Monday, October 26, 2009

Kiasu Nak Menang

Hasil tangkapan Ziezi selepas berkunjung ke PS Boutique.

Khaleeda as a pumpkin.
This was the only shot I got of her. She was so busy trying to take off the pumpkin hat that I gave up trying to snap her picture.

2 skeletons and 2 witches.
These four kids were more than willing to play out the massacre scene. Hahahahahaha... Hillarious!

Ziezi just couldn't tahan with all the costumes in PS that she bought 3 for my kids too. (Uwangnya hutang, ya bukk!) Hajat dihati, konon, kalau ada party to attend or any halloween costumes competition on that day, boleh la budak-budak ni masuk..

On top of that, she has added some other thingamabobs today - you name it lah ; halloween lights, bracelets, teeth, wand and knife protruding the head type of hat. Still trying to find brooms for the witches and some sort of concept for the two skeletons. Kalau pergi macam tu je dua ekor ni, sure tak menang punya. hihihihihih

The lengths some mommies (saya tak mengaku) to get their kids to win. Oh ya, we need to find if there is such Halloween competition to be won in the first place! Kalau tak, jawabnya barbeque kat Puchong je la...

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hadiah Dari Seberang

Just had to put this out there. Bibik Parmi is back, baybeh... :)

The day before she was due back, we were a little anxious on whether we would actually see her at LCCT the next day. Thankfully, she smsed us to remind us to pick her up from "Bandara" (Bandaraya Udara) keesokan harinya. Alhamdulillah, syukur..

With her, she brought back a lot of ole-ole for the entire family. Keropok Malinja (apparently the famous ones are from Solo), dodol, kacang tanah all prepared by her. :)

Untuk anak-anak:
1. For Khaleeda
This boneka would sing "Mana Topi Saya" to the tunes of "Burung Kakak Tua" if you press her tummy.

2. For Khaleeq
3 action figures for my little boy.

3. For Khadra (this one definitely wins, hands down!)

The videoclip sums it up pretty nicely. If you could not make it out, she's dancing to the tunes of "Kopi Dangdut" Tangan dia yang tak tahannn tu.. :) We could not stop laughing. It's so damn chomel!. A little scary (Chucky-scary). But chomel, most definitely.. :)

I just thought it was so sweet of her to be bringing us these ole-ole from seberang. Now, what do you say, everyone.. THANK YOU, Bibik PARMI!!!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long Overdue

This post is long overdued.
Latest reason for not appearing in the blogosphere:

Iya, puteri kecilku gering. Maka dengan itu, completelah tiga-tiga warded for 2009. Hope there won't be any repeat performances. *fingers crossed*

Been in Pantai Medical Centre since Sunday and as the good Dr puts it; we need to wait till her stool hardens. Up till then, I shall be sleeping over at the hospital.

I am sure it would be gross and just plain wrong to bore you with the visual / description of what went wrong with Khaleeda's bowel movements. Just suffice to say that Shit is really determining my life at this moment.


Just a simple note to say that I may be lingering a while. ;)

Oh, BTW, other half has been sucked into the dark side too.. he's on a roll - 2 posts today alone! *Really* Check him out when you have the time!

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Friday, October 02, 2009

Really, which is the best way?

We have been based in Puchong the past week and I have had to drive my way to work at Menara TM in the morning and back to momsie's at the evening / night. So, the past few days had reminded me how much I have missed living 5 minutes away from the office. Saya bersyukur that I do not have to go through the traffic jams plus lorry rosak by the side of the road and rain which ultimately results to more traffic jams on my normal days.
Morning rain jam - isn't it the best? Not.

Aaaanyways, the reality is that Parmi won't be back until Sunday next week and I have yet to figure out the best way to get to Menara TM in Jalan Pantai Bharu from Puchong.

This is my current route:
KESAS Highway (RM1.60) -> MEX (RM0.00) -> NPE (RM1.60) - the bitch about this route is that from NPE toll at Pantai Dalam to Angkasapuri is a mess! :(

Others already in my list:
Jln Puchong -> Jln Klang Lama
i) variation 1 - take the short cut through Kampung Pasir flats and come out at the Angkasapuri NPE
ii) variation 2 - take Jln Klang Lama all the way -> MidValley (via Kg Abdullah Hukum)

Of course there's also,
- the LDP (RM1.60) -> NPE (RM1.60 + RM1.60) route, but there's 2 bitch points there at the Sunway toll and the Pantai Dalam toll. :(
- the LDP (RM1.60) -> Federal Highway (RM0.00) but sure jam tak hengat. :(
- the KESAS (RM2.20) ->
i) variation 1 - Besraya (RM0.00) -> NPE (RM1.60) , jam weh kat underpass going to Jalan Kuchai tu, plus need to queue at the NPE Pantai Dlam toll (as above)
ii) variation 2 - the freeway , ikut Desa Waterpark, cilok through midValley (via Kg Abdullah Hukum) - still jam,jam, jam..

Have you got any other that I have not considered?

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Can Niat Double Or Not?

*Updated 1 October 2009 1:50pm*
Ahhh... Stress balik. A comment from KOG prompted me to make additional research on the WWW and got me to this:

fr : Bolehkah puasa Qada' dan Syawal digabungkan?
Namun secara cermat beliau (Ustaz Zaharuddin Abd Rahman) membuat kesimpulan dalam mengutarakan perbincangan ini iaitu adalah tidak elok digabungkan dan elok sangat didahulukan yang wajib (qada) daripada sunat (Syawal) tetapi menganggap sebagai rukhsah "keringanan" bagi mereka yang mempunyai kesukaran kerana uzur dan tidak mampu untuk mengasingkannya.

Here's another interesting take from Soal Jawab Puasa:

Didalam kes mengadha' puasa dan melakukan puasa sunat 6 hari didalam bulan Syawwal, ulama berbeza pendapat yang mana satu harus dilakukan. Beberapa ulama' berpandangan bahawa Tidak sah amalan sunat sebelum melakukan qadha'. Mereka menggunakan kaedah :

أن النافلة لا تؤدى قبل الفريضة

"Sesungguhnya amalan sunat tidak boleh ditunaikan sebelum amalan fardu"

Akan tetapi, jika terdapat masa yang sangat pendek (takut tertinggal peluang menunaikan puasa 6), berbanding dengan puasa qadha' yang banyak; seperti didalam kes wanita yang panjang haidhnya, dibenarkan melakukan puasa enam hari didalam bulan Syawwal, dan kemudian mengqadha'nya sebelum menjelang Ramadhan yang akan datang. Syeikh Ibn Utsaimin mengatakan ini merupakan pandangan yang lebih kepada kebenaran. [Sharh al-Mumthi' 6/448].

Kesimpulannya, bagi puasa sunnat yang mempunyai fadhilat umum (seperti Isnin-Khamis), jika ia bersamaan dengan puasa sunnat yang mempunyai fadhilat khas (contohnya puasa sunat hari Arafah), bolehlah dilakukan niat yang khas (Puasa Arafah) bagi mendapatkan ganjaran puasa Isnin-Khamis sekali. Bagi Puasa qadha' yang dilakukan pada bulan Syawwal, dia boleh berniat qadha' dengan harapan moga2 mendapat juga fadhilat berpuasa didalam bulan Syawwal. Jika seseorang itu berniat puasa sunat, maka tuntuan qadha' masih tidak terlepas dari dirinya. WA.
So, how now?

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*Original post 30 September 2009 1:24pm*
I have heard many answers to the question:
Is it permissible to niat for both sunat Syawal and puasa qada' for the missed days in Ramadhan ?
Some said that we have to qada' all the missed days before you are entitled to fast the sunat Syawal on the counts of you have to dahulukan yang wajib.

Some said it was permissible to niat for both at one go.

I am thinking that may be some of you are having the same doubts as me, so I'd like to share this knowledge (Thanks Raz for sharing) from this very helpful link: Double Intention in Shawwal Fasting from

Extracted from the webpage:
From the late Sheikh `Atiyyah Saqr, former head of Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee -

A person who has missed days of fasting in Ramadan may fast the optional six days of Shawwal with the intention of both making up for these missed days and observing the optional fasting of six days of Shawwal. He or she will then get double benefit simultaneously: making up for the missed days and getting the reward of fasting the six days of Shawwal, for it is established in Islam that one's acts are judged by one's intentions.
However, it is recommended that one makes up for the missed fasts separately from fasting the six days of Shawwal [so as to get extra reward].

Moga-moga tiada lagi sebarang ragu di minda.

Wallahu 'alam bissawab..

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Nice to meet you, Time Traveler's Wife

Meet my pile of yet-to-be read books (Abaikan moleskins itu, ye.. Itu project terbengkalai Queen of HHTA) :

Despite the fact that I have yet to khatam the rest, I have added yet another one to it, courtesy of Azrul. (Eh, tetiba*ke sengaja?* lak tak bawak purse hari tu..) Yeay!! Actually , I wanted to add two to the collection, tapi takde stock. But, still.. yeay! nonetheless..

Here it is..

I have heard mixed reviews about it. Those who loved it, loved it dearly and those who hated it, really despised it. So, let's just say that I am intrigued!

Tapinya, entah bilalah nak baca
, I don't really know with the bibik-less situation and workpile that has reached my nose. But, let's just be positive about it and Insya Allah, I'll get round to reading it. :)

BTW, anybody knows when this is gonna show on the Malaysian shores?

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