Saturday, December 01, 2007

Busy As A Bee!

Have been busy, people.. Mainly because that time of year is here yet again... I have been running around town to prepare / assemble / acquire / tailor costumes for the children's concert this coming 12th of December. Just like last year and the year before last, the kids will be performing their year-end concert as a finale, before school is out. This is truly an event that I look forward to every year. The theme this year is about Children of the World. They will be travelling around the world, showcasing the different cultures through songs, sketches and dances.

The costumes I need to prepare for Khadra are:
1. Sexy Indian costume for her Bollywood dance;
2. Cowgirl costume;
3. Customized "Kemban" for her role as Hang Tuah's gilfriend, Melor; and
4. Bikini set for her hula dance.

For Khaleeq:
1. A Chinese boy costume complete with the headgear with the braided hair and tanglung for his lantern dance;
2. Baju Melayu for his role as extras in the Hang Tuah sketch - orang kampung je; and
3. Swimming trunks for the hula dance.

Status update: So far, all have been obtained pending the tailored Melor outfit and Khadra's Bollywood skirt that had to be altered. These will hopefully be ready for pick-up this Sunday. Pheww!!

Also, just like previous years, I am officially the designated artist for the concert's backdrops this year. Not too many backdrops this year; just three new ones. And because of my pantang status, I am only designing and sketching the backdrops for other mommies to paint. (Who knows, I might just paint a little bit of it..) I'll definitely get a snap of my fruits of labour once it's done, okay?

Yes, I know I am still in my confinement... But, I make sure that I have my barut and socks on when I am doing all of the above, though.. After all, a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do, no?

-dillz blogging out-


Amy said...

Memang tabik spring ah dgn ko kak. Kak Dills rock!

dillazag said...

Amy --> Poyo lah katakan... heh heh heh

Yan said...

Waa! BESNYA theme concert! banyak role plak tuh! syok betul! ur a machine, momma! but im sure it's all FUN FUN FUN ;)

kay said...

kak dilla, i was about to ask bukan u dlm confinement ke til i read yer last paragraph..crazy beb! mmg x tau duduk diam!

dillazag said...

yan --> i know.. best giller... i can't wait for the concert day. both the kids have been practising secretly at home.. the songs as well as the dances...

kay --> heh heh heh.. dah 31 hari dah today.. bolehla buat sikit-sikit...