Thursday, December 31, 2009

The BFFs lives on (for now)

For as long as she can remember, Khadra has always had Teyta and vice versa. They are cousins, you see and they were born in the same year, 2003. Teyta being my elder sister's daughter.

Enter Harissa in the year 2007. Point of contact? Beaconhouse Bangsar, class Irises 1. The three of them loves to sing, to dance, talk-non-stop, looking pretty, putting on makeup, manicures and the like.

It is no wonder that the three of them got on well together and their friendship has been elevated to BFF status. They do most everything together and are always there for each other. Take December 2009 for example, here's a list of things/events that they have attended / gone to together.
  • Sleepover for the Graduates
As part of their graduation (after kindy, je) , the mommies (well, mostly Ziezi and Fiza) arranged for a sleepover party at PNB Derby Park for the three princesses. The agenda was really shallow; basically just fun, fun, fun. There were singing, dancing, makeup sessions, menicure and nail arts, more make up sessions, makan-makan, performance time, swimming and more makan-makan. Needless to say the girls enjoyed theselves tremendously.

Here's their take on "Party in the USA" by who else but their idol si Miley Cyrus.

  • HSM: Summer Celebrations
The HSM crew was in town, so we made an outing for the girls of the house to KLCC for the show. (This time, even Khaleeda and Neyna was invited) The three came in their high school best and to add on to the excitement, Ziezi (as usual) even brought the pom-poms and the feather boa.

  • Princess & The Frog Party
Teyta celebrated her advanced birthday at the movies, so the kids were invited for a Princess and the Frog party. They came in their princessy costumes to watch the movie.
Their BFF run would have ended when they enter the next stage of their life but it seems that it has been given an extension of time. The three of them will be attending their Primary One in SKBD together next year! Hah! :)

Here's to BFFs that last forever.. (Well, at least for another 6 years)

-dillz blogging out-

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh Ibu...

When I was younger, I have always thought that my kids would call me Ibu. Not mom, not mommy, not emak, not ummi. Just ibu - plain, simple and old skool. :) The reason? Nothing complicated. It's because I grew up calling my own mother, Ibu. All my life. So, the logic goes; person who gave birth to you = Ibu. Simple, right?

Then, I had a daughter. Khadra is her name. I think she started calling me Ibu at first. Azrul was Ayah. Then, some time I could not really pin point, it all changed. I was sometimes mom, mommy and even mama. She probably got it from school or the TV. Not that I really cared, as in to betulkan or whatever. I was just happy to see her speak at that point. Azrul's Ayah had evolved into Dad or Daddy. Personally, I think he secretly liked it. hihihihihihi

Anyhoots, we hit the point of no return when Khaleeq started talking. Naturally, he adopted the same nomenclature as his sister. Khaleeda, pun apa lagi. Ikut sajalah.. I think to these two, the word Ibu is actually alien to them.

So, imaginelah pabila tiba ketikanya I decided to revert back to Ibu. This was probably sometime last week. hihihihi The reason? No reason, really. I wanted to be more old skool. Kalau kita tak guna perkataan melayu ni, sapa lagi nak guna kan? *Alasan* But, really, I like the ring to it. Kinda make me reminisce of my time growing up. In this day and age, so many people yang guna Mom, Mamma, Mommy, etc. Tak salah rasanya I go back to Ibu. It kinda have a nice ring to it. :)
  • Khadra was estatic coz she was the only one who remembered that I was once used to be called Ibu. *Tunjuk terrer la, standard, kakak..* When she remembers to, she'd happily call me Ibu.
  • Khaleeq went,"Ibu, where's Mom? Who's Mom?" Adoiaii.. terconfuse sekejap di situ. Kinda funny when he says it - Iii.. Booo... Ada twang mat salleh di situ. :)~~
  • Khaleeda would say over and over again, "No Mommy. I....BU! " Good girl, Deyda.
So susahla. Sometimes I also forget. hihihihi.. So far they are trying, and I am trying. Kalau Karam Singh Walia, mesti dah keluar perumpamaan "sikit-sikit , lama-lama jadi bukit". If I keep at it, Insya Allah, they'd turn around and remember to call me Ibu. So, it's a matter of perseverance aje. :)
(picture from : here)

Before I leave, have a look at the lyrics for "Untukmu Ibu" - made popular by the band Exists some time long long ago. I think Mamat still sang for the band then. Anyhoots, here goes:

Oh! Ibu
Kau disiram bayu pagi
Kehilangan terasa kini
Dan kesepian

Dan aku
Bagai purnama gerhana
Di ibarat lautan kering
Tiada tempat ku layarkan

Hasratku ini
Masih belum sempat
Kubuktikannya kepadamu
Ibu tersayang
Kucurahkan rasa hati

Ku tatapi potret mu berulang kali
Kurenungkan kalimah yang diberi

Tuhan Yang Esa
Ampuni dosa ibu
Tempatkan mereka
Di antara kekasih kekasihMu

Oh! Ibu
Kau kasih sejati
Kutaburkan doa
Untukmu ibu

Ampunilah dosaku
Sejak ku dilahirkan
Hingga akhir hayatmu

Saat ini
Kuteruskan hidup
Tanpa bersamamu ibu


Kan syahdu, tu.. Especially at the part dia jerit, "Ibu..." It won't get the same effect with Mama or Mummy or Ummi or Emak, right?

So, that's the quest, lah. Wish me luck!

-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Zoobies in (and out of) the house

Boleh tak saya share this awesome product dengan korang?
Was ist das? (Banyak sangat baca The Book Thief ni, dah speaking German la pullok)

(pictures of product and logo from : here)

I first learnt about the product from toughcookie's blog sometime back - she was writing about lil JJ's new Hada the Hippo. I thought, Wah, so cool.. A 3-in-1 plush toy, pillow AND blanket? She bought it from Tiny Tapir, an online store that sells many other trendy and sustainable cool stuff. To know more about them Zoobies - read the writeup from Tiny Tapir's blog (this was posted on Sept8,2008 and the price has now increased somewhat)

So, anyways, imagine my delight when they opened up a kiosk at Bangsar Village's Christmas promotion. I was zapping up them Zoobies (and some other products) like nobody's business. hihihi.. Ini adalah kes Mak yang over excited.

Hasil tangkapan kami:

The two kids got themselves a Zoobie pet each - typical Khadra going for the pink hippo (nasib baik bukan one that goes Oink!) and Khaleeq went for the cute and adorable (yet still macho) Lencho the Lion. I chose a Baby Zoobie for Khaleeda , Baby Tama the Tortoise. The Baby Zoobies are a little smaller in size and they open up to a much smaller blanket. Really suitable for newborns as the big blankies might suffocate them. They also have a little comfort triangle corner that could double up as a comforting blankie.

We bring them to our trips - in the car and on the plane. I remember lugging the three animals onto our flight balik kampung accompanied by stare(s) from hubby. Lepas dia tengok bebudak tu snuggle and comfy in the plane barulah the nasty stare(s) disappeared. hihihihihi.. Them Zoobies proved to be useful on our long drive up/down to/from Penang as well as during sleeptime at night! See, semua ternganga tidur - So syiok maaa!! I think it would also be great for movie outings.

Anyhoots, just to say that we are happy with our purchases. :) Sharing is caring, right?

-dillz blogging out-

Monday, December 28, 2009

Iqra' : Aj-Juzu' Wahid

We finally found a place to send the kids for mengaji thanks to Lina's recommendations to Ziezi . I have been looking for a place to send / someone to come over to teach Khadra and Khaleeq Iqra' since forever. Ada aje masalah problemnya. So, I really really appreciated this. Thank you, thank you, thank you , ladies!

(Pic from: here)

Through Ziezi's negotiation skills, we managed to secure a special timing with the Ustazah for a 2-hour session on Sundays. 10am-12pm. There are 6 kids for this session- 2 of ours, 2 of Ziezi's and 2 of Liza's. So, the coming Sundays from hereonwards, that's where I will be - somewhere in the area surrounding Ustazah Yati's abode. (Need to remember that I have to explore rumah Ustazah dan kawasan-kawasan sewaktu dengannya ni)

After the first meet, I am pretty satisfied with her. Ustazah Yati is a graduate student from UIA and is in the middle of writing up her doctorate in comparative religion. She speaks good English and her Malay sounds a little like Arabic. (She speaks like Anwar Ibrahim, if you know what I mean) :) As we found out then, she was not ONLY gonna teach Iqra' but will be teaching the kids Tajwid, some Arabic, Jawi, ayat-ayat solat , etc. So, basically = Yeay!!! :)

Then I got to thinking. (which is never a good thing)
2 hours in a week for mengaji and all the rest thrown in would not be sufficient, right?
We also found out that she has her normal classes running from 7-8pm and 8-9pm on Mondays through Thursdays.
So, the most natural thing is that we should just attend those classes too, right?

Now herein lies the challenge.
Ustazah Yati's place is in Kota Damansara.

Yes, think about the traffic from Bangsar to Kota Damansara on a weekday after office hours. It will not be pretty, I tell you.. :(

So, here's my commitment to my two kids:
Ibu will try to send the two of you to these 4 classes. Ibu akan cuba. I know that I have not been the type that would even set my foot home from work before Maghrib. But, hey we have to try, won't we? This January will be MY probation month.

If this does not work, kiddos, we'll have to make do with Plan B. That means only 2 classes on weekdays and the 2hours on Sunday. It sounds more manageable to me.

I love you guys loads and I promise to try my level best. Muah muah!
-dillz blogging out-

Thursday, December 24, 2009

6 in a month

Can't believe I have only posted 6 entries in December. I have 7 more drafts entries, so really, I have a lot to tell ya, but not much time to finish them. Nothing new, right? hihihihihi

Just that work has been crazy busy of late and we are slogging to catch the 24th December deadline. It'll be pretty sane next week so I'll drop in more frequently, I hope. Let's get the entries to at least a double digit before the year ends.

For a sampler, here's what I have in my drafts:
There's more stuff that has been keeping me anticipating too.. Nantilah, I cerita.. hihihi

-dillz blogging out-

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Buku Baru

Salam Maal Hijrah untuk semua.

I ended the year with the "Doa Akhir Tahun" recited by the resident TM ustaz. Just to be sure, I read it once more after my Asar prayers.

Segala puji hanya bagi Allah, tuhan yang memelihara dan mentadbir sekalian
alam. Selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan kami Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. serta
ahli keluarga baginda dan para sahabatnya.

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya pada tahun ini aku telah melakukan laranganMu tetapi
aku masih belum bertaubat sedangkan Engkau tidak reda dan melupai perkara
itu. Engkau telah menangguhkan azabMu yang telah ditetapkan kepadaku.
Engkau telah memerintahkan supaya aku bertaubat dari keslahan itu.

Sesungguhnya pada hari ini aku memohon keampunan dariMu, ampunilah aku
dan apa yang telah aku lakukan pada tahun ini yang Engkau redai dan Engkau
janjikan pahala maka aku memohonnya daripada Engkau. Ya Allah, ya Karim,
ya Zaljalali wal ikram.

Selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan kami Nabi Muhammad S.A.W serta ahli
keluarga baginda dan para sahabatnya.. Segala puji hanya bagi Allah, tuhan
yang memelihara dan mentadbir sekalian alam...

Amin... Amin... Amin...

Then, after Maghrib, I started the year with the "Doa Awal Tahun"

Segala puji hanya bagi Allah, tuhan yang memelihara dan mentadbir sekalian alam.
Selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan kami Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. serta ahli keluarga
baginda dan para sahabatnya.

Ya Alllah, Engkaulah yang kekal abadi untuk selama-lamanya. Demi kelebihanMu yang
Maha Agung dan kemurahanMu yang melimpah, sesungguhnya pada tahun ini aku
memohon kepadaMu perlindungan daripada syaitan yang direjam, dari sekalian
kuncunya, tenteranya dan penolongnya. Aku juga memohon perlindungandari nafsu
amarah yang sentiasa mendorong ke arah kejahatan dan melalaikan dengan perkara
yang tidak berfaedah daripada mendekatkan diriku kepadaMu.

Selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan kami Nabi Muhammad. Segala puji hanya bagi
Allah, tuhan yang memelihara dan mentadbir sekalian alam...

Amin... Amin... Amin...

Amin, Ya Rabbal Alamin..
Here's to keeping to my resolutions this new year and a squeky clean new book. :)

Speaking about new books, here's a new stack waiting for me in the new year. :)

That'll keep me busy, me thinks. :D

-dillz blogging out-

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Beanbag Kraayzee!

Got the chance to bring home Adeeb's mastercraft of a BeanBag (BB) for a couple of nights. I have been falling asleep on it these past few nights. (BB dok depan TV) It was that comfy. :)

The kids had a trial tonight. They seem to enjoy it. Khaleeq LOVES it! They jumped on it. They slept on it. They turned it into a pirate ship. Now, Khadra wants one. Khaleeq wants one. Khaleeda wants one. Adakah nak kena beli 3? Adoyaiii.. Bangkrap mummy kamu.. hihihihi

In the meantime, we all order satu dulu, ya Deeb. Nak space it out, boleh catch 2nd gen, 3rd gen bagai.. :)

Korang tak nak order?

-dillz blogging out-

Friday, December 11, 2009

And the magic number is..

Yeay! We finally did it. :)

Remember the drive for One of the Man(s)?
We've reached a number, boys and girls.

That could get them a font-load and then some, eh?

Siap di audit oleh En Haris tu. Tak sesia dulu kerja kat TMPoint kau, Haris.. :)

Have fun with it Man and Emy!

-dillz blogging out-

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Working hard for my holiday

Already booked an island getaway for nucleus family starting Sunday, 14th December 2009. Everything is sorted and I even got my annual leave approved and all.
Thing is, I have three pending reports to be published by the 24th. Damn.

So, am burning the midnight oil.
Shipped the kids off to my mom's and we have the house to ourselves.
Kinda need to focus.
Feels like it is MBA all over again.
Pulling all-nighters day in and day out.
Kinda cool, eh?

Praying for perseverance and persistence to pull this off.

So, excuse me while I go off untuk mencari sesuap nasi...

(Picture searched from Google: here)

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Lunching with the GCEO

What a pleasant surprise.
The exclusive lunch talk invitation with the GCEO included a certificate presentation - plaque (and cash?) allin. Thing is i completed my Masters way back in 2006. Ingatkan memang dah tak dapat dah. So, this was unexpected and pleasant indeed.
I'll update later. Nak dengar welcoming speech sat. :)

No cash this time around, but I was in the news smiling away.. Wu-hu!
-dillz blogging out-