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Monday, February 29, 2016

Feeding Kharis Jawhar

As at the time I am writing this, there is already another addition to our family. It's been a while, really, because baby Kharis Jawhar just turned 9 months yesterday. :) He has been fully breastfed and I was really, really looking forward to feeding him when he turned 6 months. So, a couple of days before he turned 6 months, I went out and get myself a Beaba Baby Cook. I actually wanted the SOLO model but the store had run out of stock. So, this is what we got: 

I was armed now. To introduce him to solids, I started puree-ing mainly fruits and vegetables, one flavour at a time, whilst looking out for any possible signs of allergy. Using the Beaba Baby Cook made my life a whole lot easier too. The gadgets does the steaming and the blending for you, so that was really convenient. Once the puree is done, I batch freeze them in blobs of 60mls. The silicon freeze compartments are really easy to handle and facilitates 

By trial and error, I stuck to feeding baby KJ at around 120ml per serving. He actually cried pretty loudly when I don't feed him enough. kikikikiki 

We had apples, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes and carrots puree; amongst others. Then after, I started combining two flavours together. The ones that Kharis really liked were apple + pear, apple + banana, avocado + banana, strawberry + banana and sweet potato + carrot. 


Monday, February 22, 2016

Solat Tree

Back after 3 years. And what an apt reason to start writing again, I have something to share.  #sharingiscaring 

I have recently discovered the "Solat Tree" online and had begun using that for my two middle kids - Khaleeq and Khaleeda - last week. The concept is easy enough, the Solat Tree consists of a tree with 7 branches, each branch representing a day in the week. Each branch has 5 leaves, clearly marked for the five compulsory solat of the day. I wanted to train my kids to keep their solat, so this was what I did. I introduced them to the Solat Tree last Tuesday night and asked them to colour the first branch according to these rules:
1. Colour the leaves of the solat that you performed GREEN
2. Colour the leaves of the solat that you missed RED

So, after that exercise, Khaleeq had two reds and Khaleeda had three red leaves. To make matters more interesting, we collectively agreed that they will get to open a reward for getting 30 leaves green this week. With that in mind, we started to strategize. 

I asked them the reason why they missed their prayers and if there were any way for them to make sure they can perform their prayers within the stipulated times. They said it was possible, so we deviced ways of doing so. Khaleeda for example has many activities after school, so we came up with specific strategies on how and when to perform her solat. For instance, she has gym class at a nearby community hall at 1pm. So, she plans forward and makes sure she brings her kain telekung, sejadah and slippers to practice. Takes her wudhu' before class starts and stops for a while after warmup to pray Zohor. We decided to setup a little prayer corner by the hall as the dedicated surau was quiet and a bit scary for little girls to be in alone. So, I had to help her figure out the kiblat direction that day and set up the sejadah ready for her. The point here is that I wanted to facilitate, we were trashing out issues so that they are able to keep their solat complete. Khaleeq had issues with Zohor as his school finishes in the evening. By the time he gets home, it would already be almost Asar. So he came up with the strategy to pray during lunch break, i.e around 1.45pm at the surau near the canteen. On days that he has sports, he would have to bring along his jubah. 

As I shared this on my instagram feed (follow me if you hadn't already (@dillazag)) and Facebook, people were asking where I got the Solat Tree from. I thought to myself, "Hmmm.. maybe I should just redraw this and distribute" So here we are right now. I did just that - this is how my version of the  Solat Tree:

Please feel free to save this and use it. The pdf version is also available - just email me to get it ok?


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Salted Egg Crab

I keep on losing my recipes. Just the other day, I was looking for the brown banana pecan muffin recipe which is tried and tested by yours truly. Syukur that I remembered that I blogged about it before. And true enough I found it. Alhamdulillah.  

So I'm just thinking of documenting the recipes that I would like to share with you guys as well as for my future recipe. Here goes..

This particular one got raving reviews from le Laki. It's the Salted Egg Crab, recipe courtesy of the ever sweet Kak Haizah. (@haizahzainol) 

Salted egg crab

Crab ( around 1kg) 
Black pepper
8 salted duck eggs (hard boiled)
Curry leaves 
Pandan leaves
Cili padi 
Ideal evaporated milk

Prepare and wash the crab - I take off the top shell and chop off the bottom triangular thingy. Halve the body and take off the first major claw. Wash it slightly and put in marinating bowl. 
Marinate with slices of garlic, ginger and black pepper for at least half and hour. 

Squash the hard boiled salted eggs - 8 yolk and 3 white eggs. I find the easiest way to get the yolk out is by halving the hard boiled egg and scooping the yolk out with a spoon. 

Coat the crabs with corn flour then deep fried it and put aside. Instead of deep frying, I used the airfryer and it worked just fine too. 

Now you are ready to prepare the sauce. In a wok, heat the butter, about 2 sprigs of curry leaves, a good handful cili padi (just take off the top) and pandan leaves. Stir until you can smell the fragrant aroma and take care not to let the butter burn. 

Put in the squashed boiled salted eggs (8 parts of white and only 3 yolks) together with the Ideal evaporated milk, about half a tin and some black pepper. Throw in the crab and mix well so that the crabs are well coated with the sauce.


Happy trying!! 


Friday, March 01, 2013

Umrah Prep

Excited. I'm beyond excited actually. Been looking forward to this trip for a while now so I guess that is expected right?

I have been physically preparing myself for umrah trip with my parents mid march. It's gonna be quite a big group, my uncles and aunties mad cousins included. So psyched.

Today, me and my besties Kynne and Mira went to Sri Munawwarah one stop Haji and umrah prep shop to get some of the essentials. Lemme share my lunchtime loot with ya. ;)

Extreme love.

-dillz blogging out-

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Tabung Oren, Hijau Dan 50sen

I was scrolling my instagram timeline 2 days back and was inspired by a posting by @phatdivamom She was sharing the fact that she has just started saving RM5 notes.She intended to use the saved up money to travel. So I thought to myself, "What a brilliant idea" So, our family had started saving up RM20 notes, RM5 notes as well as 50sen coins. 

The rules are simple. Everytime you chance upon the denomination of choice, set it aside and keep them. By then end of the year, count it up and use it for whatever you desire - a simple family dinner or outing, to a full-blown vacation, presents for each member of the family, etc.

Why RM20 and RM5 did you ask? I hardly get them. As change, I mean. If I had opted for RM50, that would automatically rule out cash withdrawals from ATM. hihihihi. Not saving RM1 either, because that is the denomination used for the kids' school allowance. 

Started to collect 50sen as well as I wanted the kids to be part of this as well. A friend of mine was just relating her own experience on saving 50sen coin - she got about RM573 at the end of the year. Pretty impressive, right? 

So, yeah. We are hopeful. Wanted to start this good habit of saving and hopefully nurture my kids to do the same. Why don't you jump on the bandwagon too?

-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Me? I've always tried to be on the Health track. Be it my stints at the gymnasium, cutting down on my food intake - sugar, condensed milk and the likes, drinking lots and lots of water etc. Just to add to that, lately I have been on a NO RICE diet. Been going on for a while now, I think around 2 plus months already. The rule is simple, eat whatever whenever as long as it is NOT rice. #anythingbutnasi if you may.

It is not too much to ask from me, I think because the alternatives are aplenty. I get my carbohydrates from eating pasta, bread, potatoes and the likes. It has also made me frequent my kitchen more. As my kids would normally have rice for dinner, so I end up fixing my own dinner after work. It's been quite a creative adventure in the kitchen too. Trying to come up with something that is supported by my pantry and fridge content as well as the NO rice policy. But, because of this I have tried and made:

Aglio olio spaghetti. 
Chicken and mushroom baked spaghetti 
Roast chicken salad
Midnight breakfast pan
Roast chicken sandwich 
Pasta bake
It gets a little harder when attending functions or when there's a makan-makan do at the office sometimes. As much as I could, I would opt for just the lauk-pauk sans the rice. As I would when having lunch at the office cafetaria at times. Other times, I could opt for the variety of mee / meehun and kueytiew soup / curry / Bandung / tomyam / goreng.
There was even one occasion when they had nasi lemak as the main dish. So I went down to MyNews and bought a loaf of Gardenia bread. Roti cicah sambal ikan bilis lah kittew.  Yummeh!

As a reward, I do allow myself some cheat meals. For example, I have cheated for Hassan Ayam Kampung and Nasi Ayam Chee Ming. Another that I would cheat for is nasi kandar hameediyah in Penang. I mean, I don't want to deny myself totally. Just trying to cut down on rice and stay as far away from it as I can for now.

It has shown some results, I guess. People have commented that I looked "kurus sikit" but it doesn't show on the weighing scale. Hewhewhew. Takpe la, but I do feel healthier and not as bloated. And that is a good thing!

-dillz blogging out-

Monday, January 21, 2013

Legoland Here We Come (again)

Have you been to Legoland Malaysia? Isn't it just A.W.E.S.O.M.E? It is just so awesome that we decided that each member of our family had to get an Annual Pass into Legoland, valid one whole year from 13th November 2012. 

(P/S: Please note the poses for the girls in the family. Hewhewhew)

We got quite a good deal on it, actually. Bought sometime in September last year when they had a joint promotion with Maybank Mastercard Credit Cards. Each adult annual pass was going at a price of only RM190 per pax. A quick check onto Legoland website just now, the price is now RM325 for Adults (12-59years) and RM225 for Kids (3-11years) and Seniors (60years above). The price is now effective from 15 December 2012 onwards. For daily passes, it's going at RM140 for Adults and RM110 for Kids and Seniors.

Truth be told, I think you'd need more than a day to explore the whole park. The park is divided into The Beginning, LEGO Technic, LEGO Kingdoms, Imagination, LEGO City, Land of Adventure and Miniland. Each one of them have activities for kids and kids-at-heart to enjoy. When we were there, there was a LOT of people around. So the main strategy for you to consider is when to come to Legoland. I know of some people (whom shall not be named. Ahem. Ahem. read: Not us, but may or may not be related to us) who'd come on a weekday, a school day at that, to avoid the queue and have the park all to themselves. Bliss. Weekends and public holidays are of course peak times for the park. There was even one incident when a friend and his family were refused entry due to the park reaching the maximum number of clintele they could cater at any one time. They had to wait in line for some time before allowed entry eventhough they already had an annual pass. Gasp! I do understand the logic behind it though, it's for everyone to have an enjoyable experience while in the park, so yeah, do take that into considerations when deciding when to come. Our strategy now (since we already have an annual pass) is to come later in the evening, when the crowd has died down a little. Please also check what time the park closes as it varies between 6pm (weekdays) or 8pm (weekends, public holidays) daily. Also the park closes on most Wednesdays. When in doubt, check the park's website.

Okay, now what did we find most interesting??? For the roller-coaster and adrenaline junkies, these are definitely the must tries. The queue is always long but oh so worth it. 

PROJECT X at LEGO Technics. Simply awesome!!!! To date (after 4 visits to Legoland), Khadra and Khaleeda have already been on it 9 times. Yes, you read that right. Khaleeda only just made the height requirement of 110cm but she needed to ride with an adult on it. Khaleeq has been on Project X 3 times. He does't fancy rollercoasters all that much.

The best is when we got to view the picture they snapped at the first steep incline down the tracks. We already know where the camera is located, I look forward to the poses the girls would make each time they ride. hewhewhew. You could even get the copy to bring home and you are allowed to download the softcopy within a month of the ride date. The pictures are quite steeply priced though - I mean, it is expected lah. About RM30 for the small size and RM50 for the bigger picture. sometimes they'd have promotions - buy the big picture and get the small picture for free or something. I think for the past 4 visits to Legoland, we have about enough to last us a lifetime now. ;)

Other rides worth a mention at LEGO Technic are the Aquaracer (you'll get a little bit splashed here) and the Technic Twister (almost no queing time, it's the sort of twisting cup ride, the more you turn the central wheel, the more you will spin). There is also the water feature between Project X and the Aquaracer. My kids enjoyed getting wet. So remember to bring a change of clothes if your kids are keen too. There is also a human dryer that cost RM5 per pop if you fancy some drying action. We have also decided that it is actually best to wear their swimwear underneath the park clothes. They dry faster and your kids won't catch a cold from running around in wet clothes all day. (This idea came after our fourth visit to the park. D-uh!)
At LEGO Kingdoms, check out The Dragon. Not as scary as Project X, but almost as thrilling. If you are not keen, then try The Dragon Apprentice first, to condition yourself. Suffice to say that The Dragon was also a current favourite for Khadra and Khaleeda. ;P

We also found the line for Royal Joust and Merlin's Challenge shorter than most. Good variety to slip in after a long queue. If kids are too tired to que, just let them lose at one of the many playgrounds in the park - The Forestmen's Hideout. 

At The Land of Adventure, we absolutely adored the Dino Island. It's a wet ride, with minimum height requirement of 120cm, so Khaleeda had to sit this one out. First the whole log went up the conveyor to the tippy top of the castle before we plunge down into the waters. So cool, so fun, so scary! hahahahahahaha That was truly enjoyable!

Kids enjoyed the Beetle Bounce very much - very short que. There's also the Lost Kingdom, where we get to go in a cart, shooting at targets as the vehicle moves about. Also, there's a kids' ball playground called the Pharaoh's Revenge.

In LEGO City, we first went on to the Driving school for the elder Khas, while Khaleeda went to the Junior Driving School. Then we got their licences done. Absolutely no function what so ever, just as a momento for the kids.

The family had the most fun at the Rescue Academy. If you are coming with other families, an inter family battle would be fun here!!! The line for the LEGO City Airport was rather decent too.

Other than that, there's also the LEGO City Stage where they have scheduled performances / shows through out the day and a playground for the kids called The Shipyard.  Even after 4 visits, we have yet to try the LEGOLAND Express nor The Boating School. hewhewhew

In IMAGINATION, the have-to-sees are LEGO Studios 4D for some 4D movie screening and the Observations Tower - a short scenic overview of the theme park. Fully air-conditioned, you get to appreciate the ride as it slowly ascends the monopole and spins for a 360 degree view of the park. The Kids Power Tower was also fun, but needed a little more muscle power on our side. There's also a junior playground for kids 5 years and under called the DUPLO Playtown and there's a mini train that goes around the track. We have yet tried the Build & Test area for kids to build their own LEGO creation and test them. 

The Miniland is basically a LEGO wonderland showcasing grand architectures in Malaysia, as well as other countries. This provides for a lot of photo opportunities.

Basically, go have a see for yourself what the fuss is all about. We are trying to slot maybe another 3-4 trips there in 2013 to make the annual pass worthwhile. One trip per quarter? That soulds about right for my planning.

-dillz blogging out-

Monday, January 14, 2013

Brown banana pecan muffin

One of my husband's favourite, this. We made it on Sunday, Khaleeda and I. She insisted that the mashing of bananas was indeed her job and nobody else's. Hihihihi

I got this recipe from the sweet @ms_tinaz over the trusted Instagram and tried it the first time 6 weeks ago. Since, I have made 2 more batches of these yummies as it proved to be popular in our household. The instructions are simple.

3 cups sifted cake flour
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp salt
1 tsp ground cinnamon
4 large bananas, very ripe, mashed (about 2 cups)
3/4 cups buttermilk/milk/sour cream/ yogurt
Vanilla extract
3/4 butter
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
3 eggs
1 cup pecans/walnuts, toasted and chopped coarsely

Whisk together dry ingredients in a bowl (I just sift the flour and add on the baking soda, baking powder, salt and cinnamon. whirl a bit with a hand whisk.)
Whisk together milk, bananas, vanilla in separate bowl. ( I mash the banana first. then add in the other ingredients into the banana bowl.)
In another bowl, beat butter and brown sugar until light. (Make sure to cut the butter block into smaller rectangels. Just lump everything in your freestand mixer)
Add eggs. (One by one, of course)
Add flour mixture alternately with milk mixture in two batches. (Essentially, mentally divide flour mixture into 3- about one cup each time. Divide the milk mixture, mentally, in 2. First put in the flour mix. Wait for it to blend , then the milk mix. Wait again slightly, then the flour mix again. Wait a little more, then add the milk mix and wait. Finally add the flour mix and you should get a nice batter)
Stir in pecan. (Make sure your mixer has ben switched off here. Just use a spatula to stir)

This batter makes 12 muffin sized banana cakes and a loaf. I prefer it to be muffin sized so I get around 18 pieces from this mixture. Sometimes, I fill it up a little closer to the top so the effect is a spilled over muffin. So utterly awesome. Yummers.

For baking time - the normal 12-cupcake pan takes about 20 minutes in 180Celcius and a loaf around 40-50 minutes in the same temperature. Don't forget to preheat your oven for about 10-15 minutes prior to baking. If in doubt, check with a "Cake tester" or toothpick. Prick it and it will come out clean. Take them out of the oven and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then leave them to coll off on a wire rack. It has been said that the loaf would taste best 36 hours after baking. Wallahualam. hihihihihi. It has been said, I say. So you try it and tell me, ok?

Do enjoy them! Have a happy Monday and a great week ahead!

-dillz blogging out-