Sunday, November 25, 2007

What's That?

Setting: 8:30am, at the living room of our condo in Pantai Hillpark

Khaleeq: Mom, what's that? (his index finger generally pointing towards my direction)
Me: What's what, Khaleeq?
Khaleeq: I'm Khaleeq. What's that? (pointing to the tiny person I've got wrapped in my arms)
Me: (*in my mind* Ooh.. tanya nama ke? )It's your baby, Khaleeda.
Khaleeq: Khai-di-ya?
Me: No, Khaleeq. Khaleeda.
Khaleeq: Khai-di-ya! (Beaming from ear to ear)
Me: (*in my mind* Suka hati kau lah...)

So, that's what my dear boy is calling his new sister.. Khai-di-ya pun Khai-di-ya lah...

-dillz blogging out-

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ada Apa Dengan Facebook

What is it with this new trend that is sweeping the nation? YES, I am talking about Facebook. What makes it so darn addictive that I am already updating my FB status as early as the fourth day after I delivered Khaleeda. (Only because I was still in the hospital for the first three days)

In my humble opinion, it is so darn successful due to the reasons I shall present to you shortly;

1. More people from my generation layan FaceBook as opposed to friendster or myspace that attracts those born in the 80s and 90s. This makes it possible for you to find your long lost friends from your old sekolah menengah, rendah , kindy or even your old family friends. (Which I have done -- way to go STF and Sri Petaling clan!!)
2. Everything is so much easier and much more user-friendly. Special mention for the ease to upload a whole lot of pictures at one time and being able to tag the people in them.
3. Very cool basic features such as the addictive status function that makes you wanna change it every time you log on and the Wall-to-Wall function that enables you to see the trail of correspondences between the two of you on the Wall.
4.It allows third party application which is waaay cooler 'coz it makes it so darn diverse and you are able to take Net socializing to a whole new level. You can now poke, fight, play with, race or give your loved ones / friends all the material wealths in the world without spending a single ringgit.

Contohnya , some of my favourite applications are:

My Aquarium:

Your very own personalized aquarium, but better. You are able to send a fish or other sea creatures to your friend. There are shrimp, crab, octopus, jellyfish, eel, shark, sworfish and even puckerfish to choose from. Fishies were sent to and fro especially during Ramadhan as breaking fast gifts. (Really!) It has somewhat toned down a bit though I did receive some for my lauk pantang! ;) (Thanks Sukreen!) You can even add on some glittered sea creatures, man.. Bling bling, gitu..

My Fab Bag:

I absolutely LOVE this application because designer handbags, I loike! In reality, I am unable to own a whole bunch of them because it is so darn expansive! Virtual pun virtual,lah! What's cool about it though is that you can buy your friends freakingly expensive bags and you get to keep them in your collection and switch your handbag like you change your underpants! heh heh heh (Even the Birkin in Croc Porosus Lisse by Hermes which costs $148000) There's a Fab Card for you to shop with and as soon as you max out, your credit limit gets increased! Sweet!!!!

Growing Gifts:

You send a mystery seed over and in 4 days, it'll bloom into a bonsai tree, red rose, sunflower or even the more unusual money tree, tree of knowledge or truffle chocolate tower. The more you send, the more variety of plants you will unlock.

The sister application for Growing Gifts is Hatching Eggs. Same concept, only that this time an egg will hatch in 4 days to reveal your surprise. So far i have received a teacup kitten, white tiger, breakfast, chocolate bunny, owl and fairy!

The moral of the applications (and they have one) is: you have to wait for the good things in life! (I guess)


Nominate your friends for any Superlative. Most likely To:
- Correct Your Grammar
- Have a Closet Full of Manolo Blahnik
- Sell their Soul for a Donut
- Be A Good Dad
- Get Caught Without Underwear On
- Have A Cellphone But Never Answer It
- Have the Best Butt Cleavage

Or, better yet; just make up your own. It's interesting to know what your friends REALLY think of you..

Pirates vs Ninja:

This application rules after the recent upgrade. You are now able to pick fights with the Ninja Army, thus increasing your Experience and your Gold Bounty.I once spent one whole day picking fights to upgrade my status and improve my ranking. heh heh heh

Through hard work and loads of strategy and more so luck; I am now a Level 5 Ninja - The Lady of Dusk. Another 100 plus experience to go before I am upgraded to Level 6 Ninja! Woo-hoo! In the mean time, I think I'll leave the battling to another day...

There are also some other cool applications that I'm still too chicken to try; like the IQ Test which tells you your approximate IQ score and broadcasts it to all your friends.Malu, ah!

-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

His Nose Job

The date was November 1st, 2007. The venue? Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre, KL. Remember the Hospital post I did about a year back? Of course you don't. Here it is.. He is Patient #3. So, it turned out that the case was not closed after all. After all this time, he has been getting sharp pains in his ears. Sometimes, an episode would last for a whole hour and it'd irritate the life out of him. Imagine living with that for the past one year.

So, we finally decided to go for a second opinion at Gleneagles and the specialist suggested that what he's experiencing is referred pain and the real cause is due to his deviated septum. So, a Septoplasty + Coblation were suggested. We actually wanted to wait 'till the baby was born, but after finding out that the entire operation would only take about 20 minutes, we decided to go ahead and schedule it before the baby was induced on the 7th. It's mainly due to logistics issues. If we were to wait, I'd have to bring the baby along while waiting for him to recover. Breastfeeding, kata.. Macam susah, la kan.. Anyways, I managed to freak him out a few days before the operation with my own fears of General Anesthetics. So, I had to be there for extra support. heh heh heh.

We checked in at about 07:00 hrs in Gleneagles Intan. The operation was scheduled at 13:30hrs. Personally, I thought the registration process at the A&E could have been completed much quicker and the two-bedded room we waited in was a little bit stuffy. I basically hoarded the bed since I was the one 36 weeks pregnant and hubby was basically healthy sans the ear pains. The specialists checked in before that and all we had to do were wait for the time to come. So, what is there to do? Hubby recited the Quran for a bit, read some magazines for a bit and then joined me on the bed for a little nap. (Hospital bed is kuat, kan?)

When it was time to be wheeled into the Op theatre, I was allowed to follow him to the first floor. I was even allowed to wait with him at the receiving area until it was time to be wheeled in. How cool was that? I know for sure that if it was me going through the surgery, it'll help me! I remember dreading the waiting at the receiving area, alone... Just scary... When the anaesthetist came to wheel him off, I salam-ed him and gave him a little peck on the cheek; and off I go to Dome downstairs for lunch!

At about 14:15 hrs, we got the single room and Azrul was already back from surgery and he looked really fine. I got him a "Peas Get Well" balloon and when he tried call his mom on the phone, blood started to spray out of his nose. Really gross! Had a change of robe, gauze up his nose and an ice pack on his forehead. Barulah nampak macam sakit! heh heh heh
In the mean time, he had to breathe through his mouth and we'll soon see whether this helps with the pain or not..

-dillz blogging out-

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bringing Home Khaleeda

Welcome baby Khaleeda Mohd Azrul! Here she is, all cleaned up on her born-day. She came in at 3.27kg at 16:25 hrs on 07.11.07. (Yeay, dapat jugak nombor kepit for plate number!)

The labour was induced. Checked into PMC at 08:00hrs at the Delivery Ward on C2. Immediately admitted into C226 before they carried out the necessary procedures: BP, Fetal heart monitoring, Enema and of course checking if shaving is needed. (Phew, nasib baik I took care of that much earlier.. ;)) They put in the tablet to start the induction and we basically just had to wait it out until the good Dr comes along sometime in the afternoon. Armed with Dr Miriam Stoppard's book, I was brushing up on what actually takes place in my body during the delivery process to psych myself up. The pain was quite mild then - just a little cramp-like sensation across the tummy and some minor back pain. Sometimes my hubby rubs my back and that really eased the pain somewhat. It's called the first stage of labour and I gathered that it'll be quite some time before we get to the good stuff... Sambil-sambil tu, jalan-jalan and rocking myself to make sure the process is sped up.

Actually, I didn't have to wait all that long, but it was, how shall I say it, hmm.. memorable! I could still remember the contractions after my water bag was broken at 12:15 hrs. There's this sharp pain across the band of your tummy. By this time, I was already on the bed, experiencing intense pain lasting 30 - 60 seconds every 2-3 minutes. Azrul was reading some verses of the Al-Quran by my side. Hubby helped by just being beside me, holding my hand when I needed to manage the pain. Throughout that time, my mom was there, giving encouragement, calling the nurse, trying to make me feel comfortable - she knew what she was doing; after all she's been through it 7 times. Even Ziezi came in for a while to say hi.

I really tried to be strong, so I didn't take anything (Nada! Zilch!) until it was 14:45 hrs. (refer to this post I wrote about epidural when Heleyna was born) The staff nurse suggested the Gas. I said, "Well, OK..." Didn't really help with the pain so much, but I was very much more relaxed. Suddenly , everything seemed hazy and woozy and I wasn't thinking about the pain so much. Just breathing in and out.. In and out.. At about 15:15 hrs, I thought I felt the urge and the nurse was called in for an internal check - to see how much I have dilated. "Ooh... It's only 4 cm. Still a long time to go, girl.. " Way to work on my morales.. Aduss.. Lama lagi ke? "Take the pethidine, la. It'll make you relax more", she suggested. I said, "OK" and the shot went into my butt cheeks a few minutes later. The contractions still hurts, there's no two way about it, but what I liked about it are:
1. It makes you relaxed in between contractions
2. You're only aware of the time when there's pain and the rest of the time you're kinda floating..
3. Suddenly you are 8cm dilated!
Yeay! I felt the urge, the Dr was called in. When he showed up, there was this commotion in the delivery ward and in about 2 minutes, Khaleeda was out! Then, they collected the cord blood for the stem cell, delivered the placenta and it was a wrap!
After about 2 hrs, we were wheeled up to C327 for post-recovery. Stayed for 2 nights and we were cleared to go home on Friday, 9.11.07.

Here's my 2nd princess, leaving the hospital - in a newborn dress, nonetheless. Just seeing my precious, I think I'll go through that again, anytime..

-dillz blogging out-

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So Much To Do, So Little Time

I thought I had planned it all out quite nicely.. But, still.. I am finding that I am still trying to conjure time to finish off my To- Do list. It is already 2.30am on 7 Nov and I have these to complete by 7am:

1. Finish this blog entry (heh heh heh)
2. Finish packing my hospital bag for mommy and baby (What? Still not ready?)
3. Complete my second round of sembahyang Hajat and Taubat.
4. Slot in a little more sleep before 5.30am.
5. Take a good shower while remembering to carry out the 'selusuh' tips from my mom.
6. Read out 2 surahs to help with pain management after Subuh.
7. Down the raw 'telur kampung' concoction before leaving for the hospital.

It's a good thing I managed to finish off my beauty routine last night. All in good time before my dinner rendezvous with hubby at Nirwana in Bangsar -- Ooh.. the peria goeng is just so heavenly! Be assured that those needed to be removed has been removed; and those needed to be gone are temporarily gone. Even managed to buff my nails before dinner!

Aah... and you think going into labour is easy..

PS: BTW, anybody has the number of a good makcik urut for post natal? Must be willing to come to Pantai Hillpark area by herself (not needing pick-up) and does not cost a bomb!

-dillz blogging out-

Monday, November 05, 2007

Countdown Begins

Am already on MC. I have been on and off from work since last week, actually. Working a bit at home and a bit more in the office, just to get away from the kids. Am actually finishing off my last assignment before I take my 2-month maternity! Weh-hey!! Can't wait...

A LOTTTTT has happened since my last post. I mean, Harry Potter? Come on... heh heh heh.. So, for that I am very very sorry..

Since our cuti-cuti Malaysia and Singapore trips, plus my facebook discovery , plus work (I know, lame..), plus raya, plus my hubby's sinus surgery, plus getting ready for the new kid on the block plus getting my beauty routine done before the delivery.. I have been pretty busy..

Contractions are already present, though far between.. Due to be induced on November 7th, 2007. Might check in here sooner, though..

Khaleeda, be a good girl and make it easy for mummy...

Ya Allah, berikan aku kekuatan utk menghadapi pengalaman ini..
Ya Rabbal-alamin...

..and guys, sorry for everything.. I am going for a battle soon..

-dillz blogging out-