Monday, December 17, 2007

Kira's in Italia

Been meaning to post that my sister, Kira, is currently on an intensive high school exchange program to Italy for two whole months. She left for Roma last 8th of December via Dubai. She's actually on a program by AFS and as I ciloked from their official website;

AFS Statement of Purpose
AFS is an international, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create more just and peaceful world. 

The first time I heard about this program was through Farahana Azmin, Ema's friend, as she went on a similar program to Spain some years ago. Personally, I am all for student exchange programs because I too had the good fortune of attending one back during my A-Level days. Since Cobham Hall was part of the Round Square schools, student exchange between member schools is possible. I attended The Athenian School in Danville, California (very near to San Francisco) and my partner in crime, the ever elusive che' nah, went to Canada. (Apa nama sekolah tu, babe?) I was there for a whole month; attending high school- taking up Physics, Calculus, Stained Glass and Chorus, going to field trips and vacationing to Lake Tahoe. Boy, did I have oodles of fun.. :) heh heh heh

So, when Kira pitched to us (hubby and I) the idea of applying for the program, we were behind her all the way. Well, more Azrul than me, actually.. :) He was the one who helped her with the application form as well as the running around . She had to go through an interview to gauge her suitability for the program where she actually Thriller danced for the interviewer. BTW, the program is not FOC either. The participant has to pay RM9K for the 2 month stay which I think is well worth the money. Anyways, once her application was successful, we also loaned her several Italian dictionaries to help her once she gets there. (is it helping you, Kir?)

Kira is staying with the Acquasantas, a family of five (inclusive of one elder brother, a 15 year old sister and a younger brother) in Laterza, TA. (Somewhere in the South of Italy) Her friends and family are able to catch up with her on her travelblog which she has set to private. (Understandably so since she is posting the host family details - addresses and phone numbers - here. You don't really want just any Tom, Dick or Harry to read it. Tak pasal-pasal aje ada stalker nanti)

I took the liberty to cilok what she posted in her blog:

rules in school;
1. no uniform
2. eat anytime in class
3. can go out anytime during classes from 10 to 12
4. can listen to ipod during classes
5. can bring handphone
6. cant wear hats/snowcaps/caps in class
7. can go home early but only parents have to pick up
hmm there are more but i cant remember :P

Wah, seronoknya!!!!!!

Some pictures I took from her blog:
Looks like she has been having way too much fun! All she talks about is food, food and more food!!! She's even planning to slaughter her own chicken soon! :) All in the name of good glorious food! heh heh heh

I envy you, kiddo. Have fun and take good care of yourself!

-dillz blogging out-


Zara Gogogal said...

hey how old is ur sis anyway? i've been to rome, and it is warm there bukan mcm germany. tell her she can over to my place if she want to visit germany

dillazag said...

Zara --> How sweetof you. She's only 16 and I don't think they are allowed to mengular.. heh heh heh

BTW, whatcha doing there?

Zara Gogogal said...

wow so lucky of her, 16 dah dpt jln rome. anyway, i'm studying here

dillazag said...

Zara --> I know.... Best betul.. Kalau kitorang jalan belah-belah sana, boleh la contact you, babe.. :)