Monday, January 17, 2005

the maiden post

Through Cut aNd Paste technology, presenting the crap I wrote in my friendster profile just a few moments ago.

And I quote"...

Been long since I updated this profile. Since then, the whole family went to Bali -- Tsunami hit Asia -- the new year of 2005 came -- I turned 30 (ouch!) -- my baby boy, Khaleeq got his 'cukur jambul' thingy done -- bla bla bla -- bla bla bla..
I got a work bag for my birthday this year. Aigner, you -- tak nak kalah! ;) Courtesy of hubby, mommy and daddy as well as contributions from my sissys( Ewa - checked, Kirah - checked , Ema - waiting for her scholaship dough) and brother (have not seen anything from him yet)
My hubby set up a blog for me for my birthday too.. He knows how much I enjoy yakking and just ramble non-stop. I'll try to get down and do it sometime soon. Seems that he enjoys reading my thoughts. (Never could stand my nagging, but wants to know what I think about. Strange, eh?) heh heh heh
Children update? Khadra LOOOOVES to sing!!! You can actually figure out some of the lyrics too. She catches the second syllable of every word out loud and as Azrul constantly remarks, she is really CHEAP FUN! We laugh out loud at her antiques. A real DRAMA QUEEN, indeed ( I think she takes up after Ema -- Adik, that's a compliment!) Khaleeq is still complacent and not wanting to turn! He's happy like that .. Oh well, that's that.. AHA! moment -- Maybe I should just start my blog but CNP-ing this entry... Hmmm...

..." End quote.

Hah hah hah! Did just that! ;) Don't get me wrong! I am NOT lazy.. But, what's the point of rewriting everything anyway.. (Excuses, excuses..) At least, I've started BLOGGING!

I need to come up with some form of organization though.. You know, some kind of trademark.. Like how Friends (The now defunct TV Series) name their episodes.. The One With...

Gotta put the thinking hat on...

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Testing 1,2,3.....Testing........

dam dam dum bunyi mercun
da di du di da da di
mi ma mi ma