Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wedding Fwenzy!

We attended 2 weddings last weekend and we have another two more this weekend. Seems that everyone is trying to catch the 07.07.07 date for their nikah.

The first luncheon wedding took place in the Putrajaya; it was Amadt's brother's wedding. When the wedding invite came, it was addressed to Azrul, Dilla, Khadra and Khaleeq. I was pleasantly surprised as it captured our little family of four in its entirety with the correct spelling and all.. Just a little confused as I did not recognize the bride nor the groom's name. Sapa pulak la ni... On that Saturday, we just made our way to Putrajaya to Amadt's brother's do -- on the way there were signages all over Putrajaya with the mystery groom's name pointing the same way as where we were heading. Only then did we put two and two together.. Mystery grrom who got our names right = Amadt's brother. Punyalah blur... Sheesh.. Anywho, they had cak lem pong which was rather cool. The kids were a little jakun about it (as were the parents). So, we spent a good 20 minutes in front of the group listening and enjoying the music. Plus, I also got to see Rina, (Amadt's wife) a cool chic I got to know during my years in PPP. She now lives in JB, so it's rather hard to catch her around this part of town. So, out comes the phone for a photo op!!!! She has two kids already but she's still sekeping! Amazing!!

The second wedding was Elyas'. He happens to be my brother's and my hubby's friend whom I got to know during my UNITEN years. The lovely bride is Farah - don't really know her, but she sure is gorgeous! This was my first pool wedding and it was pretty informal and intimate. The guests were mainly their friends and there were about 100 people there. The entertainment was by Elyas' friends that includes this really familiar famous face - I reckon he might have been with a vocal group or something coz he really sings like a dream... (you know, like Shades ke apa ke..) It turned out that he was actually Cham, from the very hip and happening group, V.E. Mak aaai.. Outdated nye makcik.. Patutla macam pernah nampak, aje.. heh heh heh

However, the surprise of the night came in the form of this:
Anuar Zain sat at our table and he was sooooo friendly!!!!! He made conversations with just about everyone on the table. He came alone, so I can't dish any hot gossips here... It's just so awkward when you actually meet a celebrity in a normal, day-to-day setting. You can't really act like you don't know them, coz obviously you do. But, you don't really wanna be excited / OTT about it coz you don't wanna appear to be like an uncool dork / stalker. So, what do you do? Just treat him like a normal human being, lah... It was made so much easier as he was the one extending his hand for a cool shake. (I am so not gonna wash my hand tonight) He even congratulated me for the pregnancy and wished me luck for the baby's delivery.. heh heh heh

Wonder what other surprises will unveil in this week's weddings. Got quite a big act to follow.. hmmmm

-dillz blogging out-


Amy said...

Jelesnya! First sbb dpt jumpa Rina - susah ok nak jumpa dia, kena set appointment dulu ehehe..anyway she's on town, she sms me..hopefully to meet her Thursday..Second, like OMG.Jeles tahap langit ke tujuh ok dapat duduk semeja dgn anuar zain. Kalau aku, mmg aku dah keras dah kat situ and stare je kat dia..iskk. Comey tak dia kak *mode gatai on* :D

~Tis§ot~ said...

kak dilla,

alahaii.. tgk anuar's pic, teringat time STF golden jubilee dinner kat sunway lagoon resort hotel aritu. hmmmm terngiang2 lagi his voice singing 'semua untukmu' and 'mungkin'.

btw, congrats on your pregnancy too :)


D.N.A.S said...

ha'ah, AZ mmg friendly. But I think he's too skinny lah. Kena makan byk sket.

kay said...

ramai kata anuar zain mmg nice in real-life, dia yg akan hulur tangan salam b4 u do, like it's hard to not like him after that!
btw psl crocs in yer last entry, tadi i baru nampak 1 old nenek terbongkok with tongkat wearing crocs ori ehhh!! cool beb. makes me miss mine. too bad she's gone, or i'd have bought her crocs too!

dillazag said...

Amy --> Kin salam Rina, cakap kat dia I have successfully blogged abt her! :) Secondly, heh heh heh... jangan jeles...

Zasya --> Thanks for dropping by sis.. You remember that night still, do you? ;)

dillazag said...

d.n.a.s --> i thought he was there to sing, turned out that he's a guest. dia makan ok gak, siap salad, lepas tu makan daging2 barbeque, lepas tu i think he even took dessert!

kay --> that's true. i was so terkejut that he was THAT nice! on the crocs thing : how sweet.. awak ambik gambar tak? heh heh heh

Inn said...

hey! that's rina. she looks the same macam dulu :)

dillazag said...

Inn --> exactly. that's what i told her too! :)