Wednesday, December 12, 2007


As promised. The kiddies year-end concert at Early Years Playgroup for this year.

Theme of concert is Children of the World. Good news for the mommies is that we only had to prepare three screens as the backdrops because the screens used for Anna and the King last year are gonna be recycled as part of Hang Jebat's istana. Less to design and less to paint. :) The main screen is of 4 prominent landmarks of the world - Great Wall of China for the tanglung dance by the nursery kids, Taj Mahal for the Bollywood dance by the kindergarten kids; as well as the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy and the Eiffel Tower in France for the international medley they sing as a finale. The second backdrop is of a desert for the Cowboy/Western sketch cum sing-a-long and the final scenery is of a beachfront for the hula dance. The teachers also prepared 3-d cacti and coconut trees as props - very believable.

First up was the nursery kids doing the tanglung dance. Unfortunately, Khaleeq froze. He just stood there, stone faced.. heh heh heh .. Stage fright lah, mamat nih.. Took a little snippet of him doing nothing. if you are interested, click here for the link.
Then came Khadra's Bollywood dance. Fuyyoh!!! Check that booty shaking, dudes!! (Khadra's in the sexy green and pink number)

The Western sketch is of the cowboys riding their stick horses around a campfire and having a drink after. Then comes the cowgirls in their stick horses (some were pink horses!) and having a cuppa also.. At the end of the long ride, they have a little sing-song session of Country Road.

Next is the Hawaiian dance by the nursery kids PLUS the girls from the kindergarten class. Watch the snippet here!

Then, a little sketch set during the Sultanate of Malacca era, Hang Jebat has his dancing girls dance for him, Hang Tuah kills Hang Jebat and everybody's happy. Khadra is Melor, Hang Tuah's girlfriend from the jungles of Malacca. She even had a script:
"My name is Melor. Hang Tuah likes me!"
(She then doubled up as one of the dancing girls)

As a finale, they performed a medley of songs: Can Mali Can, Kookaburra and Frerre Jacques. Watch it here.

Oh, there was also the awards presentation where everyone got a prezzie. Khadra had an additional one for Best Overall Development for 4 1/2 year old. This is Khadra's last concert here as she'll be attending another school effective Jan 2008. Fear not though, I'll still be volunteering for the backdrop designs next year as Khaleeq is still gonna go there.. heh heh heh I hope he'll learn to control the stage fright by then!

-dillz blogging out-


Amy said...

Comey sungguh Khadra.. menangis Beyonce tengok ni.. alahai Khaleeq. Kih kih..anak no 2 memang pemalu sket kak...
-Saya anak no 2 hek hek-

dillazag said...

Amy --> Power betul statement ko nih..Bangga mak Khadra dengar.. heh heh heh