Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry's here!

I have had the pre-order receipt for the 7th installment of Harry Porter since 17th February 2007. It's been five long months of wait and he is finally here.. Picked him up with hubby in the morning from MPH MidValley.. Found out that MPH, Popular and Times will not be selling HP7 in their stores from today onwards, only pre-orders will be honoured and all activities pertaining to HP7 will be cancelled at these stores... What's that all about? You could still get a copy if you haven't already (shame on you..) at Kinokuniya, Boarders, and strangely even at Tesco and Carrefour too.. I think they are even going at a lower price at these stores too.. Didn't get a single discount from MPH despite pre-ordering since February. Tipah tertipu! (there is the free mug though)

Whatever.. Harry's here..

Ampun tuanku beribu ampun.. Excuse me while I hibernate and finish my read! (Nasib baik lakiku akan ke Bangla for three days.. The timing couldn't be more perfect! heh heh heh)

-dillz blogging out-

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Curly Locks No More!

Remember this sweet girl with beautiful curly locks which reminds you of Goldilocks from that fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears? My daughter, Khadra, right? Yup, that one.. Believe it or not, but she was born with ruler straight hair and all that changed after our Australia trip back in 2004. She was about 10 months then when suddenly this beautiful curls started developing. It wasn't the afro type, carca marba, curl chaos - it's the other type; really big, clear, glamourous locks that you'd pay a few hundred bucks at the salon for. Needless to say, her hair has been a major topic since then, especially so since that the girls in my family never had those kinds of locks! AND, in fact when I was pregnant with Khadra, my mom was secretly praying for a grandchild with nice curly hair. So, imagine when this actually happened, we were pleasantly surprised - we wanted her hair, full stop!

For the last 4 years, Khadra had only made one trip to the Indian barber's place - to shave her head bald after her aqiqah when she was just a little tot. We were just afraid that the locks will disappear should we cut them. We have really been trying to preserve the locks eversince; up to the extent of not combing her hair after her hair wash! So, imagine our surprise when she demanded that we cut her hair and make it straight last Wednesday. :(

I have seen it coming for a few months now. She'd just remark on passing that she doesn't like her hair... She wants her hair to be straight, not curled.. How she loved my straight long hair and how she wants hers to be exactly like mine... You know, typical girl stuff - teenage girl stuff; definitely NOT 4 year old girl stuff.. I always try to reverse psycho her , saying how I loved her hair, pointing out all the glamouros Hollywood celebs with beautiful curly locks not unlike her own on the idiot box and the trick seemed to work for a while. Until that fateful Wednesday.

She was so adamant about wanting to chop her locks off that day that she even asked me to use 'that blue scissors you use to cut Khaleeq's hair'. (Okay, okay, I trim Khaleeq's hair using that blue scissors.. Only the bangs though, 'coz it was starting to get in his way!) I could see that she really meant business that we made a trip to A Cut Above in MidValley that very day after work. The haircut was RM35, but she gets her hair trimmed by a junior stylist and sit on that blue cat and all.. I decided to let her enjoy the full experience and agreed to pay the extra RM10 for wash and blow as well.. It was kinda cool seeing her acting all grown up. She was okay during the hair cutting phase. A little apprehensive during the wash phase and practically agitated when the stylist tried to blow her blouse and her hair dry. heh heh heh Aaah.. How fast my little girl is growing up... And here's her little chronicle: 

I must say it turned out rather nice, it takes a little getting used to.. but still rather adorable. With that little China doll bangs, she can now pass for the Azlul clan -- sebijik macam my mum, siut!!!

-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wedding Fwenzy!

We attended 2 weddings last weekend and we have another two more this weekend. Seems that everyone is trying to catch the 07.07.07 date for their nikah.

The first luncheon wedding took place in the Putrajaya; it was Amadt's brother's wedding. When the wedding invite came, it was addressed to Azrul, Dilla, Khadra and Khaleeq. I was pleasantly surprised as it captured our little family of four in its entirety with the correct spelling and all.. Just a little confused as I did not recognize the bride nor the groom's name. Sapa pulak la ni... On that Saturday, we just made our way to Putrajaya to Amadt's brother's do -- on the way there were signages all over Putrajaya with the mystery groom's name pointing the same way as where we were heading. Only then did we put two and two together.. Mystery grrom who got our names right = Amadt's brother. Punyalah blur... Sheesh.. Anywho, they had cak lem pong which was rather cool. The kids were a little jakun about it (as were the parents). So, we spent a good 20 minutes in front of the group listening and enjoying the music. Plus, I also got to see Rina, (Amadt's wife) a cool chic I got to know during my years in PPP. She now lives in JB, so it's rather hard to catch her around this part of town. So, out comes the phone for a photo op!!!! She has two kids already but she's still sekeping! Amazing!!

The second wedding was Elyas'. He happens to be my brother's and my hubby's friend whom I got to know during my UNITEN years. The lovely bride is Farah - don't really know her, but she sure is gorgeous! This was my first pool wedding and it was pretty informal and intimate. The guests were mainly their friends and there were about 100 people there. The entertainment was by Elyas' friends that includes this really familiar famous face - I reckon he might have been with a vocal group or something coz he really sings like a dream... (you know, like Shades ke apa ke..) It turned out that he was actually Cham, from the very hip and happening group, V.E. Mak aaai.. Outdated nye makcik.. Patutla macam pernah nampak, aje.. heh heh heh

However, the surprise of the night came in the form of this:
Anuar Zain sat at our table and he was sooooo friendly!!!!! He made conversations with just about everyone on the table. He came alone, so I can't dish any hot gossips here... It's just so awkward when you actually meet a celebrity in a normal, day-to-day setting. You can't really act like you don't know them, coz obviously you do. But, you don't really wanna be excited / OTT about it coz you don't wanna appear to be like an uncool dork / stalker. So, what do you do? Just treat him like a normal human being, lah... It was made so much easier as he was the one extending his hand for a cool shake. (I am so not gonna wash my hand tonight) He even congratulated me for the pregnancy and wished me luck for the baby's delivery.. heh heh heh

Wonder what other surprises will unveil in this week's weddings. Got quite a big act to follow.. hmmmm

-dillz blogging out-

Friday, July 13, 2007

And Crocs for all...

Our Crocs have been servicing us rather faithfully for the past half a year or so. My kids wear them all the time, even to school. It is just so easy to slip on to. It goes well with casual wear, baju kurung/melayu, jubah, sleep wear, maternity wear and swim wear.

"The name Crocs actually comes from crocodile. And the explanation behind the crocodile symbol is that it feels at home both in the water and on land – which is also true of Crocs shoes. It also turned out that the very first Crocs design, the Cayman, looked like a crocodile’s snout. " (from crocs Europe)

We tested this water / land thing during our Redang trip quite recently and our Crocs aced it with flying colours. We went into the water, out on the sand, on the gravel path and back into the sea without any complaints. I love my Mary Jane with a huge green flower jibbitz on each side. Khadra also has the Mary Jane with 5 jibbitz - Ariel, Belle, 2 small flowers and Daisy Duck. Khaleeq chose the Kids Cayman model with 4 jibbitz - a golfer, Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. We even have crocs butter to keep our Crocs shiny after its monthly wash!

A definite recommendation to all of you.. Go get them! The new models are even more alluring!!!

Even our gardener crew in Pantai Hillpark wears them! Ori, tau!!!!

-dillz blogging out-

Friday, July 06, 2007

Rendezvous in Redang

Had a well deserved break in Redang with the nucleous family plus some. My mom, my dad, my baby sister and my maid were there too. My 'tan-kuda of a brother was supposed to follow the Rombongan Che Kiah but couldn't make it due to work commitments. :( Boo-hoo.. But, we had to get on with the program anyways and left him behind!

The trip started with us boarding the Sani Express (owned by Sani of the now defunct Impressions boy-band) to Kuala Terengganu from Shah Alam. The seat was mighty comfortable and the kids were actually enjoying it. Nevermind the fact that they were asleep about 80% of the 8-9 hour journey. Khaleeq, on that day discovered his love for his hooded Thomas jacket -- he couldn't live without it now..

The ferry/boat transfer to the island took a little longer than I expected - enough to make my stomach squirm and for Khadra to spill a little of her guts onto her Aki. heh heh heh. Sorry, dad.. The lodging that welcomed us was actually quite pleasant. No fancy schmanzy stuff; just the basic room with bed and shower, a self-service canteen that rings a meal bell when food is served - along with a 24-hour bread and hot beverage counter, a scuba/snorkel centre, a tv area near the pub that magically turned into a karaoke parlour / disco come night-time plus 2 stores where we get our daily ice-cream fix from. The 3-days, 2-nights package even includes 3 complimentary snorkeling trip per person.

Lots of fun in the sea, the sand and the sun. (which explains my mysterious tan) The kids actually ended up swimming in the sea with their arm floaties (literally) , the big 'uns indulged in deep water snorkelling and we even took our mom and dad for a private karaoke session at the Laguna resort nearby. By the end of the period, Khaleeq was not willing to leave the island, Khadra wants to do this many more times and I was just glad we got the transfer back to mainland on the speedboat this time. :)

3-days, 2-night package in Redang Pelangi Resort= RM380 per head. Sani Express for a KL-Kuala Terengganu return trip = RM63 pax. Boat transfer from Merang jetty to the island = RM10 per person. Khadra saying, "Thank you mom, for taking us to the beach" before she closed her eyes to sleep that night = PRICELESS.

-dillz blogging out-

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bum Bump

Setting: Around 9.30pm at the traffic light junction exiting Federal Highway from PJ near the Universiti LRT.

There we were just minding our own business - Khaleeq was busy munching away on his Burger King fries and sipping his Iced Milo and me? Just waiting and waiting for the traffic light to turn GREEN when it suddenly happened.. BANG! I turned back and saw a person's hands on my back windscreen. A second after that he made a get-a-way with his pillion rider, towards the bushes lining the biker biway. It happened just so fast I felt like I didn't have time to think!

Coincidently, we were on our way back from completing Parmi's mandatory FOMEMA check up and had two cars in our possession. The arrangement was that Khaleeq and Parmi would go in my little MyVi, whilst hubby was driving with his little princess in the Camry.

Instinctively I tried to call my hubby on the phone. Dang! He couldn't hear me. Dialled again.. and again. I tried three times but to no avail. He still couldn't hear me!

Blank! Apa nak buat ni?

I went out of the car, took my phone and started clicking away. The guy driving the car behind me was kind enough to move the bike to the side of the road. I still couldn't believe the two skanky Ind*s (so, I was told) would just flee the crime scene and leave the bike there. It's not that the damage was bad on my car or anything like that. There's a visible dent and some scratches as well as paint transfer from the red number plate on my bumper. That's about all.. Gosh! Motor curi, agaknya...

I thanked the male driver for removing the bike, got back into my car and drove back home. It didn't dawn on me that the whole thing could have turned out way worse! I mean, the windowscreen could have shattered or my kid could have got hurt, right? Worse still, the rider could have assaulted us right in the middle of the road and robbed us for all I know.. It was then that I slumped on the sofa and started sobbing.. My little princess came over to give me a hug and make me feel better. Hubby was beside me to tell me that things will be okay... The what-ifs are just too scary for words... I am just glad that the night didn't turn out to be my worst nightmare..
-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Little Teaser

Hi-ya peeps! I am back.. (I hope) It's just that we've been pretty busy, lately.. Doing what, you may ask? See below! (among others...)
We just came back from Redang late last Sunday, so... I have to say that I have been a little tied these past few weeks. That plus the fact that my cough + asthma is really getting on my nerves. By the time I get back from work I'd be too lazy and tired to do anything else but laze in the sofa and watch whatever's on the idiot box. Eventhough it's on Channel 77. I am that bummed out!!!

It kinda explains why I have not been updating my blog. Sorry to those who have been checking up on me and left feeling a little dejected. It's not you.. It's me.. All me..

I will try to keep up with the postings.. So many things to write about, so many tags to do.. In fact, just last night I had the classic case of hit-and-run.. Those skanky Ind*s - nevermind them, will elaborate later. Just don't you dare give up on me. Check in soon, will ya?

-dillz blogging out-