Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Out of Coverage Area

been coughing the whole night and morning.
have been getting bouts of asthma attack since 4 days back.
nose is running a marathon.

guess it's time to take a break.

Saya dapat MC ini hari. :)

-dillz blogging out-

Monday, April 26, 2010

Gratitude Log - Healthy Kids

It's Monday. It's BLERGH day.

I refuse to be bitchy today. Instead, I choose to be grateful. If there is one thing that I am grateful for today, I am grateful for the health of my three children - Khadra, Khaleeq and Khaleeda. Even more so for Khaleeda as I was reminded of her fever episode in Pantai Medical Centre early this month.
Khaleeda had a bout of fever and coughs and runny nose - the whole works. The fever was controllable, but there were a few things that concerned me.
1) She did not take her meds well. We had to force it into her , so every medication time was hell time.
2) She did not have a very good appetite, not really eating and was getting kinda dehydrated.
3) She was lethargic, not her usual jumpy self.

So, I made the executive decision to get her referred and ward her. She was to be poked with the IV needle to administer some much needed liquid into her body. It was not a pretty sight , obviously because Khaleeda is a true Srikandi. She was kicking and wailing her arms around. Ibu mana yang tahan tengok anak dia meronta-ronta macam tu? Of course, it kills me inside, but it had to be done. We wrapped her around a blanket and the doctor poked - nasib baik once je dah enough. The next three days, we were warded. And the drama ensued - each and every time it was medication time. She was so traumatized and afraid of the nurses and doctor, that every single person who was wearing blue would make her cringe and hop onto Ibu. Yes, even the Amahs and makcik sapu included. Kesian Khaleeda. So, YES. I am grateful for their health and I am grateful for the benefits that comes with this job that I have. Her medicals are all paid for, Syukur Alhamdulillah..

Have a good Monday, y'all!

-dillz blogging out-

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Few F1 Weekends Ago

Yes, am a bit lagging in the news over here. A few F1 weekends have come and left, while I am still stuck at the one in Sepang. (Not that we even watched the actual race there. haha!)

We were lucky to have been given a few tickets by the generous Keduaq for Grand Stand seats at the Emerald for the Qualifying Race. Thinking that it would actually be a good experience for our boy Khaleeq, we decided to have a little outing - just me and my boys. Khaleeq was really excited about it as he got to don his fresh-from-the-Melbourne-race orange McLaren tee.
Biasalah F1. Vroom sini. Vroom sana. The sounds of the engines revving were too darn loud , I could not make out what the announcer was saying over the speakers. Plus, I had the additional task of keeping Khaleeq's earplugs in place. Kejap kena pegang belah kanan, kejap kena pegang belah kiri. The screen was also blurry, so I lagilah blur! Thankfully, I could rely on @fazz27's and @tonyfernandes' updates and analyses on twitter.

But I got a Ferrari umbrella though. So, that made it worth the while. haha!

-dillz blogging out-

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Whoa!! 66 is my magic number !

66 freaking kilograms!

It could not have been baby fat since I am already 35. I have just come to terms with my current weight. Been avoiding the weighing scale since forever and whenever asked about it I would answer, "60kg" Hah! In your face! Masa kawin dulu 55kg je tau! (OK, granted that that was 8 years ago)

Tu la pasal.. Makan tak hingat. Exercise tak buat.

Just take last night , for example. Went for late dinner with hubby at Warong Uncle Don in Damas. Start makan: 9:40pm. Stop makan:10:30pm. (Makan lambat dah satu hal)

What did I have? 1 cucuk sate. 1 pinggan Mee Sedap. 1 mangkuk bubur nasi with its variety of condiments (Ikan masak tauchu, Kangkung goreng, ikan bilis goreng, telur masin, scrambled egg, etc etc) PLUS 2 glasses of teh ais and 1 glass of orange juice(standard order- tak kurang gula). All in one sitting. Thank you very much.

So, YES! I am answering your challenge wahai Kak Shana for the Minus-4 Mission. By 30th June 2010, I would at least be 62kg. (Hopefully)

-dillz blogging out-

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shopping Sebelum Shopping

The super efficient Ziezi booked us on a Bandung vacation sans the kids sometime last year at a ridiculously low price. (something like RM160 return per pax on AirAsia) So naturally, this trip was not really on my mind until it was time to actually go!

Realizing that my one and only sling bag was with my mom *excuse semata*. I decided that, "Hey! Prolly a great idea to get me a NEW sling bag that's small enough in view of the shopping mode that we're gonna be and big enough to house all my 'important' stuff. "This time I wasn't thinking about a change of clothes or disposable diapers.

I walked into Longchamp at The Gardens and they were on SALE for the F1 Grand Prix. And this beauty was calling my name!!

Some BBM messages ensued between yours truly and the Minister of Finance and the procurement was approved. Siap nak kasik sempena our dating-dating anniversary lagi. hihhihihihihi

Thank you, B!

-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will the Real Inche Kamarul Please Stand Up?

Series of conversations overheard from my phone these past month or so.

Time: 11:30am on a Tuesday morning
Man: Good morning. Can I speak to Encik Kamarul zaman please.
Me: He doesn't use this number anymore.
Man: Do you have his new number?
Me: No. This is MY new number, ok? I just got it from Maxis.
Man: Oh. Thank you.

Time: 8:30am on a Saturday morning
Old Lady: Hello?
Me: Hello.
Old Lady: Eh, Ni Ayu, ya?
Me: Huh?
Old Lady: Ni Ayu ya? Boleh cakap dengan Kamarul?
Me: Tak. Dia dah tak pakai dah nombor ni.
Old Lady: Ohhh.. Terima kasih ya.

Time: 10:30pm on a Monday night
Lady: Hi!
Me: Hello.
Lady: Who's speaking?
Me: You're calling me. Who's there?
Lady: Oh. Can I speak to Kamarul?
Me: He's not using this number anymore.
Lady: Oh, thanks..

And etc, etc, etc

On top of that I have also been getting broadcasts from don't know where. Samples are as follows:
  1. THE RED PARTY happens every THURS; Celebrating anything RED! Also Ladies Nite tonite! 'Rojak music' with DJ Eric & DJ Wicked. THE SANCTUARY @ Curve; 7710XXXX.
  2. Extended HappyHrs (Limited Time Only) ! 12-7pm; BUY 1; FREE 1! 7pm -12am: BUY1; FREE 1/2 (til 11pm Fri & Sat) for HOEGAARDEN, STELLA DRAFT. THE LIBRARY; 7726XXXX.
  3. Watch Circus/ Acrobatic Shows during Happy Hrs! Kilkenney, Guiness, Strongbow, Paulaner: Buy 1; FREE 1 b4 7pm (Buy 1, FREE 1/2 7-10pm). THE OPERA (Sunway) 5635XXXX.
  4. Shop @Origins dis Bonuslink Day, 26/3! Purchase RM350 FREE Gifts wrth RM147! 5Xpt& Parkson double voucher! Call us to make a FREE mini facial appt T:037725XXXX
  5. Celebrate World Book Day with MPH! 16/4-15/5 Enjoy 20% off in any 2 titles code M014 & 25% off on selected Female Author titles. Info, call 03-2938XXXX.
  6. UNLIMITED Gambar gadis cun menanti anda! dapatkannya dengan taip ON HF ke 33230. Tiada yuran dafter!
  7. Mari berbual dengan si cantik & hansem. SMS ke 3163 > utk lggn chat! Pasti xrugi jumpa jodoh.
OK. Udah la tu.
Dah penat dah saya jawab.
Ini bukan nombor Inche Kamarul!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s : Oh. Hi guys. Sorry for the long silence.

-dillz blogging out-