Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Reading My Heart Out

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I just figured out how to do a TypeList and display the kewl books I am currently reading in my blog. (hey, did you know that if you entered the ISBN number, ‘they’ will make a search at and display the cover page of the book as thumbnail and of course link you to the amazon page as well.. )

I have a few books that I read in any long periods of time. Not that I read four books all at the same time. I read one book, put it down… After some time, I read another book, then put it down.. Go to the loo, reach for another book.. You know what I mean? It serves different purposes, though.

An obvious example is that I always have a book for my reading pleasure in the loo. (We have magazines and such stocked up too) So, the criteria for a book to be eligible for contending in the Loo Category are: short stories/chapters, independent of each other, needs little or no analysis or thinking. Reader’s Digest, FHM mag, Stuff mag, Cartoon strips are ideal. I also have a book handy to read during commuting or idly waiting. Those lonely minutes waiting for someone to arrive can be very testy if you don’t have anything to distract you. ( I HATE WAITING!!) - I shall name this the Idle Category. The read must not require much thinking (again?) , small enough to stuff in my bag (you can have a big one if you have a big bag) and convenient to carry around. Ideal candidates include self-help books, fiction and Reader’s Digest. The next category, I have decided to name Just So Category coz I just so happen to like doing it at that time. These are my reference books for the activities I love; such as scrapbooking, cooking, face-painting, hair wrapping — in short, whatever that catches my fancy at the particular period. I do have a series of ‘IN’ activity that I participate in.. Sometimes the passion lasts long, sometimes it just whizzes me by. But most of the time, I would buy reference books to educate myself in the particular field. (Chewah! Just a reason, lah… Actually, I am a real sucker for books..) It helps too ‘coz it gives you a new perspective on your ‘passion’ and you are well-informed about the materials/choices that are available in the market. I wish I had another category called Bedtime Category , but I don’t. Simply because I have no time to read before bed - got 2 active kids to tuck in and other frolicking activities throughout the night. (heh heh heh)

So there you have it. Now, presenting my ‘Currently Reading’ list of the moment:

1. Idle Category: Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov - This was actually a gift from hubby for our 9th-year bf-gf Anniversary. (28.04.1997) It was kind of a way of telling me why he loved me. So sweet… ;) Still not done reading it. I am up to Tips No 65, I think. Still quite a lot more to go..

2. Loo Category: Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel by Scott Adams - We are all weasels — Ha ha ha. 2nd round of reading this. I just love Dilbert and the gang. Easy reading and reminds me not to take the office politics too seriously.

3. Just So Category: Total Scrapbooking by Sarah Mason & Karen McIvor - I started reading the book to educate myself about scrapbooking. It gives a detailed description on the materials and techniques needed to successfully scrapbook. There are lots of sample projects for ideas too. The presentation is also good as it comes in a ring bind. makes it easy to refer to the pages while you are working on any particular project.

4. Just So Category: Jamie’s Dinner by world renowned cook, Jamie Oliver - This is my 4th-year Wedding Anniversary present to myself. I was actually taken by the wordings in the front flap " Jamie’s Dinners is the people’s cookbook. Everything you’ll ever need to know to feed yourself and your family properly for life. What could be more important than that?" See what I mean?

The contents are cleverly sorted by kewl categories such as The Top Ten- Jamie’s all-time favourite dishes, Family Tree - learn to do the basic stuff and other kewl dishes can be derived from it , Five Minute Wonder - for the woman-on-the-go, Sarnies - Sandwiches glorious sandwiches, Desserts - My faves, Meat - you know; moos and baas (they have oinks too) , etc

The plan is that I would like to cook a special dinner for our anniversary - so, I asked hubby to get us a new oven for our Anniversary. (My stand-alone Zanussi 535 will be delivered today. Yeay! )We’ll be eating like healthy kings in no time at all… :)

Enough already, this talk about food makes me wanna check out the recipe and make my shopping list.

-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Now… Should I Freak Out?

*from my other blog at Dilla Speaks Out

My ex-maid, Lidiya has been sms-ing me after we sent her off early this month. Asking about the kids and how she misses them. I guess it is hitting her hard, more than my kids. I guess these kids have shorter memory span.. Once the people are no longer around, they tend to be forgotten. No matter how close they used to be. But, us adults.. we remember for a long time.. much much longer..

SMS 1:

Assalamualaikum wr wb hai khadra dan khaleeq apa kabar skarang, ayah dan ibu sdh bawa jln balas ya

My Reply SMS :

Semua sihat2 shj. Khadra dah sekolah semula. Khaleeq jatuh dan dijahit didahi. Baru shj jatuh lagi - berdarah di hidung. Lidiya sms alamat di sana, ya.

SMS 2 :

Alamat saya, RTX RWX Desa S******* Batu layar S******* Sambas, KALBAR - INDONESIA, 7XXXXX. Bibi Khadrayg baru sdh sampai/belum? lidiya krm salam dg NORMAH & MUTIBAH dg MAK LANGKAWI.

note: The address has been changed to avoid from any papparazzi stalking my ex-maid.

My Reply SMS :

Bibik parmi tiba hari sabtu. Mak, normah pun kirim salam sama lidiya. Mek kelantan ada di rumah abg amran. Lidiya sihat?

So sweet, right? Wait for it, wait for it… After a few days, my hubby received an sms from the same number. This is what it said:

SMS 3 :

Assalamualaikum wr wb. Bos azrul hari ini khadra sekolah tak, macam mana keadaan sicomel yg luka kemarin itu, apa sdh baik? Bibik lidiya rindukan khadra, khaleeq mamanya juga. Balas ya

Weird? I thought so too. Hubby told me about the sms as he was getting a little uneasy with the ‘direct’ contact. It’s not that she doesn’t have my number. The first two messages were sent to my mobile. Truth be told, it’s the "Balas ya" that really got to me..

But hey.. maybe there’s nothing to it.. She knows that my hubby is the one who picks up Khadra from school. Maybe she wanted to convey a message that I didn’t get in the first two smses. Like she wants to come back and waiting for us to invite her over, or something like that. (Give me a break, I am trying to be positive here..) or maybe she wanted to test my hubby’s reaction - whether he would tell me or not. (that positive vibe didn’t last very long..)

So, we decided that I should reply from MY mobile - just to set the record straight.

My Reply SMS :

Khadra sudah mula sekolah semula minggu ini. Khaleeq sudah menari dgn Wiggles. Sabtu ini dah boleh buka jahitan. Lidiya bila nak dtg ke malaysia semula?

She didn’t reply. OK, no biggie.. All is well…

Then suddenly, we Azrul received a missed call from her again this morning. What do you make out of that?

So, now… should I freak out?

-dillz blogging out-

Monday, August 21, 2006

Music To My Ears

*from my other blog at Dilla Speaks Out


That’s what you’ll read on the RM15 Program Book. Surtitles? Titles that are shared in common to identify the members in a ‘group’? Hmm… What does that mean? Not a very good first impression, I must say. I mean, didn’t they proof read it? I thought this production was supposed to be of International Standard. After all, we did pay RM100 per pax.

Hubby, me, Ema and Pez went to watch PGLTM (S2) last Friday, 18th of August 2006.We got to rub shoulders with some celebrities, though. I noticed Zahim Al-Bakri, Yasmin Hani Wacca!!! and Fazura. (Infact, Hani and Fazura sat in the same row as us.. So, it was more like rubbing ankles, like that..) The Emcee started the show by asking us to clap really loudly and delivered more bad news; AC Mizal wasn’t there and the part of Gusti Adipati will be played by Wan Shades. Dang it! I was soo looking forward to watching him..

The curtain finally opens and my jaw immediately dropped. (In a good way) WOW-wie!!! My heart was filled with pride — proud that this particular production was made by Malaysians and it was totally awesome! The casts were being lifted up and down the stage space — Hurray for hydraulics! It was indescribable (for the lack of a better word, I guess) It was truly magnificent! I was amazed, I couldn’t help but clapped really loudly everytime the main casts made their entrance.

The set was incredible — I noticed that the props were really used in so many ways. One point it was a hill, and another point in time it was the entrance to the courtyard… The movement of casts, who doubled up to set the stage. I remember those days, during our school production - we had people running around in black track bottom and CREW printed on the back of their t-shirt. Remember them? Well, none of those here! ;) The costume — genuinely original and functional at the same time. I was taken by the fact that the ladies were wearing sarongs which were actually pants! Kewl beyond words! Loved the ensemble. The songs were catchy, the direction was great great great! It was like watching a production on Broadway (I guess.. not that I have ever been to NY) My eyes were always loking out for this particular girl, Ruzana Ibrahim since she was one of Ema’s friend - even came to Pondok Azlul early this month for Ema’s party. That wasn’t really hard since she was a tall girl.. Anyways, I really thought that they were really good and they seemed to enjoy performing their numbers.

Main casts - Tiara (Gusti Puteri) did an awesome job. She was beautiful, had a decent voice and a great performer. Only comment, I think she is a little old to be Puteri Gunung Ledang. But then again, the production is her baby - whatever she wants, goes then. But, in all honesty, you go, girl! Wan Shades (Gusti Adipati) was good, but I had my heart set on watching AC Mizal. :( Yalal Chin (Patih) was great - he was not feeling well at that time too.. At one point he was coughing quite bad.. Bayan was also good and believable. Then, came in the Melaka entourage — Hang Tuah was a dream!!!! Doesn’t sound like he couldn’t speak a word of Malay. Hubby pointed out that the costume really showed off how buff he was. ( Not that I was staring or anything, heh heh heh) AND, he has such a strong singing voice… Adlin Aman Ramli (Sultan) was of course entertaining, especially when he did that fast number!


After the standing ovation, there was a little autograph signing ceremony going on at the lobby. Managed to get Stephen Rahman-Hughes, Tiara, Wan Shades, the little Raja Ahmad and Yalal Chin to sign my Program Book. (Yes, the one with English Surtitles, that one..) Then, we took some silly pictures and went home.. (Pix will be uploaded once I get it off Ema - DONE!)

Aaaahh… I sure had such sweet dreams that night..

-dillz blogging out-

Friday, August 18, 2006

Convo Kids

*from my other blog at Dilla Speaks Out

Convocation Day.. Day of celebrations.. Yee-ha!!! I went to the Taman Tun market to get some flower bouquets with Ibu and Mak Langkawi - one for me, one for hubby and one for Hiday. It was kinda hectic coz we had to parade into the Hall at 1:45pm and Zuhur had just begun. So, we kinda rushed over from the mosque and not make it in time. Had to be smuggled into the hall from the side coz we have apparently ‘missed the procession’.


Anywho, got me robe on, got me mortarboard on.. We were ready to rumble. That was when I suddenly realized something. There is no space for our hand-held bouquests. There was simply not enough leg room! I tried to make my way to Ibu to store the two flower bouquets but the burly usherer told me to"Duduk!" She was actually that garang.. So, I sat quietly. Hiday was clever enough to leave hers at her sister, Suhla. So, we made secret hand gestures to Suhla instructing her to please keep the bouquets for us and she agreed. She climbed down the Batu Caves look-a-like steps and made her way to us. TQ babe. Now we were flying First Class.. :)

On an unrelated matter - I think it is quite cool the way technology has eased our way of doing things. You know the Smart Card — really a smart thingy! I remember those times when we had our BEng graduation ceremony in UNITEN. We had to go through a full blown rehearsal before the actual day and we had to remember our ‘number’ and the persons queueing before us and after us. Simply because they had to read a list in a specified ‘order’. In this new era of smart technology, the graduates only had to bring their smart card to register and there were no particular order — as long as you were in the same ‘group’ of graduates. (you know, PhD receipients to one side, Masters of Buss Admin to another and lowly undergraduates at the back of the room..) Just surrender your smartcard and a piece of white paper with your name on it to the person in charge, and Walla! - out pops your name & picture on the big screen whilst the Dean announced your name.


The Pro-Cancellor, the Regent of N9 gave out our scrolls - he spoke to Azrul for quite some time. Asked him what he was doing and seemed to show interest when he replied that he was a businessman. (Wahhhhh… does this mean I will soon be a Datin?) After the ceremony, our family members (my side: Ibu, Mak Langkawi & Ema; Azrul’s side: Mek, Abg Suhaimi & Abg Amran) got tied up eating with other dignitaries seeing that they received the VIP tickets courtesy of Abg Suhaimi. So, there we were, husband and wife, waiting in the hot sun whilst our loved ones were busy stuffing themselves…

When they finally came out, we went over to the Dewan Canselori to take the studio photograph I have booked earlier. This will be ready in 3 weeks and they’ll post it over to Pantai Hillpark. Done. We also snapped a few pix around the area. By this time, me and hubby were really really hungry. So, when we got to Danau for tea, we ordered straight away and I had the best tasting Nasi Goreng Cili Padi there (Maybe it was just the tummy talking)


Well, that’s how the day ended. I don’t think it was as thrilling as my first convo, though. Maybe the familiarity kinda spoilt it for me.. Maybe I would have to do my doctorate overseas, eh? Maybe…

-dillz blogging out-

Monday, August 14, 2006

Scrapbooking 101

*from my other blog at Dilla Speaks Out

Found a great shop in Damas to start off my scrapbooking.

I have been wanting to scrapbook for the longest time but, I always felt that it was way too expansive a hobby. This place,Zevk, however made me feel that it was possible. The owners, Amirah and her lovely Turkish hubby, are so helpful and sweet. They offer great classes- from as low as RM 10 for an intro class, a great place to work in- eventhough you are not buying anything, free use of the scrapbooking tools; and great scrapbooking supplies. They also have a stamp program for frequent scrapbookers and best of all, Double Stamp Days - twice in a month!

I have bought me a book - Total Scrapbooking - and some supplies. Started on (and finished) a few projects and am quite happy about it.





First one was about Khadra’s birthday bash .


The second one was Lidiya’s farewell gift. Third one is still unfinished and yet to be delivered to the receipient, so I shall let it remain undisclosed. Still sticking to 6" X 6" as they are economical and easiest to make. I am coming into the store quite often to copy the templates Amirah has prepared earlier.



Still not done learning from the Master, though. I am moving up onto the big stuff - 12" X 12". I intend to scrapbook about our honeymoon in Maldives coz I think those pictures truly lacks appreciation. It’s gonna be a big project and I might just share the product when it’s ready: HERE Well, at least the ones rated ‘U’.. ;)

-dillz blogging out-

Friday, August 11, 2006

Out With The Old, In With The New

*from my other blog at Dilla Speaks Out

My maid, Lidiya, is gone. She’s been gone for quite sometime now - she left for Pontianak on August 3rd, 2006. It was quite emotional for me, hubby and our little princess, Khadra. You see, she’s been with us since Khadra was only 2 months old. That makes it 3 whole years with us and she was rather close to both the kids.

On the morning of her departure (taking the 7.30am flight by AirAsia to Kuching), she went into our bedroom at 4.00am to kiss the kids goodbye. Khadra woke up and wailed uncontrollably, so we decided to bring her along to the LCCT - still in her PJs. That proved to be a good decision on our part as Khadra was able to see Lidiya go with her own two eyes. I think it is harder for us to see how Khadra would cope without her since Khadra can now express herself quite explicitly. Khaleeq, on the other hand, seems to be going about his business as usual - with or without Lidiya.

So, it was quite surprising to me that Khadra’s heartache was comforted by RM38 worth of chocolate almost immediately. Sure, Khadra still mentions her name , but in the non-hysterical kind of way. She was convinced that Bibik Lidiya was going to the movies (note: Khadra detests the movies) and she couldn’t follow ‘coz "Khadra takut movies!" A few days after, she was going on about Lidiya is in her kampung meeting up with her friends. Now, almost a week(plus) after, she is going about in her merry way ; dropping Lidiya’s name maybe once in every 2-3 days. So, I guess we are good on that department! :)

How are we coping without her? Quite well, considering. We were lucky to have Lidiya ‘coz she was super efficient. Everything was done promptly and I must say she is the Queen of Multitasking. So, suffice to say that she is quite a tough act to follow. Now, IN came Bibik Parmi. 31 on the passport but says that she’s 35 in real life. More slo-mo, I must say. We are trying to get her to quicken her pace a little and so far, it is going rather OK. We have been bunking at Pondok Azlul since as Bibik Parmi is under the watchful eyes of my Ibu and Mak Langkawi. She’s being tutored in the-way-to-do-things before we can shift our butts back to Pantai. Khadra had just drawn a picture of Bibik Parmi in school. She was holding a bucket and penyapu in her hands, complete with straight hair (albeit standing hair). I guess it’s official now, Bibik Parmi is now part of the team.

So, yes.. Things are shaping and looking up. Alhamdulillah..

-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Little Pirate

*from my other blog at Dilla Speaks Out

Khaleeq got his first 3 stitches last weekend, courtesy of a 2-inch cut above his right eyebrow. He basically tripped over some carpet and banged his head on the side of the table. We were all there - in fact, it happened during Ema’s birthday party. I changed him into his PJs already and was contemplating on putting him to bed. However, we went back out instead. Benda dah nak jadi…

At first, there was a loud ‘bang!’. I turned around and saw him on the ground, face down. He was sniffling and suddenly he was crying loudly. Khaleeq doesn’t cry unless something is really really hurting him. He’s just a tough kid. I turned him around - saw the cut and blood started to flow down his forehead, on top of his eye, to the ears and hair. I pressed my hand against the cut and then, panic sets in. Went to mom straight away and Thank God Dr Raf and daughters of doctors, Sanah and Sarah were there. They were instructing me on what to do - a towel with ice was handed to me before I got my purse and left for Pantai Medical Centre ED with my hubby.


Our entourage consisting of Ewa and the gang preceded our arrival since we had to stop for gas along the way. By the time we got there, Ewa has already started the registration so I headed into the procedure room with my little precious and managed to go through the whole ordeal with him. Each and every one of the 3 stitches… He was so helpless, bundled in the white hospital blanket and he wept throughout the procedure.. We also did an x-ray on the head, just to make sure that there was no fracture. Alhamdulillah - there was none. We had to come back Monday to let the doctor check if there were any infection and later that Saturday we could open up the stitches. Took a little photo in front of the ED with Khaleeq’s posse for rememberance.(Thanks sissy and gang — we really appreciate it)


In truth, me and hubby were wondering when ‘this kind’ of incident would happen to him. (Getting stitched and all that jazz)Khaleeq is a very active, mischievious, cheeky and playful boy. He might be watching Wiggles one minute and suddenly climbing the window grille the next. I saw him go towards the lounge one day and the next minute he was already ‘missing’. We searched high and low for him and finally found him hiding behind my mom’s crystal display. So, we were kind of expecting the trip to the Emergency Department for quite some time already. Well, it is good that we finally had that experience.. after all, it’s what being a boy is all about.

-dillz blogging out-