Tuesday, November 13, 2007

His Nose Job

The date was November 1st, 2007. The venue? Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre, KL. Remember the Hospital post I did about a year back? Of course you don't. Here it is.. He is Patient #3. So, it turned out that the case was not closed after all. After all this time, he has been getting sharp pains in his ears. Sometimes, an episode would last for a whole hour and it'd irritate the life out of him. Imagine living with that for the past one year.

So, we finally decided to go for a second opinion at Gleneagles and the specialist suggested that what he's experiencing is referred pain and the real cause is due to his deviated septum. So, a Septoplasty + Coblation were suggested. We actually wanted to wait 'till the baby was born, but after finding out that the entire operation would only take about 20 minutes, we decided to go ahead and schedule it before the baby was induced on the 7th. It's mainly due to logistics issues. If we were to wait, I'd have to bring the baby along while waiting for him to recover. Breastfeeding, kata.. Macam susah, la kan.. Anyways, I managed to freak him out a few days before the operation with my own fears of General Anesthetics. So, I had to be there for extra support. heh heh heh.

We checked in at about 07:00 hrs in Gleneagles Intan. The operation was scheduled at 13:30hrs. Personally, I thought the registration process at the A&E could have been completed much quicker and the two-bedded room we waited in was a little bit stuffy. I basically hoarded the bed since I was the one 36 weeks pregnant and hubby was basically healthy sans the ear pains. The specialists checked in before that and all we had to do were wait for the time to come. So, what is there to do? Hubby recited the Quran for a bit, read some magazines for a bit and then joined me on the bed for a little nap. (Hospital bed is kuat, kan?)

When it was time to be wheeled into the Op theatre, I was allowed to follow him to the first floor. I was even allowed to wait with him at the receiving area until it was time to be wheeled in. How cool was that? I know for sure that if it was me going through the surgery, it'll help me! I remember dreading the waiting at the receiving area, alone... Just scary... When the anaesthetist came to wheel him off, I salam-ed him and gave him a little peck on the cheek; and off I go to Dome downstairs for lunch!

At about 14:15 hrs, we got the single room and Azrul was already back from surgery and he looked really fine. I got him a "Peas Get Well" balloon and when he tried call his mom on the phone, blood started to spray out of his nose. Really gross! Had a change of robe, gauze up his nose and an ice pack on his forehead. Barulah nampak macam sakit! heh heh heh
In the mean time, he had to breathe through his mouth and we'll soon see whether this helps with the pain or not..

-dillz blogging out-


kay said...

hehe so ayam had a nose job la ekk..dah mancung blm? btw hope he gets fine for good. no need yrly trips to the hosp anymore

Nomee said...

Cute gaak bertampal-tampal gitu kan? Kiss your new baby for me plz. Comey sgt.

dillazag said...

kay --> mancung tak, lagi kembang ada.. heh heh heh

nomee --> memang helpless sangat.. kesian tengok.. you should see the amount of blood that came out masa dia melantak sandwich Dome. heh heh heh makan punya pasal.. tahan je la...