Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Huggies Ballerina

Khadra was selected to participate in Huggies Ultra launch that features a toddler ballerina in their newest campaign. So, few girls from her ballet class were chosen to run around in their diapered costume for the launch. Quite an interesting experience for me, though.. Even took leave specifically for it!

The event was held at Kid's Zone in Damas - Khadra and Khaleeq's resident play gym. So, she was quite comfortable with the surroundings. We were told to come in early at 1pm when the launch was scheduled at 3pm. I soon discovered why. The kids just froze and didn't want to run in tippy-toed as previously practiced in class. Waa... Stage fright? After a while and some coaxing from the mommies who ran alongside them, they got just a tiny bit better. :) To keep the kids happy, they were allowed to play on the slides and later retreated to an activity room for some drawing and colouring. That kept them busy while waiting for the VIPs to arrive. 

The launch went very well, infact and the kids were even treated to ice-cream afterwards. They had to come in for the final photo session when my Khadra exclaimed,
"I have to work AGAIN?" so matter-of-factly.. heh heh heh

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Odds and Ends

Just a few pictures I captured during my trip up North. Pretty interesting to me. You judge them yourself, eh?

Top two: Chowrasta Bazaar - The place we got our asam jeruk. There were all sorts and best of all you could sample the goods before you buy it. There was this pakcik waiting on his wife to complete her transaction and was happily munching away on the asam jeruk. Sheesh ... Anywho, there were cherries (red, green and yellow), mango, pala, cermai, and not forgetting strawberry (strictly no testing!)

Bottom two: I had to take these next two... Located conveniently outside the bazaar. What an appropriate name for such an establishment. Got a chance to snap the butcher in action as we passed by unsuspectingly along.. heh heh heh.. Turned out there were 4 hung in a row in the next shop but my camera was not prepped in time. Shucks!

A series of event I found fascinating captured at the jetty of Kuala Muda, Kedah. Fondly called the Bisik! Bisik! The fishermen comes in with their daily catch at the jetty. Baskets and baskets of fishes, lobsters, prawns and stuff are taken up to the haggling place for show. They'll just lump the auction item on the floor and various interested parties will come up with an offer whispered into the sellers ears. Intimate , eh? Uuuuu... The highest bidder gets the catch! Simple, huh? I saw with my own eyes 2++ kilograms of eXtra Large-sized fresh prawns going for RM80 only.

The magnificent trees surrounding Taiping Lake Garden and the tower where the Taiping Tourist & Information Centre is located. I can vividly remember going on the aquatic rides with my sissys and dad when we were much smaller and jakun-er. Also the really old school gigantic cement slides that is still there.

A little reminder from the hotel we were staying in Ipoh. RM1,000 charge for any iron marks on the carpet. Notice that the iron's electrical cord is threaded through the basket in which the iron comes in. Hmm... Really shows the clientele of the hotel, eh? Enough said!

-dillz blogging out-

I Am Not Fat..

... I am preggers! :) This explains my huge appetite in Penang.. (NOT!!!)

Just found this out this afternoon after I consulted the in-house GP at Menara TM Medical Centre. (after a little pestering from Lily, nonetheless) I sorta expected it when I was a little over a week late - I am never "late", you know... So, I told hubby about my suspicions over the weekend and he just laughed and said, "Youla, pandai sangat kira...". We were kinda planning to have one next year, but year-end is almost next year, right? heh heh heh

The pregnancy is about 6 weeks old now and the Expected Delivery Date is the 25th of November 2007. So far so good... No morning sicknesses, eating like there is no tomorrow.. heh heh heh I need to stock up on my Ventolin Inhaler though, seeing that I have had pretty bad asthma attacks during my previous pregnancies. Just found out that my 2nd and 3rd inhalers have expired in 2005 and 2006. Hah!

We are already thinking about names - it has to start with KH, must have a good meaning and be only one word. So far we have Khaidi, Khayrin, Khayrel.. So, if you have some great suggestions; do tell me. (Please don't come to me with Khaldun and Khadam, okay?) We have a loong time to decide on one. :)

-dillz blogging out-

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yummy Penang

So, I predicted wrong.. It turns out that the so-called "high speed" internet was intermittent and I was too tired by the time I got back to my room anyways.Hence , no updates from The Pearl of the Orient. Sorry babes..

One of the reasons for the late night is :
Mak aai!!! Bestnya makan!!! Penang is a heaven of food glorious food.. On your left is the famous Tandoori with Cheese Butter Naan from Kapitan International Restaurant. Have it with lovely mango lassi. Simply scrumptious! The meat is tender and juicy in the inside, and I especially like the naan with the melted butter on top and cheese in between. Yummy.. Definitely the best tandoori in town. :)

We had the famous Penang nasi kandar numerous times - one place worth mentioning is the establishment beside the Kapitan Keling mosque. (Not to be mistaken with the Kapitan International Restaurant which has several branches in Penang)Food is served after 10pm, so we had to go round the island for a bit before finally parking by the mosque at around 11pm. By the time we got there, a line was already forming - people were queing up to eat here, literally.. I had nasi kandar with Telur Ikan Goreng and sotong. Sedaaap!!! Definately have to go, at least for the experience. 

The other must-go restaurant is Kassim Mustapha, or KasMus for short. Loved the kambing kurma. But, they serve it with nasi minyak. Also tried the tandoori, but not as nice as Kapitan's. (I know, I know.. I eat a whole damn lot!)

We also went over to the hawkers' space by Gurney Drive on two separate occasions. Had pasembor -- careful; they could charge you a bomb if you chose the squid or other seafood creatures -- , fried kuey teow but didn't get to taste any laksa. I also noted a Satay Cina stall. Wonder what kinda meat that one contains. Hmmmm.... I guess I won't be checking on that one.. heh heh heh

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Quickie

Sorry babes.. Tired of reading "Hey Azlul..." day in and day out? heh heh heh.. Me too.. This blog terribly needs an update!!! On another note, though.. Glad to see the shoutout box is fast gaining popularity.. :) I loike, loike.. (I am a human being after all, and I love the feeling like I do matter to someone.. heh heh heh Pathetic, eh?) Thanks che' nah for mooting the idea..

Been out of action in a while coz the pace is pretty hectic of late. I just got back from our "Mari balik kampung naik kapalterbang murah" session last week and had to finish up on my last audit memorandum before preparing to go on a regional visit up North! Hence, the few late nights working my butts off! It reminds me a little of my MBA days... hmmmm...

Barely catching up my breath but have already caught up on sleep, thankfully... :) The good thing is, I can sleep anywhere! So, the roadtrip has been somewhat a godsent coz I took several loong naps along the way.. (My hubby can testify the sleeping anywhere thingy and much to the amazement / amusement of my roadtrip gang. I just hope I didn't snore too loudly.. ) Aaah.. the miracles of car-pooling! heh heh heh

I predict that I'll be able to write more tonight coz we have HIGH SPEED INTERNET in the room! Hu-hu!!!! That is, if we're not roaming around Penang, pigging out!!! heh heh heh So, till later then.. (Not too late, I hope!)

-dillz blogging out-