Thursday, January 26, 2006

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Catching Up With Friends

*from my other blog at Dilla Speaks Out

I miss talking to my friends.. When was the last time you had a good old hearty laugh– not the puny little thee hee hee laugh.. I am talking about the BIG one with your stomach muscles cramping whenever you laugh. Well, we just had a few of those last night.. With the company of Zachy, Emelia, Azmir, Noreen and their newborn baby Asya Aleeyah. (What a beautiful name for such a beautiful baby! Grow up quick honey, Khadra and Khaleeq can’t wait to play with you!)

It makes me realize that I have missed it ever so much and I am really not spending enough time with my friends. Why is it that we only meet up for some sort of occasion? Someone’s wedding… Somebody’s engagement… So-and-so’s daughter/son’s aqiqah… (as for this particular meet up) A tahlil… A birthday party… A kenduri arwah… My question is.. Why do we need a reason to meet up? Why can’t we just meet up for the sake of meeting up and having a good old belly laugh?

I do believe that we have to attend these occasions in order for other people to come to your occasions. You know what I mean? Like if you don’t go to people’s wedding kenduris, no one will come to your wedding kenduri. (Thank God I am already married– but then again, I need those points for my daughter’s wedding kenduri, you know..) Kinda like what goes around comes around. If you don’t bother, then people won’t bother either. My dad used to lecture me on this when I was younger.. (maybe since the past 10 years) Me and my hubby never used to really bother about it, but over time.. As we get older, we realize that we do not live alone in this world and we need our community and friends… So, we make the effort.. We try to make it to every invite we get. We make it our priority. Hence, we go to occasions…

For me personally, I am just gonna blame it on my MBA. (The Usual Suspect! - can’t resist it.. It’s just too easy) We hardly have enough time as it is and catching up with friends didn’t seem to be too high up on our list of priority.

Coffee talk? I have to study for my exam. Maybe after the MBA…

Watch movies? Later la.. Got presentation to prepare. After the MBA, la..

Hang out? No time la.. Got so much assignment to do. After MBA, ok?

So, friends.. Get in touch with me after 18th February 2006.. I would love to catch up.. Zachy, Emelia, Azmir and Noreen — thank you for last night!

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Birthday Post

*from my other blog at Dilla Speaks Out

Aaaahhh… At about 11pm , we picked up the kids (Yup, both of them) from home to get me a slice of birthday cake to celebrate the moment. Clad in their pajamas, they were both jumping up and down, so eager to finally be out of the house. Me and Kakak went down at Starbucks in Telawi and got a slice of blueberry cheese. Ayeeq waited patiently with his Ayah in the car, honking once in a while (Ayeeq, that is) On the strike of midnight, it was a quitequiet celebration for me - just the nucleus family.. Kakak was leading the choir of 3 singing "Happy Birthday to You".. :) Then, I ripped off all the prezzies I received before hand - a selendang from my clerk, Kak Leha; a Guess pouch from my boss, Datin and her daughter, Satila — she told me to use it for my gigs (How sweet!!!) and a specially illustrated collector’s edition of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons courtesy of my hubby (been waiting to rip this one off since two weeks back! - can’t wait to read it!!)

I am on leave tomorrow, so what to do? What to do? Early in the morning, I followed Azrul to Xair in Plaza Damas. Got to chat with my sissy, Ema in London through YM. That was good… I really missed her.. Received a few SMSes / calls / e-mails / YM messages to wish me a happy birthday. Among others were from Ewa, Illa, Zizie, Ema, Boy, Munz, Eski, Lily, Syed, Su, Che Nah.. (Thanks guys!)

We had a lunch date with Datin and Satila at California Pizza Kitchen in KLCC. We had two pizzas, the pepperoni sausage thingy and the tomato and cheese. Also, my favourite BBQ Chicken Salad, and the Seafood Marinara. (heran ya, kena minta explicitly for them not to add the wine in the marinara) We selected KLCC ‘coz it was the easiest most convenient place for Azrul to perform his Sembahyang Jumaat. Had a really good lunch and I sent Azrul off to Plaza Damas before heading back home. It so happens that my grandma on my daddy’s side passed away on the 6th of January 2002. So, every single year on my birthday since, we will have a gathering of sort at one of my dad’s sibling’s house for a rememberance tahlil. This year, it was at Pondok Azlul - my daddy’s crib. So, that was the plan for tonight.

Before going to Pondok Azlul, I had to make a loop to collect Kira at S14, PJ back from tuition and Azrul at Damas. Along the way, I planned to get a Secret Recipe cake for the tahlil. Little did we know that the Mother-of-All-Jam was waiting for us.. Been raining the whole evening. So, flash floods la.. apa lagi??? The whole journey that would normally take me 1hr (max) - took me 3 frigging hours. It was soo bad that night that we arrived in Puchong at 10pm and had to have our dinner straight away. (So lapar already, lah) Makan was gggrreat! It was kinda a pot luck thing - kampung-style. Rice with masak lemak ikan kering with nenas, ketam goreng, sotong tepung, masak lemak pucuk ubi kayu, an assortment of ulams and sambal belacan, sayur kacang goreng, and more! The tahlil only started at 11pm. (Hey, no one can be kusyu’ on an empty stomach, right?)

Anywho, after the whole thing was done, we had the cake cutting ceremony. And a lovely feast on my White Chocolate Macadamia cake — simply scrumptious!!!! Then, everybody went home, happy (-ier) and fat (-ter)… heh heh heh

.The End.

p.s. : Notice that the main theme of the day was where and what I ate. Aaaahhh… Nevermind, I’ll start going to the gym in February…

p.p.s. : Maybe I’ll post some pictures after this. Dang the 50 picture/month limit! I am almost max-ing out!

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Prologue to the Birthday Post

*from my other blog at Dilla Speaks Out

Have not been able to write so much these past few days ‘coz it’s the start of the year. That’s one of the periods in my life where I take some time off to enjoy my birthday. (I always take leave on my birthday) It just so happens that this year it was especially long due to the Hajj holidays. I turned 31 on the last 6th of January 2006.The BIG Three -Oh PLUS One. Hmm…

In a way, it has been kinda hectic with events leading up to the actual birthday. I was adamant about cutting my hair super short for my birthday. I’ve had this long tired looking karat hair for a whole year now, I thought I’d just be dramatic. So, off they went. Joe, the senior stylist from Peek-a-boo, Taman Tun, tied up my hair into a pony tail and cut it off in two seconds. Bye-bye karat hair and Hello newer, lighter (could have easily shed off 0.5 kg of unwanted hair there), redder and funner ME! In a weird kinda way , I feel younger, more energetic and much much better… Funny what a RM55 haircut (plus RM 135 for the colour) can do to your self-confidence and self-worth. To celebrate, we walked over to Sri Paandi for a well deserving lunch! heh heh heh…

Then, there was the lobbying for contribution for my birthday prezzie.. It’s a kind of tradition in my family la.. The birthday person decides on a prezzie of her/his choice and then rally up some contribution from the rest of the family members. It’s not really compulsory , kinda like who wants it, works for it lah.. Kalau malas nak collect, then tak dapat apa-apa lah… So, this year, I was eyeing for a new Sony digital camera. Our old Cybershot is nearing the end of its life span. :( Naturally , the new T-Series was in the running… Me and my hubby decided that the T-5 would be a kewl enough gift. It’ll cost about RM1400 — with an average contribution of about RM100 per family member, my hubby would only need to fork out about RM800 for the camera. OK lah tu… So far, the pledges has been rather encouraging with Kira(RM100) and Boy(RM200) making good with their word. (oh, Encik put up a deposit of RM50 already - i’ll get back to him on that)

One day before my birthday, I was just minding my own business, having a sip of my teh tarik at Aji Don Alley, Plaza Damas. Well, actually, I was waiting for my hubby to catch a lift back home. Then, my hubby came to join me for a little tea and the scrumptious tauhu bakar. A few moments later, my sister Kira jumped out from behind a pillar with a digital camera in her hands. I was sooo surprised that I did not react at all.. What an anticlimax.. heh heh heh… Hold on, it gets better though — they went ahead and got me a Special Edition Black Sony T-9 Digital Camera. The ultimate digital camera, as far as I was concerned. You know the one with Natasha Hudson snapping a fellow jogger’s picture while running by the beach. Yup.. THAT One.. To me, T-9 has the perfect width, not too fat like T-5 yet not too slim ike T-7. Just sedap-sedap to hold on to when you’re snapping a picture. The only reason I wanted the T-5 initially was the cost factor. It was easily RM400 more to get a T-9 , so, I was willing to just settled for a T-5. But deep deep in my heart , I really really wanted the T-9. My hubby instictively knew that and while haggling for the camera, he got a great deal for the T-9 at RM1560. So , he decided to get me a T-9 instead! - Good choice! Oh, did I mention that it was black? It normally comes in silver, but Kira insisted on the black. (eventhough they had to wait for an additional 1 1/2 hours for it to be despatched from KL) The colour is oh-so-stylo… So chic… - Another good choice!

So, it was in that mood that we went karaoke-ing for the next two hours at Vocal KTV, underneath Azrul’s office. (literally) Great voice (ehem), good company.. What more can you ask for? What a way to prepare for one’s birthday…

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Metrojaya S14 On Sale!!!

*from my other blog at Dilla Speaks Out

Just a quick one, everybody.. Metrojaya S14, PJ is having itsRELOCATION SALE! They are opening an outlet at The Curve in April 2006. Up to 70% discount. From now till March 2006. Everything must go!!!! So,


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