Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Claim Jangan Tak Claim

Remember our delayed flight from Jakarta the other day that caused such drama? Good thing about it was that we purchased travel insurance which covered any events of delays, lost baggage and such. Tersangatlah malas nak buat paperwork, but I was told we would be compensated RM250 per head for any delays above 8 hours. Since our flight was scheduled at 6:30pm but we departed at 5:00am the next day, we were certainly eligible to claim.

If you ever get caught in the same condition as us, and would like to claim for delayed flights from MHInsure, here's how:

1. Email Malaysia Airlines to get a letter confirming the flight delay and its cause. This is easy, just go to their website at www.malaysiaairlines.com. Click on the link : Contact Us and fill up their Fill up our Customer Feedback Form now. Just detail out your request here and you will be contacted by a MAS staff. I had a good experience with mine, she was very helpful and even entertained any customization I needed, it was real easy! Thank you Miss Radhiyah Omar. :)

2. Go to: Booking & Info -> Travel Services -> MHInsure and download the Claim Form

3. Fill up the Claim Form completely.
For delayed flights, fill up the GENERAL SECTION (To be completed for ALL claims), Section C. TRAVEL OR BAGGAGE DELAY / OVERBOOKED FLIGHT / FLIGHT MISCONNECTION and CLAIM PAYMENT AND DECLARATION (To be completed for ALL claims)

4. Get the other necessary documentations for the claims process. In this case, you would need:
  • Original completed claim form
  • Original travel itinerary
  • Copies of front page of passport / the page indicating entry and exit stamp to the country of destination
  • VISA
  • Original Boarding passes / Air tickets
  • Original Certificate of Insurance
  • Written confirmation from carrier on the duration and reason for delay (This is the one you wrote to MAS for earlier)
  • Original receipts in respect of hotel accommodation and meals (I didn't have this coz we were put up in a hotel by MAS)
  • Original receipts of essential purchases (I didn't have this)
  • Documents stating amount of compensation from airlines or other sources (I diodn't have this)
5. Mail your complete documentation to:
MHinsure Claims
Level 14, Tower B, Dataran Maybank
No. 1 Jalan Maarof, 59000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Don't forget to photocopy everything and keep the duplicate. Just in case the documents gotlost in the mail.

6. After a few days, follow up and call the MHInsure Emergency Assistance & Claims Handling to make sure they already got your claims' forms.

Number to call: +(60) 3 6207 4115 (reverse charge call from overseas), or at 1800 806 377 for our toll-free hotline within Malaysia. Lines are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. You can also email: MHinsure-claims@mondial-assistance.com.my

7. Wait for your Duit Raya. Ours are already on the way. hihihihihihihi

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Raya Dah Sudah, Kerja La Pulak..

Did not go to too many houses this Raya in the Klang Valley area. Just a VERY select few - maklumlah, kitorang tak berbibik. Bila lagi nak basuh baju, etc etc.. One Raya Saturday tu, laki bini pergi balik Pantai Hillpark after Subuh (we are now based in Puchong) untuk settlekan laundry yang dah jemur last Wednesday - need to fold baju yang lama and add on another 2 loads before we rushed back to get the kids ready for Raya outing. Serious. (Sekarang baru tau, senang-susah kerja bibik, padan muka kitorang)

However, we did get to parade some of our Raya outfits. (Special thanks to Yoi & Zatil for the shipped online purchases! We loved them!) Yeay!!! :) I just love playing dress-up with matching outfits for the kids.. Here's a series of pictures of Deeda munching on some keropok as captured by her Achu.

Today is the first day of school for Khadra and Khaleeq (we decided to extend their cuti:)) and Azrul's first day of work - as is for many of us out there.. Strangely, the traffic was kind on us this morning. :) I am on an extended holiday till tomorrow and will only be making my debut at work on Wednesday. Am working hard in Pantai Hillpark, though - can use this time to settle some of my laundry / housework and there's loads of office work to be done within this period . I wanna be on top of things when I return to work. Cheh! Semangat lak dia..

Selamat berkerja, y'all.. Udah-udah la berayanya.. ;)

p/s: Dah start Puasa Enam? Saya nak masuk Dua hari dah ni..

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back In Kolumpo

Spent the past 6 days in the Land of Budu (as Nani calls it). Three days in Ramadhan and three days in Syawal.

I think the kids had loads of fun, meeting up with their cousins. Azrul has a big family. There are 6 siblings, 21 nieces and nephews (minus ours) and 2 grandchildren. *serious* The oldest niece is 29 years old and the youngest nephew is 5 years old. And this year, it's a full house! So , imagine the chaos! :) We were visiting - mostly eating (breaking fast and supper) , playing fireworks and we even got to slip in a session of homework. Very productive. I loike. :)

Azrul also got to meet up with a few RMC buddies too - Dr. Mohan, Suah and Jem. The former is attached to the local Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kubang Kerian and the two latters were married to a Kelantanese. In fact, we meet up twice - once at the famous White House and the other in Kemaman Kopitiam in Kota Bharu. Since Bibik Parmi was not around this balik kampung trip, the late night escapades were accompanied by the whole troop - Khadra, Khaleeq and Khaleeda. Since it was pretty late, the kids got a little cranky and wanted to sleep. After a quick snack, yours truly decided to be the Mak Guard in the car with them. Kasi chan la, biar dia borak sat.. *BTW, the keropok lekor at Kemaman Kopitiam was awesome. But, nothing beats White House's half-boiled eggs!*

Syawal was filled with sibling's open houses - Abang Azhar's , Kak Jan's and Kak Ani's. Abang Amran even ordered gulai of two whole kambing too. So food was aplenty. And they deserve a post on their own. :)

At the end of 3rd Syawal, we made our way back to KL and arrived in KLIA last night around 9pm. Were chauffeured by Miss Kira back to Pondok Azlul for a quick Raya stop before driving back home.

Now, there's loads of laundry to be dealt with. I have one load already hung out to dry, another in the machine and at least two more to go. A heap of laundry to be folded from last time and the suitcases to finish unpacking. Interject with the need to bathe the kids and prepare some edible to fill their tummies. Got loads to do, so, I should really run..

Oh, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir Batin.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hampir Hampir Overloaded

We sent off Bibik Parmi last Sunday for her month long holiday at her kampung. A befitting rest , I should add as the Eid celebration is fast approaching and this is the first time she is back after 3 years with us.

Which, in essence, means that all Bibik duties had been handed over to yours truly and hubby. Yeay!!!!


Sangat seronok rediscovering housework , et al. I used the washing machine again after, oh I don't know, maybe 4 years. (Last time, if i recalled correctly, was when our then Bibik Lidya was having her month and a half break) So, it has been quite a while and I have developed a little rust , if you know what I mean.. ;)

The hands-ons of raising the kids: from getting them up, bathing them, sorting their baju/buku, poo-poo and Shishu duties for Khaleeda, their makan/minum, get them to sleep. Waaahhhh!!! Such a mouthful and imagine the work that entails too.. So far we have been pretty good here. Plus the fact that some of the elements can be outsourced to my mom's bibik Sani when we are in Puchong and my sisters have been of help too. :)

Keeping the house in order - my aim is not to have the house to be ready for the Friday inspections we used to have back in STF. Cukuplah setakat barang-barang are where they are supposed to be. Jangan berselerak sangat, cukup... Sampah-sarap needs to be periodically ikat-ed and put out in the rubbish storage outside the house unit for collection. Imagine Khaleeda's poo-poo terperangkap in the air circulation of condo - very stenchy, literally. Kalau nak mop living room tu tiap-tiap pagi like Parmi does, tak dapek la cik.. Saya nak pergi opis pulak lepas tu..

So far laundry duties has also been under control. Eventhough I have lowered the standards somewhat. Parmi used to iron every iron-able item : boxers and camisoles, included. Seingat I kat STF dulu, iron cuma baju sekolah and baju prep je. Kalau tak jenuh la dok beratur and hang out kat bilik iron tu. Ish ish ish.. Tak sesuaiiii.. So, I have reduced ironing duties to those essential ones ONLY such as baju kerja Azrul. (Maybe you should take this one, dear.. hihihihi)

Makan-makan? Well, so far we have resorted to tapau-ed items, nasi kawah from Restoran Anis Puteri, Chicken Mandy from al-Rawsha, Pizza from Dominoes for Buka and Sahur. I only masak nasi and yesterdayI goreng sausages for Sahur. So, cooking has been very minimal. Which was a great idea since it translates to minimal dish-washing too.. Hubby has been great in this area too.. :)

So, conclusion-nya. I miss my Bibik Parmi. But, we actually can live without her. A little more effort and organizing around the house is needed though since we have outsourced the tasks totally to her. Banyak kerja dia and I do have a greater sense of appreciation of what she has allowed me to have over the past 3 years. The extra sleep, the time off I needed to pulun my reports or some chilling / ME time. For that, I am thankful and can't wait for 11 October to come.

In the mean time, anybody knows where I can get a French maid costume? Bibik takde ni.. Extra privacy in our household. I loike.. :)
Picture from: here

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Friday, September 11, 2009

My Leica

I have noticed that I have not been cam-whoring of late. Main reason? Our Alpha 350 is much too big to be stuffed into my handbag. Hence, missed opportunities on pretty pictures that would have otherwise been posted up on my facebook or this wonderful *ahem* blog. And, I do pity you for having to stare at fuzzy crappy images captured by my trusty mobile. Tapi, apa nak buat.. Takkan nak heret kamera bagak tu merata-rata, kan...

For our 7th year anniversary, hubby got me this:

Well, he got the camera for me. My very own Leica D-LUX 4. Casing tu, I yang tambah sendiri. (Leather casing itu mencekik , ok? But, I just had to.. hihihihihi)

I so love it! Now, it has a permanent place in my handbag. Plus, kalau nak jalan-jalan, can sling it and a trigger-happy tourist is born.

We were just mucking about with it the other night. For a point and shoot person such as yours truly, I was more than thrilled to find various pre-settings in the Scene mode. Here are some of my favourite shots:

Using Scene: Night Potrait with Film mode : Vibrant - I love the way the sky looks and my sisters look extra beautiful here. *hah!*

Using Scene:Food. *Really* Don't they just look extra yummy?

Using Scene : Hi-Speed Burst - High speed burst shooting allows you to capture a crucial moment such as the very best smile. Crucial for capturing the move-a-lot kid named Khaleeda. :) Plus, it is hilarious when you play 'em back frame by frame.

With this in my possession, expect nothing less than high quality picture, everytime. Yee-ha! Thanks babe. You know I heart it loads!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Changing our driving habits, one pledge at a time

Yesterday was 09.09.09, the day Malaysians Unite for Road Safety.
I heard about it over the radio and have seen the banner plastered on the more socially-concious blogs (as opossed to blogs such as mine yang dok cerita apa saya atau keluarga saya makan, beli or buat pada hari ini) So, obviously, I was intrigued to find out more about it.
Essentially, pledges in the form of text, pictures and videos are received from all Malaysians on the ways they would reduce accidents and save lives. We are asked to honour these pledges for 12-hours between 9:00am-to-9:00pm on 9 September 2009.
My last visit to the MUFORS page revealed that there were 231,280 pledges to date. Not very many, eh? How sad..
I personally think Malaysian drivers are transformed into another being once they get behind the drivers seat. It is as if the law now does not apply to them. The anonimity makes them ruder and more selfish. I mean, the things you see people (or I) actually do - I mean, forget about it..
Take cutting queues for example. Sure, you need to get there fast. Sure, they are plain ineffective. Tak cekap, slow, lembab.. But, hey! Orang lain pun nak cepat jugak. Whatever your reasons maybe, cutting queues is just plain rude. Just because the other drivers do not know you personally, that doesn't give you the ticket to be rude. You wouldn't get caught cutting queues when your neighbours are there, would you? Habis satu kampung mengata, Anak sipolan-sipolan tu, kurang ajar, ek. Mak diorang tak ajar ke? Sapa yang malu? Mereka dan keluarga mereka jugak yang malu.. I know you get what I mean.
Anyhoots, the moral is, we need to change and what better way to start with one-self.

My text pledge berbunyi:
Dilla Zaghlol:
I pledge to:
1. Not read or reply to any sms whilst driving
2. Always ensure that my passengers and I are safely buckled before the start of our journey.

In any case, I don't think this pledge has a validity period. So, I am continuing on with my pledge and try to keep them as best as I can. maybe in time, I'll add more good driving behaviours to my pledge and build it on one pledge at a time. Just wanna keep it simple and do-able. Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit, maa..
How about you? Don't you wanna keep our roads safer for all? What would you pledge to do?

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hands up for road safety

Just realized that apart from being a darn great date, 09.09.09, where people flock to get hitched today, it is also the beginning of MUFOR - Malaysians Unite for Road Safety.
Do your bit and pledge to MUFORS today.

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Monday, September 07, 2009

Sette Settembre

Seven years ago, I was a bride to be, all nervous and jittery, hoping that the solemnization would go smoothly without a hitch.
Seven years on, three kids and Alhamdulillah we are still going strong.

More as a reminder for myself to sustain our relationship, I'd like to share Petua 8P by one of my favourite pendakwah, Ustazah Siti Nur Bahyah:

1) Puji - after all, flattery is the BEST policy. (Eh, ke honesty?)

2) Peluk - Who would not love a good bear hug?
From absoluteastronomy.com
A hug is a form of physical intimacy, along with kissing. Unlike some other forms of physical intimacy, it is practiced publicly and privately without stigma in many nations, religions and cultures, within families, and also across age and gender lines.
It (I'm referring to absoluteastronomy, not the Ustazah here) then goes on to explain about cuddling and spooning. hihihihi

3) Penghargaan - Appreciation which is tied to the act of giving presents and gifts to your spouse. Me likey, Ustazah! :)

4) Perhatian - Pay attention.Enough said.

5) Persefahaman - Agreement? Not really. More to giving your other half the chance to say his piece, try to see it from his point of view. He might just have one. I think it's more to trying to be in his shoes before jumping to conclusions. For this to take place, communication is KEY.

6) Pergaulan - She was referring more to our social interaction with other people, i.e. colleagues and friends of the opposite sex. I would like to add to that our relationship with our spouse too in and out of the bedroom. ;)

7) Percutian - Taking time off / vacationing without the kids would definitely bring you closer to each other. Plan a holiday where you get to have enough "WE" time to keep the fire burning.

8) Permohonan - Nothing beats berdoa and seeking for His blessing. :)

Here's to many many more years to come, Insya Allah..

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Friday, September 04, 2009

What's Waiting For My Lovelies This Maghrib

Cakap banyak pun tak guna...

Siapalah dapat makan cupcake anak bear tu ya? hihihihihi

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Your Bibik Wants To Balik Kampung?

Our bibik Parmi would be going back to her hometown in Solo, Jawa Tengah this coming 13th September 2009 for a whole month. She will be returning to us on the 10th of October 2009.

When we extended her permit for the 4th year last July, we were informed by the Immigration officer at the PKNS Shah Alam office (ke I hallucinate?) that we would need to get the endorsement of the Immigration department for her trip back home. The documentations needed are:
  • Letter stating she would "balik bercuti ke kampung halaman" with her travel particulars
  • A copy of her travel itinerary (tickets for flight, ferry, etc)
  • A copy of the first page of her passport and her valid working permit
All these need to be done in three copies. I just had to come to the department and get it "chopped" thus endorsed.

A month and a half later (we really took our time), hubby and me went to the Immigrations Department (this time in Pusat Bandar Damansara) to get the papers endorsed. Lain pulak ceritanya.. (but better!)

The officer checked Parmi's passport and concluded:

As long as-
  • Your Bibik has a valid work permit.
  • Your Bibik has a valid passport.
  • Your Bibik's passport stated a Malaysia address at the back. (If not, you need to get it endorsed at the Indonesian Embassy)
He did say, however, there may be cases whereby the Indonesian Immigration might ask for a letter so you may want to prepare a letter saying that she is allowed to go home for holiday. I shall prepare that lah for her, for ease of mind. And in 3 copies, at that! :)~~

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ramadhan Challenges For Khadra and Khaleeq

Like many other kids in Malaysia, school started on Tuesday for Khadra and Khaleeq. In these past few days , they were faced with new challenges in order to keep their fast.

Challenge 1: Tak Bangun Sahur

First day of school and we all tak bangun sahur. :(

Khadra was the first to complain.
K1: "We didn't wake up, so we don't have to fast, right? "
Mom: "Yes, you do, Khadra. Just try your best. You didn't wake up on your first day of fasting, either. Remember? "
K1:"Oh ya. I forgot"

Khaleeq asked for a glass of water. I just replied that he couldn't have it coz he's fasting. He just said, "I'm fasting? Oh. Okay.."

Initially thought of just skipping school altogether, (they are only pre-school children, you know) but went ahead anyways.

Anyhoots, I thought it was the most difficult challenge for them coz I was also feeling the thirst and hunger by mid-day. When they returned home from school, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had both kept their fast. But, the worst is yet to come. I just advised them to sleep it off and play their DS Lite to distract the feeling..

By evening, Khaleeq was barely talking. He just kept quiet and played on his DS Lite. Once in a while he would complain of his tummy hurting. No cries what-so-ever. Just a statement of fact. Parmi helped rub on some minyak telon and he immediately went to the gentlemen to relieve himself. Must be the angin already. It does not help that Khaleeda was munching on pappadom and keropok - Khaleeq's favourites! Aaah!!! I just cuddled him until it was time to berbuka. Khadra was holding up pretty well. Not even one complaint from the Missy. Cayalah, kakak!

As soon as the azan was heard, he gulped down a mug of Ribena and a few minutes later he vomitted it all out. Lepas tu, baru dia ada selera nak makan and minum. It must have been pretty hard on him with the angin and all. (I remember having the same kedegilan to stick it out when I was little too. Must have gotten it from me, huh? Perasan) I am soooo proud of my boy for holding on to his fast! Good on you, Khaleeq boy!

Challenge 2: Tak Boleh Bangun Lepas Sahur

Sebelum ni, makan lah pukul 5:30am pun, lepas tu budak-budak boleh tidur sampai tengah hari. Now that school has started, it is a real bitch to wake them up to prepare for school. All mata layu and sleep-walking. They get cranky too. So kesian. So, we decided to revamp our schedule a little to rectify this.

Ideally, sahur should start at 3:30am so that the kids get to be in bed by 4:30am. That gives them a full cycle of 3 hours sleep before it's time for school. Backtracking, that also means that they need to be asleep by 9:30pm to give them two cycles of sleep before it's time for Sahur. That would be ideal. We'll try to fit as best as we could.

This morning pun, we finished our Sahur at 4:30am, so the kids were in their bed 5:00am. Running a little late on the schedule , but still OK. Not so much crankiness, but there were some, still. Today, we need to try harder. :)

Challenge 3: Kawan-Kawan Makan Masa Break

Break time in school (ala-ala recess, lah) , the kids get to eat and drink in class. Imagine your classmates eating and drinking in front of you; and you can't. Must be hard, eh?

So, I have requested that their teachers send them down to the office during break time so that they won't get distracted on their fasting. Sure terliur tengok orang makan depan you kaw-kaw, punya.. From the report that I got from Khadra, Khaleeq did not come down to the office during break. But he is still fasting. Kuat iman rupanya anak jantan saya ni. :)

Status so far?
On this 12th day of Ramadhan, Khaleeq has only missed a day of fasting. (Hari pertama tu, when he got goda-ed by the fried chicken for lunch) And lil Miss Khadra is still holding the full records! Bravo kids. I hope you'll both get to keep it up till the end of Ramadhan. :)

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Is Someone PiggyBacking on Me?

I woke up at about 2am this morning, opening the door for my hubby's return from a business discussion *iyolah tu..* and was reminded that I have yet to perform my Isya'. My hubby flicked the remote to HBO / STAR Movies (one of those movie channels) and Shutter was playing. Never heard of the movie before, but it looked kinda cool that my sister, Kira, and I ended up watching it till the end.

Damn scary lah! Cerita hantu OK...
Pictures from : here, here, here and here

Snapshot *pun intended* of it:
Photographer had a new bride, got into a tragic accident in Tokyo which may have caused the life of a young woman. (Kot, part ni saya tak tengok, I just gathered the fact from their dialong) They came back home (in another part of Asia, tak tahulah kat Korea ke Jepun ke mana) and the new bride started to realize that the young woman's ghost is starting to stalk her. A series of spooky and creepy incidences ensued. Husband is getting neck pains and effecting his spine. Spine has gone bongkok and his unexplainable weight gain though no excess fat is apparent. Photos are getting damaged by fuzzy fogs and bright light spots and other stuff..

The new bride got a hint that the pictures actually meant something and followed the lead to find the so-called truth:
1. Hantu is husband's supposedly estranged ex-girlfriend.
2. Ex-girlfriend is obsessed with husband and could not get over the fact that their relationship was over.
3. Ex-girlfriend kept stalking husband.
4. Husband's best friends told the ex-girlfriend to buzz off and leave husband alone.

Sometime later, the two bestfriends got killed by the hantu.

With these new developments, the newly-weds went to search the body of the deceased to find out what the hell was going on here. They found her in her mom's house, decomposed and rotten - yet sitting prettily on the swirly chair. She killed herself but the mom asked the police for her to keep her body there coz she could not live without her. Finally, the body would be sent for cremation the next day.

However, the hantu came back to haunt them that night and was shoo-ed off by the bride when she said, "He left you coz he didn't love you!!" Wailing, the hantu left. Case closed, of so they thought.

Scene baru. The new bride just developed some pictures and the fuzzy photos came back, once again. Flicking it through, she found an old Leica camera and with it the true story of what actually transpired that made the hantu suicidal.

On one Christmas party, the husband gave the ex-girlfriend some drugs and photographed her berfoya-foya with the husbands best-friends. With the intention to use the pictures to threat her to let him go. In the end, she was gang-raped by the two bestfriends.

Wah!! The hantu was actually trying to warn the new bride of this monster of a husband she has, rupanya.. So sweet lah hantu. So, the new bride now left the husband. And the husband used his polaroid camera to search for the hantu in the house. Couldn't find the hantu. He threw the camera and coincidentally tersnap a picture of himself.

Guess what? Jeng jeng jeng..

The hantu is on his shoulder
. Macam orang piggyback, tapi kat concert-concert tu.. Wallawei... Patutla, he weighed a tonne. Patutla, his spine dah bengkok! Patutla, his neck is strained.. Hantu dok bertenggek atas bahu rupanya.... Hantu has been there all along... Perggh!!! So, the husband tried to electrocute himself.

Last scene: Rumah orang sakit jiwa. Nurse was reeling in food for husband, and husband looked all droopy and haggard, but not dead. Hantu is still piggybacking on him - patutla bongkok semacam.. Eeee... seram siuts..

I liked the movie. Sampai terbayang-bayang masa nak tido. hihihihihi..

Thing is this morning, my neck pulak strained. Driving was a bitch especially everytime I had to turn my head to the right or left. Ish.. Timing betul.. Janganlah ada apa-apa yang piggyback on me pulak. Ni yang nak kena babap ni..

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hi-5 Surprise LIVE - The Review

It was a tiring trip for sure.. In fact I was still half-hearted when we started the journey. First off, the kids, minus Khaleeda and Neyna, were all fasting. And to top it off, I knew that it would be a really looong drive home, taking into account the long-holiday balik kampung rush. With all that at the back of my mind, we headed to Kota Keriangan in Ziezi's Wish anyways.

How to get to Arena of Stars? Just a friendly note here coz we were also driving around the top of the hill to get the best parking for a car filled with kids. We did not exactly wanted to walk a long way since they were fasting and all.. The Arena of Stars is within the same vicinity as the Genting Theme Park. So , find your Parking spot at the space marked for Theme Resort Hotel. Once you get to the lobby, the Arena of Stars will be staring right in front of your face. (i.e. adjacent entrance to the Theme park)

The kids were all psyched up, all armed with their hoodie to brace the chill. Going around and around the "mountain" Khaleeda vomitted a few , but she was OK thereafter and took a nap all the way up. We were there pretty early. Thankfully, the ride up was a breeze and it took us no time at all to get there.

Once we got in, the first stop was , of course, the merchandise store. Fallen victim, as usual, I bought some momentos from the show. (Kasi chan la, ticket masuk dah free, kan?) Jup-jup stuffed toy, Hi-5 fairy wings with skirt that Khaleeda wore immediately, Hi-5 cape and hair band which Khadra wore, 2 swimming bags and 2 of those character stuff that you could wave around. Puas hati.

The audience turn-out was really bad, though. Like tak sampai 200 pun in that massive space.. Oh well, better for us coz we got to move to a better spot once the show started. The highlight was definitely towards the end of it when they opened the gates to the VIP space and we all rushed to the front of the stage. Khaleeda and the rest had a ball dancing to her favourite song, "Monster Dance" and I caught the encore song on video. :)

At the end, I lifted Khaleeda up so that she gets to Hi-5 the casts in person and one of the girls even kissed her on the cheek.

My verdict? All the trouble was really berbaloi in my books. :)

-dillz blogging out-