Saturday, December 08, 2007

Khaleeq Ku Sayang

My son Khaleeq and a Magna Doodle sketch of him made by my dear hubby. Sebijik, right?

Being a rather loud person *ehem* and finding that I rarely ever run out of things to say, I was a little concerned when Khaleeq was barely talking at the age of three. We made him undergo all sorts of examinations and meet all sorts of specialists. ( Read about it here! ) We also enrolled him in the same playgroup as Khadra to speed up the oratory skills.

At this juncture, I am pleased to report that he is not JUST another pretty face. It has been quite hard to shut him up these days for he is always yakking. :) Not that we understand ALL that he says, but we could kinda guess most of them. His favourite phrases include; "Khadra, SHARE!!!", "Hey! It's missing!!", " (Missing item) , where are you?" and "Gimme the (item of interest)"; So, that's great progress! :)

I do believe his biggest influence in terms of his vocab and slang (he definitely has one) comes from his favourite shows; (like : Wiggles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Blue's Clues, Elmo's World, Sesame Street, Barney, Dora the explorer and everything else on Playhouse Disney Channel) as well as his elder sister, Khadra. Khaleeq has this tendency to add -ya at the end of a word. For instance; tv-ya, tree-ya, A-ya, E-ya (for the alphabets) - just too cute! One of his teachers even asked me if he had a Furby at home coz he speaks like one. Boleh? heh heh heh

I also noticed that as much as he loves to dance and sing; he kinda sucks at it. Kesian dia singing out of tune. I normally try to hold in my laughter out of pity. Khaleeq has two distinctive voices, one that he uses when he is trying to be all manja-manja and another when he gets pretty upset. The first is very soft and sing-songy and kinda makes your heart melt instantaneously. The other is shrieky and loud and just plain irritating. Unfortunately, it is the second voice that he utilizes to sing. Nevermind the out of tune part.. heh heh heh His dancing skills, most unfortunately, is by imitating the Wiggles and Steve from Blue's Clues. Horror, I tell you! :)

Khaleeq is just a joy to watch. In the mornings, he would come up to me and greet , "Good Morning, mummy" and plant a kiss on my cheek before scurrying off to watch his morning dose of Playhouse Disney Channel. He is also our in-house clown. He just loves to make people laugh. For instance, there's the Knock! Knock! jokes.
Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Stinky Shoes!
Stinky Shoes Who?
*2 seconds silence*
Knock! Knock! - and another Knock! Knock! joke will commence. You wait and wait for the punchline and there's none. So, you'd just laugh because it is so NOT funny! And this would go on for a few good rounds. (or until I m just too lazy to answer him)

In the fashion-front, Khaleeq truly has a mind of his own. To the utter dismay of our Bibik Parmi, he tears down his wardrobe in order to create his own ensemble. He sometimes changes his clothes up to five times a day. (H is actually asking me to change his shirt as I type this)

However, I find that bringing up a little boy is totally different from bringing up a girl. With Khadra, I use a lot more reasoning (when I am in the mood for it) and with Khaleeq, I tend to lose it more (ie more shouting). It's just that he is so darn active and when he is in one of his moods he could be a little too physical. (ie pinching, pulling hair, literally jumping on people and throwing stuff) He is also a little harder to control when we are out. So, I have to resort to the cuddly monkey harness when we go to public places.(just have to ignore the "looks" that the public gives me though) So, I am now trying very hard to cut down on the yelling and pinching his butts. Just have to remember to take a deep breath and chill during one of the episodes.. :)

For all the joy, laughter and yelling that you have brought me, little boy, please know that I do love you.. Unconditionally.. the good, the bad and the ugly.. just bring it on..

I love you, Khaleeq boy!

-dillz blogging out-


Leymah Giggs said...

cutenye Khaleeq. Biarla dia nak cakap.. kasi dia buat sentences dia sendirik. Hehehe..

dillazag said...

Leymah --> Anak bertuah tu suka berlakon jugak.. Sometimes scary jugak tengok dia tunjuk-tunjuk and cakap-cakap dengan his imaginary friends.. heh heh heh