Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Big Breakfast, A Blind Date and A New Phone

The April meet-up of the Sri Petaling clan took place at Kiwi Cafe (again!) last Friday and the turnout was rather lukewarm. The ever faithful Johan and Rizal Shafie were first on scene , along with newbie Azida Roselay. Later came Intan and me, and much much later Idham aka Eddie and Izham turned up. We were such regulars at the place that the Burmese waiter gave us a keychain each halfway through the meeting. Don't ask me why, I don't have a clue either. Responding to the dwindling number of turnout, it was decided that:

1. A Big Breakfast event will be held at La Bodega Jalan Telawi (uuuuu... so posh!) on 12th May 2007 at 10.30am. Please RSVP ASAP! So far, I have Aida and Reza Zin committing already! :) The rest of you in my calling list will be bombarded with more smses and follow up calls. You have been warned!

2. A do will happen at Azida's mom's happening Puteri Penchala for either a BBQ or a proper makan-makan. Details of event to be decided.

Oh, did I tell you that we already have a yahoogroup for the clan called gembeling87? Yup, jangan tak percaya.. So, through this channel, friends hook up once more or so, I thought. There was this one particular soul , whom we shall call AI henceforth, announcing, "Hey guys, I am with Daimler-Chrysler" and a sudden lightbulb moment appeared in my mind! Wow, she's working in the same building as I , so I should say hi! Maybe, have lunch at the food court or something. However, I could not for the life of me figure out who this person really was. Then, Nadia replied saying how she remembers her well... Her sister is Kak Joan.. yada, yada, yada.. Hmmm, I thought. Let's just be nice and ask her out for lunch, lah.. So, we have lunch set for sometime next week, and the next e-mail was from Eddie saying how he always terserempak AI at the SS14 mosque for Jumaat prayers. What? AI is a MAN? What have I gotten myself into?? Tak pasal aje aku ada blind date ni.. heh heh heh.. I think I'll have to invite more people to join the lunch. (Ah Seng, you up for it?)

So, the meet-up was cut short past 12 midnight after I got a phone call from my darling hubby. Sent off Azida and the rest of the guys stayed on until 2am.

No wonder he was anxious. When I got back, a card with my name on it was waiting for me at the vanity chest. Kad apa pulak ni? It was our 10th year anniversary as bf-gf and I didn't even remember.. heh heh heh So, I walked out sheepishly and thanked him for the card. Malu I... but, it didn't end there. He took out a box from my lingerie drawer and it was a brand new phone - the N73 Music Edition. Ahhhh... Aku terkedu..

How's that for a surprise?

-dillz blogging out-


e W a Z a g h L o L said...

Kak Ngah~ so schweeeeeeeeeeeet pls bazrul~ ehhe nanti suh eski baca blog ni pls~ haha Yesterday our 3rd month wedding aNNi ahah kesian baru 3 bulan..hehe & more to go insyaAllah~ btw, phone lama kasi khadra pls? haaa... bazrul happy la tu Milan won last nite.. sedey we all bgn kul 430 pagi tapi kalah daa... but it's okay, gLory gLory Man Utd~ hehe LOVE U ALL~

Clarence Seedorf said...

Forza Rossoneri!!!!

Ewa, kan dah cakap (MAN WHO?)....hehehe
Anyways, final nanti please support Milan k?

Ciao bella!

Along said...


My birthday 15th May. Waiting (but not hoping) to see what hubby will get for me. For sure he won't buy me a canggih handphone because I never know how to use!! hahaha...

D.N.A.S said...

Nseries mmg best! My hubby just got himself an N95, mmg power! Dia baru nak baca2 manual, I dah belasah dulu phone dia... hahahah... That one integrated with lifelogger punya blog. So, boleh post gambar, notes, sms, videos, songs direct to lifelogger.

dillazag said...

ewa --> i know.. saya je yang macam hampeh, tak ingat.. siap nak pegi blind date, lagi. heh heh heh

seedorf --> amboi, mentang2la sumbat gol... such a sweet victory, eh?

along --> hah hah hah.. i secretly think he wants this for himself too.. :)

DNAS --> Mak aaih!!! giller canggih babe... I had to promise my hubby that i'll read the manual too.. Sayang banyak sgt function tak terguna nanti..

Idlan said...

kak dilla, my email is idlanzakaria@gmail

halwafy said...


N73 also has a 3.2megapix camera like my K800i! Mr S actually asked me to choose between them two ('upgrade' contract - so no money required pun ;))but HE later decided that the K800i is more 'suitable' for me coz the N73 is 'longer' than my old N70(???)...

Whatever lah...asalkan ada phone..

But the good thing is, a 3.2megapix camera means u can take more nice pics for your blog! ;)

So we should see more pics here, right?? *wink*

Faiez Idrus said...

Ah! K Dilla, congrates! You managed to catch one of those 'at-the-brink-of-extinction' species for a husband! Hahaha!

Ada lebih? Pass sini sikit, hahahaha!

dillazag said...

Idlan --> Got it. You've been invited. Tq

halwafy --> Kurasakan Mr S yang nak the phone sebenarnya.. heh heh heh..

faeiz -->I am a lucky cow, i know.. :) syukur... kalau ada lagi kawan-kawan dia spesis ni,i pass kat you, okay? ;)

che' nah said...

mmm... alumni...

sekolah rendah dah ada. sekolah menengah dah ada. apa kata, buat satu utk pre-u punya? 6 people. just nice. president, VP, treasurer, secretary, AJK, and I volunteer for the last post: ahli biasa. ekekeke... (is shaz reading this blog? ;))

Idlan said...

I use the n73; very good substitute for my old compact, which is old enough to have just 2.1MP. A bit slow sometimes - probably the software, but good phone overall. Stick in a 1GB or a 2GB mini SD and you're set :)

.ems gems. said...

kakngah you lucky b*atch!!hihi.

bestnyeeeeeee awakk~~ kirim salam sayang kat bazrul! hahahha (saya ngan pez nak 4 tahun july ni,,baz nak kasi apa kat saya?huhuhu)

see u folks in june~~ mwahhhhs.

dillazag said...

che' nah --> Ahh... set aje! *queen of alumni*

idlan --> already have the 2Gb memory card. Tetapi, N73 ku dah start hang! :( sob sob

ems__> jangan jeles.. *menari-nari dengan N73 ku*

Inn said...

wow. he's such a sweet fella. that's a gem u got there.

dillazag said...

Inn --> Yeah, tell me about it. It's just that sometimes I forget... heh heh heh