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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Eid

Happy Eidul Adha to all muslims.

How did your break go? The Azruls had quite an eventful one as we decided to take part in the annual qurban held in Taman Tenaga this year. Ours was one-seventh of "Lembu 2" , the white cow tied to a tree trunk in the mosque's compound. There were 5 cows sacrificed this year and another one given by the Jabatan Agama for the kampung to feast on.

The cool thing about celebrating Eidul Adha in Taman Tenaga is that the activities related to it are carried out by the actual residents of this small Malay settlement. Right from the actual slaughtering, the act of "melapah" (ie skinning) and also the cooking. It's all a big, modern gotong-royong that started the night before with an organized house-to-house "takbir". The kids who came along will get a small angpow and the troopers will be feasted with food in every single house. Pretty cool, indeed...

Just made me realize that I am not doing enough for this little community. I should be with the ladies cutting up the veges and meat or something. Instead, I was just standing around taking pictures of my cow and just being LLB. (Look-Like-Busy) Hmmm.. Maybe I should take out my "I am just out of confinement" card this time round. Doubt that I'll have any more relevant excuses for next year. heh heh heh.. Gotto remember to come equipped with a sharp knife next year.

By the way, I brought the two kiddos over to witness the slaughtering for the experience. Khadra fled at the first sight of blood while Khaleeq just went "Ee-uuu!!"

... just as expected!

-dillz blogging out-


all jazzed up said...

Happy Eid to you dillz. Missed the korban this year though, went back to my hometown on raya morning itself. And happy merdeka from your pantang!

dillazag said...

Jazzy --> Are you taking a long year-end break? Xmas, new year... it's one celebration after another.. I am dreading the 1st of jan as that is THE date to go back to work.. ish ish ish.. no longer a lady of leisure..

dillazag said...

i meant 21st of jan...

.ems gems. said...

oh dear. how i miss raya haji-ing in tt :((

wish its as big a celebration here.. or maybe its just me who havent discovered the right port.

rindu semua..

dillazag said...

Ems --> if you were not so right smack in the middle of london, maybe there's a community yang buat korban.. heh heh heh

not so long till you get to celebrate with us, right? hang in there sissy..