Monday, September 06, 2010

Mencari Inspirasi Nak Kerja

I really should be on holiday already. But since I am not, I thought I'd spice up the day today and come to work in abaya, smokey eyes complete with stilettos. Apa lah sangat, right. Prolly, for some of you, that is your standard uniform to work. But it is kind of a big deal for me. I am more the clean-your- face, tone and mosturize kind of girl. Slap on the sunscreen and I am ready for work. Maybe a swish of black liquid eyeliner and gloss when I am in the mood. That's the extent of make-upness.

The other thing was, I had no idea how to make this smokey eyes look. A quick reference to Mr Google landed me a picture clear enough on how it should look like.

Picture from : here

So, berbekalkan my multiple coloured pallette that I have had since my wedding (yes, it has been that long), I just gave it a shot. Since the pallette memang dah lama gila, I DO NOT even own any proper brush for the challenge. I just made do with my four fingers on my right hand, each finger dedicated for one colour :black, dark brown, brown and white. (Tu la, banyak gila kaler, okies.)

And the result?


Boleh la kan? Hahahahahaha
Bangga siut!!!!

This will be my reference for my other baju rayas:

Pictures from: here , here , here and here

Have a good day, y'all. No matter if you are on leave or still stuck in the office like me. :)

-dillz blogging out-