Friday, December 07, 2007

Eee. Bee. Emm

I have always known that I would breastfeed my babies even from early on. Of course, the advantages are aplenty : nutritious and everything in just the right amount, hassle free when you are mobile - no need to bring the thermos of hot water, bottles and formula when you go shopping and not to mention, cost effective ( especially if you plan to have several kids). With Khadra, I exclusively breastfed (only drinking mommy's wholesome milk) her for 7 months, that was until I was 5 months pregnant with Khaleeq. Khaleeq had a longer span of exclusive breastfeeding - 11 months. However, I carried on breastfeeding him whenever I was around him. Only when I was away, our trusted Bibik Lidiya would make him formula milk instead. It was a huge relief for me then coz it also meant that I could stop expressing milk at work. This went on until he was 2 years and 3 months. Not bad, not bad at all... I hope this time round I'll be able to match my experience with Khaleeq. Just taking it one day at a time.. We'll see how it goes..

So far, I think we are on the right track. It is Day 30 and my little stash of Expressed Breast Milk a.k.a EBM is now at 23 bottles. I have a couple of 2 oz., 2.5 oz. as well as 3 oz. bottles to cater for Khaleeda's current milk intake while I am out and about town. (merayau la, mana lagi..)

I started expressing since Week 2 and hopefully, I'll be able to hit 60 bottles of 4 oz. by the time I get back to work in January next year (or more, who knows.. ) It's not all that impossible, you know.. I personally know at least 2 people who came back to work with 100+ bottles of EBM stocked in their freezer. (which was especially bought to store them milk, by the way.. And NO, they were not especially well-endowed if you know what I mean..)

I have been tempted to switch my old skool Avent ISIS manual pump to the double automatic pump most of my friends are using, but I really do swear by my Avent pump. Seriously.. Eventhough Avent has come up with an enhanced version of the classic pump as well as a more intelligent version of the pump, obsolete me am still using the good old pump I bought during Khadra's days. All thanks to the purchase of the pump spare parts way back then.. The bottles, sterilizer unit as well as the warmer has also been brought out from storage, so I did not have to spend much this time round. (Lega... heh heh heh)

Excuse me, I am off to pump some milky!

-dillz blogging out-


che' nah said...

mom-to-3-k's. :)

i stored mine in those plastik aiskrim 10 sen thingy...

1) takes less space for storage, and
2) lagi cepat defrost (coz can take it out, patah2 kan the batang ice-cream, cut the end, and plonk into the bottle...)

did them in multiples of 2oz... so tengok 'ratio' panjang, can tell the amount in it.

n'way, avent pun ada them storage plastics, but i ran out, and God-knows-la-why but avent stuff always takde stock kat kedai, and a trend began. :P

plastik aiskrim, obviously tak leh sterilize la kan beforehand... but tra-la-la-la... :P

and of course, LABEL clearly bila nak simpan in the pantry... :) -- i had a few sticks 'enjoyed' by the of the cleaners... you should have seen her go all geli-geleman-loya-meloyan (siap telan2 air liur, do the 'gulp, gulp' thing) when she was told that she's been eating EBM all along... haha. curi lagi barang dlm fridge tu... padan muka!

dillazag said...

che' nah --> hah hah hah... padan muka cleaners tu.. still can't get the image of them lot tengah geli-gelema.. too funny!!!

if i do go beyond 40 bottles of 4oz. I think I'd have to think of some other storage methods.. Mahal siut menatang bottle tu.. Maybe Rita's mom'slittleones bottles or the new plastic storage Avent VIA tuh.. That plastik aiskrim does sound like a good idea... ;)

Zara Gogogal said...

aiseh!! seriously banyak betul susu!!! sangat terpegun...tu brape lama punya stok?

dillazag said...

Zara --> Kena prepare before masuk kerja. Incase kena pergi outstation ke hapa ke... Lagipun, makin lama makin malas nak pump.. Boleh use up old stock! heh heh heh