Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ada Apa Dengan Facebook

What is it with this new trend that is sweeping the nation? YES, I am talking about Facebook. What makes it so darn addictive that I am already updating my FB status as early as the fourth day after I delivered Khaleeda. (Only because I was still in the hospital for the first three days)

In my humble opinion, it is so darn successful due to the reasons I shall present to you shortly;

1. More people from my generation layan FaceBook as opposed to friendster or myspace that attracts those born in the 80s and 90s. This makes it possible for you to find your long lost friends from your old sekolah menengah, rendah , kindy or even your old family friends. (Which I have done -- way to go STF and Sri Petaling clan!!)
2. Everything is so much easier and much more user-friendly. Special mention for the ease to upload a whole lot of pictures at one time and being able to tag the people in them.
3. Very cool basic features such as the addictive status function that makes you wanna change it every time you log on and the Wall-to-Wall function that enables you to see the trail of correspondences between the two of you on the Wall.
4.It allows third party application which is waaay cooler 'coz it makes it so darn diverse and you are able to take Net socializing to a whole new level. You can now poke, fight, play with, race or give your loved ones / friends all the material wealths in the world without spending a single ringgit.

Contohnya , some of my favourite applications are:

My Aquarium:

Your very own personalized aquarium, but better. You are able to send a fish or other sea creatures to your friend. There are shrimp, crab, octopus, jellyfish, eel, shark, sworfish and even puckerfish to choose from. Fishies were sent to and fro especially during Ramadhan as breaking fast gifts. (Really!) It has somewhat toned down a bit though I did receive some for my lauk pantang! ;) (Thanks Sukreen!) You can even add on some glittered sea creatures, man.. Bling bling, gitu..

My Fab Bag:

I absolutely LOVE this application because designer handbags, I loike! In reality, I am unable to own a whole bunch of them because it is so darn expansive! Virtual pun virtual,lah! What's cool about it though is that you can buy your friends freakingly expensive bags and you get to keep them in your collection and switch your handbag like you change your underpants! heh heh heh (Even the Birkin in Croc Porosus Lisse by Hermes which costs $148000) There's a Fab Card for you to shop with and as soon as you max out, your credit limit gets increased! Sweet!!!!

Growing Gifts:

You send a mystery seed over and in 4 days, it'll bloom into a bonsai tree, red rose, sunflower or even the more unusual money tree, tree of knowledge or truffle chocolate tower. The more you send, the more variety of plants you will unlock.

The sister application for Growing Gifts is Hatching Eggs. Same concept, only that this time an egg will hatch in 4 days to reveal your surprise. So far i have received a teacup kitten, white tiger, breakfast, chocolate bunny, owl and fairy!

The moral of the applications (and they have one) is: you have to wait for the good things in life! (I guess)


Nominate your friends for any Superlative. Most likely To:
- Correct Your Grammar
- Have a Closet Full of Manolo Blahnik
- Sell their Soul for a Donut
- Be A Good Dad
- Get Caught Without Underwear On
- Have A Cellphone But Never Answer It
- Have the Best Butt Cleavage

Or, better yet; just make up your own. It's interesting to know what your friends REALLY think of you..

Pirates vs Ninja:

This application rules after the recent upgrade. You are now able to pick fights with the Ninja Army, thus increasing your Experience and your Gold Bounty.I once spent one whole day picking fights to upgrade my status and improve my ranking. heh heh heh

Through hard work and loads of strategy and more so luck; I am now a Level 5 Ninja - The Lady of Dusk. Another 100 plus experience to go before I am upgraded to Level 6 Ninja! Woo-hoo! In the mean time, I think I'll leave the battling to another day...

There are also some other cool applications that I'm still too chicken to try; like the IQ Test which tells you your approximate IQ score and broadcasts it to all your friends.Malu, ah!

-dillz blogging out-


n|ns said...

do visit for branded children's clothing. gorgeous items for your 2 darlings!! :)

Amy said...

Wah dah FB dah. padanla jarang nak update sini ek? Tu la, dah dapat invites, tapi malasssssssnya nak FB kak? Dah le aku ni limited time je nak surf. Tapi from what I gather from friends and especially after reading yours, nampak macam sungguh seronok kan?

D.N.A.S said...

I used to really enjoy the Warbook apps, but after kena attack bertalu-talu, dah bosan.
Now dok busy with Scrabulous and Socialmoth. Scrabulous is like online scrabble, lah... same rules apply.
The latter is where you get to read all kinds of public confessions - anonymously written. So, you just can't help but to wonder..... siapakah agaknya ?

dillazag said...

Amy --> Seronok babe.. memang seronok.. Tapi, addictive...

D.N.A.S --> I'd give Scrabulous a mis but Socialmoth is something I'dlike to get my hands on.. Invite babe, invite....