Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Water

As part of an educational holiday program, the Azruls (minus baby Khaleeda) went on a field trip to aquaria in KLCC. It started with an LRT ride for Khadra and Khaleeq accompanied by their dad. I took the car and waited for them at the entrance to the tunnel joining Suria to the convention centre. (Just making sure that we'd have the car when they are too tired to walk and wanting to sleep on their way home)

They were featuring the Endau Rompin inhabitants when we were there , so we got to see the mischievous kongkang as well. We were greeted with a petting aquarium whereby the visitors are able to touch the exhibits there. First up were a school of recently fed baby sharks swimming in a circular container. Khadra (and Azrul) didn't want to touch them, but Khaleeq quickly stepped up to the plate. Always not afraid to try something new, that boy.. (at least once!) However, the dang baby shark whipped its tail and splashed water all over my little boy's face and shirt! That kinda put him off the baby sharks a little bit and quite loudly refused a second try. heh heh heh... He did try to hold a few star fishes in the next container, though..

Overall, the exhibits were pretty well put together and there's a tinge of quiet 'class' about it. I especially liked the 15-foot (or more) glass cylinder filled with all kinds of fishies and the stand-easy travellator tunnel going under the glass tank of sharks, stingrays and other wonderful sea creatures.

If you haven't been, I strongly suggest that you do give it a visit. Just have to tahan waiting in line for the entrance tickets. I don't understand why they only opened two counters when the queue is 100m long. Oh well, typical Malaysian brand of customer service, I guess..

-dillz blogging out-


k-lynn said...

Kak Dilla. I brought my kids there.. TWICE. Both times takde org. Mungkin it's the cuti sekolah kot.. Tp mahal la nak pergi byk² kali.. not to mention ALL THE WAY from seremban. Hehe.

dillazag said...

K-lynn --> Hmm... Maybe then.. There were 2 more counters that they could have used.. So, still lah, kan..

kay said...

mesti semua cuti raya aji/yr end. dulu i pi time normal w/end mmg haram takde org. yg best tu ada electric sting ray boleh fling itself out of the aquarium n nyaris masuk stroller jib. staff sana pun panic, semua takut nk angkat that fish!

dillazag said...

kay --> ha ha ha. Thinking back, that sure as hell sounds funny. But, I'm sure it must have been pretty scary then.