Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Supergirl Won The Best Dressed Prize!

Fuyyoh! What a great surprise! We were invited to Sharieq's first birthday party yesterday with the superheroes and villains theme. And Khadra won the Best Costume Prize for girls! Way to go, Khadra! I told ya you'd look cute in that little outfit!

If you know me and my kids - we LOOOVE to dress up! Pirates, princesses, train conductor, honey-bee, ballerina, national costumes - Malay, Chinese and Indian, jubah-jubahan ; you name it, they probably have it! Yes, they are spoilt like that. Most of the costumes are off the shelf variety; buy them and they are ready to wear with minimal accessories matching.
However, herein lies the challenge:
1. We do not own any superheroes and villains costumes.
2. It was already the morning of the said party. Buying costumes were not part of the option I was presented with.
3. So, it seems that I had to work with whatever I had in the house at the time.
Wah, macam task Project Runway lah pulak.

Khadra - We made use of Khaleeq's Superman baju tidur that was waay too small for him already. You know the ones of the shiny variety. Thank God it came with the cape. So, the rest of the outfit has to be mixed and matched from her other costumes. We used the red and white stripey skirt (complete with red belt) from Khadra's pirate costume for her previous concert and put her hair up in two pony tails. Matched her candy blue painted nails with the multi coloured bangles. The result = One Supergirl. Done.

Khaleeq - The first idea was to use his Batman long sleeved t-shirt along with the mask. Couldn't find the mask in this mess I call a house, so, the idea had to be scrapped. Saw the Spiderman mask lying around and paired that with a Spiderman t-shirt for Khaleeq. The result = One tiny Spidey.Done.

Khaleeda - There's nothing that fits her really. but , thankfully I saw the honeybee costume. So, she was turned into Queen Bee the villain that stings people. (Hey, whatever lah. At least she was happy!)

Here's a group photo of the kid-cousins at the party! Teyta as Batman, Shoshoff wore a Superhero baju katak, Khaleeda the Queen Bee, Khadra the Supergirl, Khaleeq the cute-as-pie Spidey and Naqib as Superman. Ewa and Kira were there as props. Neyna and Chinchin did not get to the party yet at the time.
Coincidentally, Naqib won the Best Costume for boys. Each got RM50 for their tabung! Wow!! Lumayan!!! Thanks Shasha! The party was awesome!

Moral of the story (and yes this little anecdote has a lesson to learn from) :
Dengarlah cakap ibu anda. Insya Allah, rezeki berlipat ganda.

-dillz blogging out-


kucingorengemok said...

weehee! cute! macam phoebe pulak ;)

.ems gems. said...

ya ampunnnnn hihihihiihihhi!! so cuteee my nephews and niecessss!! congratss kakak and tatib!!! hihihih. wish i could be there at the party :(

soon, i shall miss no more! ihihihih. love youuuu kn!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha... sgt comel! Gamba anak lelaki anda sgt comel sekali (esp that rockstar costume?) Saya sukaaaa, cuteeeeee!

Amy said...

Haihhh, comel sungguh anak2 ko ni. COngrats to the supermom yg talented and creative! :)

dillazag said...

We were referring to googled images for inspiration. But, yes lah.. Ada sikit macam Phoebe, kan?

dillazag said...

About time you made an appearance. So busy, is it?
The party was awesome... :) No worries, you'll be here for Shoshoff's marhaban..

dillazag said...

Masa kecik-kecik ni la kena paksa.. Nanti dah besar tak nak pakai pulak.. Taste dah tak sama dengan mummy.. Hahahaha

dillazag said...

Menang idea je.. Hadiah tetappp masuk dalam tabung Khadra. ;)
Bila mau makan-makan, dong?

chics said...

Nasib baik mummy dia creative. Cutelah!

dillazag said...

Sila jangan muntah dengan entry angkat bakul ini.. hihihihihi
My brain was kinda drained by the end of it. Nasib baik berbaloi!!

anedra said...

Cute kids!! I never had a superhero party when I was small! I missed out on a lot didnt I?

dillazag said...

Neither did I. We sure lived in ancient times, girl.. hihihihihi

MimY HaMiD said...

khaleeq comey giler...abg bujang yg putih..heheh..syok ar mummy dia layan byk costume...khadra look smart in Superman..diff la skit yer Supergirl

dillazag said...

Cukup seronok masa dia menang tu.. Macam tak percaya je.. :) Abang Khaleeq tu silap-silap orang ingat saya kawin Mat Salleh. hahahahahaha

Yan said...

bukan main lagik posing!! hebat tul! so cuuuuuuuuute! hehehehe

dillazag said...

We were googling images for inspiration. That's where she picked up the pose. (really!)