Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bringing Home Khaleeda

Welcome baby Khaleeda Mohd Azrul! Here she is, all cleaned up on her born-day. She came in at 3.27kg at 16:25 hrs on 07.11.07. (Yeay, dapat jugak nombor kepit for plate number!)

The labour was induced. Checked into PMC at 08:00hrs at the Delivery Ward on C2. Immediately admitted into C226 before they carried out the necessary procedures: BP, Fetal heart monitoring, Enema and of course checking if shaving is needed. (Phew, nasib baik I took care of that much earlier.. ;)) They put in the tablet to start the induction and we basically just had to wait it out until the good Dr comes along sometime in the afternoon. Armed with Dr Miriam Stoppard's book, I was brushing up on what actually takes place in my body during the delivery process to psych myself up. The pain was quite mild then - just a little cramp-like sensation across the tummy and some minor back pain. Sometimes my hubby rubs my back and that really eased the pain somewhat. It's called the first stage of labour and I gathered that it'll be quite some time before we get to the good stuff... Sambil-sambil tu, jalan-jalan and rocking myself to make sure the process is sped up.

Actually, I didn't have to wait all that long, but it was, how shall I say it, hmm.. memorable! I could still remember the contractions after my water bag was broken at 12:15 hrs. There's this sharp pain across the band of your tummy. By this time, I was already on the bed, experiencing intense pain lasting 30 - 60 seconds every 2-3 minutes. Azrul was reading some verses of the Al-Quran by my side. Hubby helped by just being beside me, holding my hand when I needed to manage the pain. Throughout that time, my mom was there, giving encouragement, calling the nurse, trying to make me feel comfortable - she knew what she was doing; after all she's been through it 7 times. Even Ziezi came in for a while to say hi.

I really tried to be strong, so I didn't take anything (Nada! Zilch!) until it was 14:45 hrs. (refer to this post I wrote about epidural when Heleyna was born) The staff nurse suggested the Gas. I said, "Well, OK..." Didn't really help with the pain so much, but I was very much more relaxed. Suddenly , everything seemed hazy and woozy and I wasn't thinking about the pain so much. Just breathing in and out.. In and out.. At about 15:15 hrs, I thought I felt the urge and the nurse was called in for an internal check - to see how much I have dilated. "Ooh... It's only 4 cm. Still a long time to go, girl.. " Way to work on my morales.. Aduss.. Lama lagi ke? "Take the pethidine, la. It'll make you relax more", she suggested. I said, "OK" and the shot went into my butt cheeks a few minutes later. The contractions still hurts, there's no two way about it, but what I liked about it are:
1. It makes you relaxed in between contractions
2. You're only aware of the time when there's pain and the rest of the time you're kinda floating..
3. Suddenly you are 8cm dilated!
Yeay! I felt the urge, the Dr was called in. When he showed up, there was this commotion in the delivery ward and in about 2 minutes, Khaleeda was out! Then, they collected the cord blood for the stem cell, delivered the placenta and it was a wrap!
After about 2 hrs, we were wheeled up to C327 for post-recovery. Stayed for 2 nights and we were cleared to go home on Friday, 9.11.07.

Here's my 2nd princess, leaving the hospital - in a newborn dress, nonetheless. Just seeing my precious, I think I'll go through that again, anytime..

-dillz blogging out-


Nazzatul said...

Dilla, congrats on your newborn, 2girlslah ye..Remind me time alyna dulu 3.2kg but normal delivery..traumatic..Anyway, syukur mommy n baby selamat.-Ain-

kay said...

K Dilla, congratulations! baby pun geram je tgk.. baca cerita u ni mcm first time lak bsalin.
btw now dah rajin blk blogging,byk free time eh?

n|ns said...

congratulations!! she's a beauty...

Anonymous said...

K Dilla, congratulations!!

Amy said...

Yeay..sila la update selalu yek? Pipi Khaleeda ada cop mohor Azrul la.. very geram. Kecik2 dah pakai baju flowery2 gitu..

dillazag said...

Ain --> Hey! I pergi rumah Illa punya aqiqah on Sunday. Were you there? Tq for the wishes.

kay --> Mana tak geram.. Tengok la pipi dia.. She's such a gem. Just tetek, tidur and u-uk je.. ;)

n|ns --> thanks dear. Harap-harap sampai ke besar la comey..

dillazag said...

zook --> makacih. makacih.. Awak bila nak tambah? heh heh heh

Amy --> harap-harap gitulah.. saya ni dok blog dengan facebook memanjang.. heh heh heh Pipi dia tu tak dapek nak tolong... aku pun cenggitu masa kecik.. ;)

YMY said...


Baby Khaleeda is super adorable! Think i'll have to restrain myself from seeing too much of her or else I might change my mind about closing shop already! ;P

Yan said...

Yippee! You're back blogging! Been missing your celotehs lah! Enjoy your new addition..;) She's gorgeous!!

dillazag said...

YMY --> I found you in blogsphere.. Yippee!!! Hope you don't mind me linking you.. ;) Saw your kids and they are gorgeous.. Liked their names too.. We have to meet up la babe..

Yan --> heh heh heh.. Sorry babe.. Gua busy.. (la sangat) I cuti sampai tahun depan, so I expect to see a lot of you here!!

pijah said...

congratulations! tolong gigitkan pipi kichi tuh sikit. gerams. ;)

dillazag said...

pijah --> aku pun geram tengok dia.. heh heh heh.. pipi makcik ni dah labuh dah..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your newborn baby.
Somehow i know ur sister illa. Can u send my salam to her. tq

dillazag said...

arznel --> Ok, will do when I see her. Thanks for dropping by