Sunday, November 25, 2007

What's That?

Setting: 8:30am, at the living room of our condo in Pantai Hillpark

Khaleeq: Mom, what's that? (his index finger generally pointing towards my direction)
Me: What's what, Khaleeq?
Khaleeq: I'm Khaleeq. What's that? (pointing to the tiny person I've got wrapped in my arms)
Me: (*in my mind* Ooh.. tanya nama ke? )It's your baby, Khaleeda.
Khaleeq: Khai-di-ya?
Me: No, Khaleeq. Khaleeda.
Khaleeq: Khai-di-ya! (Beaming from ear to ear)
Me: (*in my mind* Suka hati kau lah...)

So, that's what my dear boy is calling his new sister.. Khai-di-ya pun Khai-di-ya lah...

-dillz blogging out-


Amy said...

Khaidiya pun Khaidiya la.. nak gigit pipi Khaleeq bleh dak? :D

dillazag said...

Amy --> You should listen to the way he says it though.. Comellll sangat!