don't know them, coz obviously you do. But, you don't really wanna be excited / OTT about it coz you don't wanna appear to be like an uncool dork / stalker. So, what do you do? Just treat him like a normal human being, lah... It was made so much easier as he was the one extending his hand for a cool shake. (I am so not gonna wash my hand tonight) He even congratulated me for the pregnancy and wished me luck for the baby's delivery.. heh heh heh

Wonder what other surprises will unveil in this week's weddings. Got quite a big act to follow.. hmmmm

-dillz blogging out-

Friday, July 13, 2007

And Crocs for all...

Our Crocs have been servicing us rather faithfully for the past half a year or so. My kids wear them all the time, even to school. It is just so easy to slip on to. It goes well with casual wear, baju kurung/melayu, jubah, sleep wear, maternity wear and swim wear.

"The name Crocs actually comes from crocodile. And the explanation behind the crocodile symbol is that it feels at home both in the water and on land – which is also true of Crocs shoes. It also turned out that the very first Crocs design, the Cayman, looked like a crocodile’s snout. " (from crocs Europe)

We tested this water / land thing during our Redang trip quite recently and our Crocs aced it with flying colours. We went into the water, out on the sand, on the gravel path and back into the sea without any complaints. I love my Mary Jane with a huge green flower jibbitz on each side. Khadra also has the Mary Jane with 5 jibbitz - Ariel, Belle, 2 small flowers and Daisy Duck. Khaleeq chose the Kids Cayman model with 4 jibbitz - a golfer, Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. We even have crocs butter to keep our Crocs shiny after its monthly wash!

A definite recommendation to all of you.. Go get them! The new models are even more alluring!!!

Even our gardener crew in Pantai Hillpark wears them! Ori, tau!!!!

-dillz blogging out-

Friday, July 06, 2007

Rendezvous in Redang

Had a well deserved break in Redang with the nucleous family plus some. My mom, my dad, my baby sister and my maid were there too. My 'tan-kuda of a brother was supposed to follow the Rombongan Che Kiah but couldn't make it due to work commitments. :( Boo-hoo.. But, we had to get on with the program anyways and left him behind!

The trip started with us boarding the Sani Express (owned by Sani of the now defunct Impressions boy-band) to Kuala Terengganu from Shah Alam. The seat was mighty comfortable and the kids were actually enjoying it. Nevermind the fact that they were asleep about 80% of the 8-9 hour journey. Khaleeq, on that day discovered his love for his hooded Thomas jacket -- he couldn't live without it now..

The ferry/boat transfer to the island took a little longer than I expected - enough to make my stomach squirm and for Khadra to spill a little of her guts onto her Aki. heh heh heh. Sorry, dad.. The lodging that welcomed us was actually quite pleasant. No fancy schmanzy stuff; just the basic room with bed and shower, a self-service canteen that rings a meal bell when food is served - along with a 24-hour bread and hot beverage counter, a scuba/snorkel centre, a tv area near the pub that magically turned into a karaoke parlour / disco come night-time plus 2 stores where we get our daily ice-cream fix from. The 3-days, 2-nights package even includes 3 complimentary snorkeling trip per person.

Lots of fun in the sea, the sand and the sun. (which explains my mysterious tan) The kids actually ended up swimming in the sea with their arm floaties (literally) , the big 'uns indulged in deep water snorkelling and we even took our mom and dad for a private karaoke session at the Laguna resort nearby. By the end of the period, Khaleeq was not willing to leave the island, Khadra wants to do this many more times and I was just glad we got the transfer back to mainland on the speedboat this time. :)

3-days, 2-night package in Redang Pelangi Resort= RM380 per head. Sani Express for a KL-Kuala Terengganu return trip = RM63 pax. Boat transfer from Merang jetty to the island = RM10 per person. Khadra saying, "Thank you mom, for taking us to the beach" before she closed her eyes to sleep that night = PRICELESS.

-dillz blogging out-

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bum Bump

Setting: Around 9.30pm at the traffic light junction exiting Federal Highway from PJ near the Universiti LRT.

There we were just minding our own business - Khaleeq was busy munching away on his Burger King fries and sipping his Iced Milo and me? Just waiting and waiting for the traffic light to turn GREEN when it suddenly happened.. BANG! I turned back and saw a person's hands on my back windscreen. A second after that he made a get-a-way with his pillion rider, towards the bushes lining the biker biway. It happened just so fast I felt like I didn't have time to think!

Coincidently, we were on our way back from completing Parmi's mandatory FOMEMA check up and had two cars in our possession. The arrangement was that Khaleeq and Parmi would go in my little MyVi, whilst hubby was driving with his little princess in the Camry.

Instinctively I tried to call my hubby on the phone. Dang! He couldn't hear me. Dialled again.. and again. I tried three times but to no avail. He still couldn't hear me!

Blank! Apa nak buat ni?

I went out of the car, took my phone and started clicking away. The guy driving the car behind me was kind enough to move the bike to the side of the road. I still couldn't believe the two skanky Ind*s (so, I was told) would just flee the crime scene and leave the bike there. It's not that the damage was bad on my car or anything like that. There's a visible dent and some scratches as well as paint transfer from the red number plate on my bumper. That's about all.. Gosh! Motor curi, agaknya...

I thanked the male driver for removing the bike, got back into my car and drove back home. It didn't dawn on me that the whole thing could have turned out way worse! I mean, the windowscreen could have shattered or my kid could have got hurt, right? Worse still, the rider could have assaulted us right in the middle of the road and robbed us for all I know.. It was then that I slumped on the sofa and started sobbing.. My little princess came over to give me a hug and make me feel better. Hubby was beside me to tell me that things will be okay... The what-ifs are just too scary for words... I am just glad that the night didn't turn out to be my worst nightmare..
-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Little Teaser

Hi-ya peeps! I am back.. (I hope) It's just that we've been pretty busy, lately.. Doing what, you may ask? See below! (among others...)
We just came back from Redang late last Sunday, so... I have to say that I have been a little tied these past few weeks. That plus the fact that my cough + asthma is really getting on my nerves. By the time I get back from work I'd be too lazy and tired to do anything else but laze in the sofa and watch whatever's on the idiot box. Eventhough it's on Channel 77. I am that bummed out!!!

It kinda explains why I have not been updating my blog. Sorry to those who have been checking up on me and left feeling a little dejected. It's not you.. It's me.. All me..

I will try to keep up with the postings.. So many things to write about, so many tags to do.. In fact, just last night I had the classic case of hit-and-run.. Those skanky Ind*s - nevermind them, will elaborate later. Just don't you dare give up on me. Check in soon, will ya?

-dillz blogging out-

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mommy Day!

Sorry guys, been pretty tied these past week. Let's just blame work and also I have been just too tired for anything lately. I don't go around vomitting and my appetite is pretty great, so sometimes I forget that I am already 12 weeks pregnant. It seems that even after a long nap, I still feel tired and my time is spent mostly on sleeping and sleeping and more sleeping. So, that kinda took away my time for blogging. (Excuses, excuses.. heh heh heh)

Anywho, Happy Mommy's Day! It's still not too late, right? I came home last Saturday to a glowing 4-year old who immediately started to frantically search for something in the living room, whilst yelling out to her bibik, "Flower Card.. Mana flower card, bibik?" She then looked at me desperately, almost at the brink of tears.. "My bibik doesn't understand me, mom.."

I already knew that she wanted to give me the "secret" card she's been hiding from me since Friday. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and she simply wanted to get me her card... I told Parmi (the bibik) what Khadra was looking for and she took the cards out of hiding. Khadra presented to me both the cards and beamed when she said, "Happy Mother's Day, mommy! We made this for you. " I hugged her tight and she said,"I love you, mom. You're the best mother in the world!" (Khadra also proclaimed, "I am the coolest kid in the world!" but that is besides the point, lah) So, yeah. I had a good mother's day. What more could you ask for, huh?

-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lotion Commotion

I have this thing about finishing something completely before opening up a new package. For example, I try to finish up (till the very last drop of) my shower gel. Then, I'll open up the cap and add some water in the bottle to dissolve the remaining 'usable' portion. And one last shower with the diluted and soapy shower gel before I finally toss the whole thing into the wastepaper basket conveniently located in my bathroom. Aaahh.. Another well-used toiletries item. Good till the last drop! *literally* Then, and only then will I open up the stocked replacement of the said toiletries item.

It just so happens that I was looking out for lotions to smother on my bulging belly to avoid the unsightly stretchmarks and to my surprise, I gathered the following:

AAAARRRGGGHHHH! 8 containers of lotions of varied brands, textures and degree of 'finish'ness. All opened, none finished. Double AAAARRRGGGHHHH! It contradicts all that I have been so anal about!

We have (from far left, going clockwise) : Boots' ante-natal massage cream, Marks & Spencer's Waterlily Hand and Body Lotion, The Body Shop's Soya Dry Oil Mist, The Body Shop's Almond & Honey Body Lotion, The Body Shop's Honey Body Butter, The Body Shop's White Musk Moisturizing Satin Spray, The Body Shop's Cocoa Butter Mosturizing Stick and lastly, The Body Shop's Vitamin C Stimulating Body Smoother. The thing is, some of these have been in my keeping since 3 years back --> cue the ante-natal massage cream. :( I wonder if they are still good to be used. As long as it smells OK and I don't get rashes over it, I'll just use it, lah. And this time, I'd better finish it!

Excuse me while I strategize on which one to finish up first and that sweet smelling Strawberry Body Butter from The Body Shop would have to wait until ALL these are gone! Sheesh!

*updated* Just discovered three more bottles of lotion located in my office, hubby's office and in my bathroom!

-dillz blogging out-

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Big Breakfast, A Blind Date and A New Phone

The April meet-up of the Sri Petaling clan took place at Kiwi Cafe (again!) last Friday and the turnout was rather lukewarm. The ever faithful Johan and Rizal Shafie were first on scene , along with newbie Azida Roselay. Later came Intan and me, and much much later Idham aka Eddie and Izham turned up. We were such regulars at the place that the Burmese waiter gave us a keychain each halfway through the meeting. Don't ask me why, I don't have a clue either. Responding to the dwindling number of turnout, it was decided that:

1. A Big Breakfast event will be held at La Bodega Jalan Telawi (uuuuu... so posh!) on 12th May 2007 at 10.30am. Please RSVP ASAP! So far, I have Aida and Reza Zin committing already! :) The rest of you in my calling list will be bombarded with more smses and follow up calls. You have been warned!

2. A do will happen at Azida's mom's happening Puteri Penchala for either a BBQ or a proper makan-makan. Details of event to be decided.

Oh, did I tell you that we already have a yahoogroup for the clan called gembeling87? Yup, jangan tak percaya.. So, through this channel, friends hook up once more or so, I thought. There was this one particular soul , whom we shall call AI henceforth, announcing, "Hey guys, I am with Daimler-Chrysler" and a sudden lightbulb moment appeared in my mind! Wow, she's working in the same building as I , so I should say hi! Maybe, have lunch at the food court or something. However, I could not for the life of me figure out who this person really was. Then, Nadia replied saying how she remembers her well... Her sister is Kak Joan.. yada, yada, yada.. Hmmm, I thought. Let's just be nice and ask her out for lunch, lah.. So, we have lunch set for sometime next week, and the next e-mail was from Eddie saying how he always terserempak AI at the SS14 mosque for Jumaat prayers. What? AI is a MAN? What have I gotten myself into?? Tak pasal aje aku ada blind date ni.. heh heh heh.. I think I'll have to invite more people to join the lunch. (Ah Seng, you up for it?)

So, the meet-up was cut short past 12 midnight after I got a phone call from my darling hubby. Sent off Azida and the rest of the guys stayed on until 2am.

No wonder he was anxious. When I got back, a card with my name on it was waiting for me at the vanity chest. Kad apa pulak ni? It was our 10th year anniversary as bf-gf and I didn't even remember.. heh heh heh So, I walked out sheepishly and thanked him for the card. Malu I... but, it didn't end there. He took out a box from my lingerie drawer and it was a brand new phone - the N73 Music Edition. Ahhhh... Aku terkedu..

How's that for a surprise?

-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Layered Me

Was tagged by the lovely D.N.A.S , my senior from high school. She was also my dormmate, and the one who taught me the many ways to avoid being caught by prefects when I accidentally missed the riadah at the wee hours in the morning. (It was her and Kak Paie, actually) heh heh heh How I missed those days....

OK, here goes nothing! ;)

Layer One: On the Outside
Name: Azlul Adilah Zaghlol. My friends call me Dilla, friends from my earlier days call me Azlul, some super seniors from my high school call me Jelul.. :)~~
Birthdate: January 6th, 1975. 32 in 2007.
Current status: Married, mother of 2 and a quarter
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Man-made dark red with red highlights and an inch of black roots. You can't actually see this, coz I wear a gypy-styled scarf!
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Layer Two: On the Inside
My heritage: Malay - Dad's from Bohor Bahru, Temerloh, Pahang and Mom's from Datuk Keramat, Selangor. Dad's ancestors came from Padang and apparently mom's side came over from Minangkabau. (*whisper*.. and her great-great-grandpa could fly.. Spooky, huh?)
My fears: Losing my kids.
My Weaknesses: Procastinating Perfectionist.
My perfect pizza: Pizza Uno! The bomb!

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My thoughts first thing when I wake up: Today cuti, ka?
My bedtime: Latest by 11:30 pm lately, coz I feel soooo tired nowadays.
My most missed memory: Of my carefree childhood, especially those years in STF.

Layer Four: My picks
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
Mc Donald's or Burger King: Mc Donald's
Single or Group Dates: Single (I am romantic, one..)
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Tea or Nestea: Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Cappucino or Coffee: Cappucino (So posh, like that...)

Layer Five: Do I
Smoke: Never, but really wanted to try it just to see how it feels. Even asked my then-bf to teach me at one point in time. However, can not 'coz of my asthma.
Curse: Does "Oh mak engkau jatuh!" counts? If not, not really..
Take a shower: Not as much as I'd like to .
Have a crush: Not now.
Think I've Been In love: Just once.
Go to school: Yes! Yes! Yes!
Want to get married: Already am.
Believe in myself: Definitely. Sometimes overly so.. heh heh heh
Think I'm a health freak: Nope!

Layer Six: In the past month
Drank alcohol: Never.
Gone to the mall: Are you serious? Of course.
Been on stage: Yup and I love it! Attention- seeker!
Eaten Sushi: Pantang, carrying a foetus in my belly.
Dyed your hair: For my birthday.

Layer Seven: Have I ever
Played a stripping game: Nope! (But would love to *wink wink to hubby*)
Changed who I am to fit in: Not really.

Layer Eight: Age
I am hoping to be married: Taken - since I was 27 years old.

Layer Nine: What was I doing
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Monday, April 23, 2007

What Was and What Was Not!

What Was Not:
I waited and waited for 11.30am for Kelab Disney Malaysia to air on Saturday. In fact I scheduled my whole day around the airtime of 11.30am to 12.30 pm in the hopes that I could get to see my daughter on the idiot box. You see, they came to Khadra's school for a shoot last weekend and I had the impression that she'd be on this weekend. So, we told the whole kampung to tune in as our little precious will be on National TV - all our family members, some 30 unsuspecting people bombarded with smses.. And the waiting game began... Then, suddenly... Apahal lak cerita budak sekolah Shah Alam ni nak pergi menari in Turkey? Alamak.... It's not showing this week... Imagine me, waiting on my mommy's brand new super comfy sofa, with Khadra on my lap. Aleh-aleh, takda pa-pa.. Aaaaahhh.. Frust, ok? Khadra just went, "I am not on TV, mom" and merrily went ahead with her business.. Me? Pressure punya pasal... Tu tak campur malu lagi.. I just closed my eyes and caught up on some sleep. Malas nak pikir... I found out later from Khadra's teacher that the program will air sometime in May. So, here's to waiting, yet again... Don't give up on me, people.. Let's wait together-gether, okies?

What Was:
What Was, however, is that I had a fantastic series of makan-makan with some girlfriends from PPP. The quorum that made what I fondly called the TETBES was made up of Noresh, Amy, Aje and Zied.
We didn't plan it that way, just that the ones who finally turned up had pretty large assets (?) heh heh heh We started downing the scrumptious Daim cake intersperced with the yummylicious Swedish meatballs with cranberry sauce, before making our way to the Little penang Cafe for some tea. On the menu was the Penang Curry Mee; meehoon only with extra tauhu; a plate of Gurney Drive Rojak, Prawn mee, cendol and a variety of beverages. The food was finger-licking, the company was great and the conversation was scandalous! Uuuuhhhh.. I loike!!! Another write up can be read at Amy's - also the source of this ciloked pix. (Ros, Pijah, Sand - lain kali musti mau join aaa...) *Updated* Other write ups on the same event: Aje & Noresh .

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