Monday, January 05, 2009

It's a brand new year!

As D.N.A.S has very correctly pointed out, it is already the 5th of January of 2009. I have yet to publish any post in this glorious new year. Not that I didn't want to, you see... In fact, I had wanted to start with the new year tag by none other than my faveret makcik blogger but that requires a hefty Cut 'n Paste procedure that is not all that easy to do via my E71. So, I ended up not posting any entries in the end. (watch how swiftly I try to put the blame on someone else - hihihihi.. Jangan marre D.N.A.S) Nanti balik opis, insya Allah I buat tag tu, okies.. Jangan serik tag saya..
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Anywho, am glad to update that Phase ONE of the spring cleaning project comprising of the Master Bedroom and part of the living room is nearing to its close. May I add that it was quite a successful project, despite the full few days of Bermalas-malasan.. Hihihi.. (boleh buat lagi, ni...) Phase TWO will commence this Saturday and this will involve everything related to the kids - toys, clothes, books and stuff.. I really think we have too much junk in the house and it is high time that we sort them out once and for all...

For a change, we had our New Year break in the city this year.

3 days and 2 nights of Jalan Bukit Bintang. No Bibik allowed, just high quality time with the family.. It was a little (I change my mind, I meant a lot.. ) tiring of course, but I think it was way worth it. We promised the getaway as a treat for the kids since we didn't go anywhere this school hols with the chicky poxies and everything. Plus, it was during this period that Khaleeq had started to come back to me for assistance. Not that he hates me or anything (at least I hope that he doesn't), but with my spending a little too much time at work, leaving a little too little time with the kids the last few months, they have somewhat learnt to make do without me, in a way.. Khadra is somewhat mature for her age, so she understands that I have to work and all that and I make it up to her with some girl time; taking her shopping or for a movie and such. Khaleeda is just Khaleeda and I can just bribe her with tetek. Khaleeq on the other hand, is all about spending time and giving attention.No two way about it..

I have noticed that he would normally get his dad to wash him in the loo, fix his Omnitrix, ask for cold water or 100 plus and he even prefers to sleep by his daddy's side at night. Things are slowly getting better, though. In fact, these past few days, Khaleeq has been hugging me in bed! Hihihihihi...

So, I am very pleased with how things have turned out and seems like we are starting the new year on the right foot. Just hope that more good things will come our way.. And you too, may you have a happy new year..

-dillz blogging out-