Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hari Bermalas-malasan

I totally abandoned my spring cleaning project yesterday (told you I was the HHTA Queen)and opted to finish reading New Moon and watched 8 episodes of Gossip Girl Season 2 back-to-back. By the time I was done, it was almost 9pm. Hihihihi..

Thing is, hubby brought back with him 7 DVDs and the malasness continued with a movie marathon. Bibik was tasked with a bowl of Maggi Kari with telur and sawi and the kids were sent to their room to watch cartoon. After 2 movies, Khaleeq came out and said, "Hey, you're not done. Watch more movies.. " Personally, I think he was enjoying this late night TV watching and did not quite want to go to bed just yet.

Verdict? 3 movies in a row. We watched the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2, Burn After Reading and the Housebunny. At about 1.30am, the whole family decided it was time to wrap it up 'coz we'll be spending some quality family time celebrating this New Year in the city. Need to wake up at a decent hour to prepare and pack up.

*Sigh* That spring cleaning would have to wait... (Elokla tu, little miss procrastinator, meet the Queen of HHTA)

-dillz blogging out-

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nuptial Shout Out

We just came back from a wedding reception in Tropicana Indah. Just wanted to shout out to the newly weds and congratulate them. (Not that they read this blog anyways.. Hihihi)

Ida and Rizal,
Big congratulations to you both. We hope that you will have a wonderful journey of life and many many happy memories together. Are so happy for you both and semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu...

I also thought that they had one of the sweetest wedding invite ever. Check it out y'all.

Sweet or what?? This was the 5 Kenanga class photo , taken in Sekolah Sri Petaling, PJ in 1986. Macamana boleh berdiri in front of each other tu? Misteri, tak? Hihihi...

-dillz blogging out-

Friday, December 26, 2008

Tea Tree Oil Fights Back!

Amidst the tenure of a string of highly "intense" (in terms of time, complexity and expectations) assignments, I discovered that a few colonies of acne has been successful in breeding and claiming parts of my face as their habitat. They were all over - both cheeks, both temples, near my jawline... (Eeh, jawline? Do I even have one? Hihihi) It was also about the same time that I noticed that I have not been washing my face for the past (let's round it up, shall we?) three or four months. I'd like to point my dainty little index finger to work but upon reflection, I really think it's due to pure laziness..

No matter. What is done, is done. Hence, it was time to put a plan into action. A trip to the Body Shop should do it. I went and bought me the whole shebang: Facial wash, facial toner, mattifying mosturiser, blemish fade night lotion, facial exfoliator, face mask, blemish stick and THE tea tree oil.

I got them lined up real nice for the photo op. Hihihi..

Been very anal about washing my face twice daily, every third day is exfoliating day and every 6th day is masker day. Just hope this won't end up another one of my infamous HHTA plans...

-dillz blogging out-

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jumping on the bandwagon

I was intrigued by the hoo-haa surrounding the movie Twilight when I decided to borrow Kira's book. Just to get a little sneak preview before me hubby and I watched it at the movies, you know.. Not so typical high school vampire romance , which actually came in second and third and fourth helpings, if I may add so myself. It was kind of an easy read and one that I could see myself reading before going to bed, in the loo, while waiting for someone or over a cup of caramel macchiato. I was embarassed to say, but I actually wanted to get the whole collection for myself. Hihihi.. Yela, cerita vampire romance kat high school, awak tu mak orang. Lu pikir la sendiri, bak kata Nabil...

Anyways, after the movie screening, I decided that movie was alright and I kinda liked the whole thing. (plus that Edward is hot!) On top of that, Boarders had this bundling promotion; Book 1 AND 2 of the Twilight series for RM50. (I think it was slightly less, makcik dah round up the figure) So, I got them both and put my name down for Books 3 and 4.

So, that's my plan for the next few days... (among others) Excuse me while I get back to Bella and the Cullens..

-dillz blogging out-

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Tribute to Ayah Teh

Today marks one month since our Ayah Teh Zohdi left us due to cancer. Me and the hubster just came back from a kenduri arwah at Mak Teh's place in Bandar Kinrara.

His was a very sudden death, something like 2 days after we found out that he had the "C" and the actual passing.. I can distinctly recall that fateful Monday when I got the sms telling me that he did not have much time left. Hubby picked me up from office and we headed to the High Dependency Ward in HKL to pay him a visit. The ward only allowed 2 visitors at a time, so most of his were literally setting camp outside. There were many relatives and friends reciting Yaasin and taking turns to be by his bedside. Even the Chief of Police came by that day. All his 6 beautiful girls were around him, with the elder ones and Mak Teh softly whispering "Laa ila ha illallah" in his right ear. He was so blessed in that way..

Even the preparation for his burial was smooth and easy. I remember thinking that he really looked like he was peacefully sleeping when they opened up his kain kapan prior to the actual burial.

Ayah Teh (he's the one in the big rimmed specs) made the news when he went back to school to get his Law Degree sometime in the 90s. At that time, both him and Ayah De were doing Law and Ayah Cu (who is about 20 years their junior) were all studying in UIA. So they made the news, lah. I always remembered him as a jovial person. A man of not that many words, but very loving indeed.

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Rest well, dearest Ayah Teh.


-dillz blogging out-

Zaghlol's ELEVEN

For the benefits of my lil sisters who have been harrassing my Kak Long to upload the 11th addition into the Zaghlol clan.


Lil H at ZERO day old. (Name yet to be decided, but I am calling him Husayn for the time being) Personally, I think he is a mixture of Naz's nose, Naqib's ears, Teyta's mouth, Neyna's eyes and Illa's chin. Somehow he reminds me of Haikal - Illa's 3rd born. hihi.. Funny how that adds up.

He was born on 22 December at abt 3.53pm at 2.9+kg. Didn't quite get the stats to the tee, but OK la tu...

There's the proud mummy (note the collarbone, 'yall) on Day ONE already facebooking while breastfeeding. hihi...

Welcome baby Husayn (?)...

-dillz blogging out-

Attack of the chicky poxy!

My little boy has turned into a sight I could barely recognize. With puffy eyes and red blistery dots sprawled all over his beautiful face. He has multiple ulcers on the right corner of his lower lips. It's under his chin, all over his scalp, body and back. You got it right, Khaleeq has the chicken pox.. ;(

Khaleeda has it too. But hers is very mild, just 2 or 3 on her face and a few prominent ones on her back. It's almost nothing as compared to those that manifested on Khaleeq. Khadra's not affected since she already got them when she was only 6 months old.

I guess, I should really be thankful that they are getting it now instead of later when they are older... At least they are not missing any school days and they don't have to deal with it later. Might as well get it over and done, with, eh? I just feel so helpless 'coz they have to deal with this by themselves...

So kesian... Especially for Khaleeq.

My mom and Mak Langkawi had already scoured the whole of Puchong and beyond to get the pokok semambu that would help to ease the itch a little.. When I got back last night, his hair was sticky (and smelly) with sweat. He has not had his bath for the last so many days and his head was filled with blisters. I could actually FEEL the bumps when I ran my hand through his hair. Since I couldn't do much to help him, I started to blow his face and hair and it just kills me when he replied, "Aaahh.. That's better.."

He was actually protesting when I took the photo shot of him. I asked him to look into the mirror and he just replied, "NOOOO.. It's dangerous". I guess being a vainpot that he naturally is, it is a little hard staring back to something he could barely recognize. The chicky poxies are dead set on congregating around his eyes, nose and mouth. There's sooo many of it , I felt like fleeing the scene 'coz I was getting the itch myself! *Sheesh*

Medicine time is also a torture 'coz he'll shout and scream and kick and try his best to get out of my grasp. But, the good thing about it is that he is in high spirits. Watching Ben-10 the whole day is not that bad a deal, I guess..

Be strong, my little hero. It'll soon be over...

-dillz blogging out-