Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hello there 2012!

It's already March the 6th, 2012. I have turned 37 years old exactly 2 months ago and yet this is my first post in 2012. hahahahahahaha. Pathetic, I know.

Ampun tuanku beribu ampun. Relapse lagi penyakit malas nak berblog saya ni. Sorry lah banyak-banyak tuan-tuan dan puan-puan. In all honesty, I have kind of missed writing my unfiltered ramblings and in fact I do have quite a lot to write about. Just never found the time to. Alasan, I know. But there is some truth to it.

There has been good news and not so good news. But, I guess we live through it, don't we? Such is life. There is also a lot to look forward to this year. Especially in the travels department, Insya Allah. For starters, there's the Bali eco culture trip in the upcoming March school holidays. (we flying off this Saturday, dude!) In June, we already have our cheap cheap air fare to Sydney. TQ Air Asia X. And Insya Allah, looking for a special place to spend our 10th year anniversary in September. Kat mana nak pergi? Masih dalam perancangan. Kalau jadi sok, saya share lah. In any case, I have gone back to the gym in the quest to be slightly fitter and less gemuk by then. hahahahahaha Saya juga telah register untuk Energizer Night Run in April. Yes, I did! hihihihihihi (Jangan excited sangat, 5km Fun Run je)

OK lah dulu. Nanti update lagi.

-dillz blogging out-