Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Layered Me

Was tagged by the lovely D.N.A.S , my senior from high school. She was also my dormmate, and the one who taught me the many ways to avoid being caught by prefects when I accidentally missed the riadah at the wee hours in the morning. (It was her and Kak Paie, actually) heh heh heh How I missed those days....

OK, here goes nothing! ;)

Layer One: On the Outside
Name: Azlul Adilah Zaghlol. My friends call me Dilla, friends from my earlier days call me Azlul, some super seniors from my high school call me Jelul.. :)~~
Birthdate: January 6th, 1975. 32 in 2007.
Current status: Married, mother of 2 and a quarter
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Man-made dark red with red highlights and an inch of black roots. You can't actually see this, coz I wear a gypy-styled scarf!
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Layer Two: On the Inside
My heritage: Malay - Dad's from Bohor Bahru, Temerloh, Pahang and Mom's from Datuk Keramat, Selangor. Dad's ancestors came from Padang and apparently mom's side came over from Minangkabau. (*whisper*.. and her great-great-grandpa could fly.. Spooky, huh?)
My fears: Losing my kids.
My Weaknesses: Procastinating Perfectionist.
My perfect pizza: Pizza Uno! The bomb!

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My thoughts first thing when I wake up: Today cuti, ka?
My bedtime: Latest by 11:30 pm lately, coz I feel soooo tired nowadays.
My most missed memory: Of my carefree childhood, especially those years in STF.

Layer Four: My picks
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
Mc Donald's or Burger King: Mc Donald's
Single or Group Dates: Single (I am romantic, one..)
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Tea or Nestea: Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Cappucino or Coffee: Cappucino (So posh, like that...)

Layer Five: Do I
Smoke: Never, but really wanted to try it just to see how it feels. Even asked my then-bf to teach me at one point in time. However, can not 'coz of my asthma.
Curse: Does "Oh mak engkau jatuh!" counts? If not, not really..
Take a shower: Not as much as I'd like to .
Have a crush: Not now.
Think I've Been In love: Just once.
Go to school: Yes! Yes! Yes!
Want to get married: Already am.
Believe in myself: Definitely. Sometimes overly so.. heh heh heh
Think I'm a health freak: Nope!

Layer Six: In the past month
Drank alcohol: Never.
Gone to the mall: Are you serious? Of course.
Been on stage: Yup and I love it! Attention- seeker!
Eaten Sushi: Pantang, carrying a foetus in my belly.
Dyed your hair: For my birthday.

Layer Seven: Have I ever
Played a stripping game: Nope! (But would love to *wink wink to hubby*)
Changed who I am to fit in: Not really.

Layer Eight: Age
I am hoping to be married: Taken - since I was 27 years old.

Layer Nine: What was I doing
1 min ago: Replying my comments
1 hour ago: Attending a training
4.5 hours ago: Sending off my kids to school
1 month ago: Balik kampung.. o.o.o Balik kampung...
1 year ago: Nothing much.. just completed my MBA

Layer Ten: Finish The Sentence
I love: Arty, creative stuff - face painting, scrapbooking, singing, acting..
I feel: that I very blessed and lucky to have been dealt the cards that I have.
I hate: to be WRONG! I am ALWAYS right!
I hide: my resentments and try to look at things in a positive light.
I need: a back massage!

Layer Eleven: Tag 5 people

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Monday, April 23, 2007

What Was and What Was Not!

What Was Not:
I waited and waited for 11.30am for Kelab Disney Malaysia to air on Saturday. In fact I scheduled my whole day around the airtime of 11.30am to 12.30 pm in the hopes that I could get to see my daughter on the idiot box. You see, they came to Khadra's school for a shoot last weekend and I had the impression that she'd be on this weekend. So, we told the whole kampung to tune in as our little precious will be on National TV - all our family members, some 30 unsuspecting people bombarded with smses.. And the waiting game began... Then, suddenly... Apahal lak cerita budak sekolah Shah Alam ni nak pergi menari in Turkey? Alamak.... It's not showing this week... Imagine me, waiting on my mommy's brand new super comfy sofa, with Khadra on my lap. Aleh-aleh, takda pa-pa.. Aaaaahhh.. Frust, ok? Khadra just went, "I am not on TV, mom" and merrily went ahead with her business.. Me? Pressure punya pasal... Tu tak campur malu lagi.. I just closed my eyes and caught up on some sleep. Malas nak pikir... I found out later from Khadra's teacher that the program will air sometime in May. So, here's to waiting, yet again... Don't give up on me, people.. Let's wait together-gether, okies?

What Was:
What Was, however, is that I had a fantastic series of makan-makan with some girlfriends from PPP. The quorum that made what I fondly called the TETBES was made up of Noresh, Amy, Aje and Zied.
We didn't plan it that way, just that the ones who finally turned up had pretty large assets (?) heh heh heh We started downing the scrumptious Daim cake intersperced with the yummylicious Swedish meatballs with cranberry sauce, before making our way to the Little penang Cafe for some tea. On the menu was the Penang Curry Mee; meehoon only with extra tauhu; a plate of Gurney Drive Rojak, Prawn mee, cendol and a variety of beverages. The food was finger-licking, the company was great and the conversation was scandalous! Uuuuhhhh.. I loike!!! Another write up can be read at Amy's - also the source of this ciloked pix. (Ros, Pijah, Sand - lain kali musti mau join aaa...) *Updated* Other write ups on the same event: Aje & Noresh .

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Muslims All Around

I managed to finish up Dina Zaman's I Am Muslim whilst I was up near the peaks of Genting Highlands. (actually, nearer to the base of Genting Sempah daa..) People I know around me (virtual or otherwise) were writing reviews on it, attending it's launch, etc.. I bought it at Silverfish in Bangsar, (next to Devi's) 'coz I wanted to see for myself what the fuss and the controversy was all about. And, I was pleasantly surprised.

The book is a collection of Dina's articles about how life is lived by Muslims; from her experience with the bomohs, the ustazs to the everyday Sitis and Ahmads. Very rich, very insightful. I was also pleasantly surprised to see some fimiliar names quoted in the book -- Eeh.. macam kenal, aje?

Overall, it was a very good read. Just have an open mind and see for yourself, please... BTW, if you wanna catch her live: she'll be in MPH, Bangsar Village II from 11.00am to 12.30pm on Saturday; 28th April 2007.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Your Boy?

During Ewa's wedding, Khadra saw Kira (my youngest sis) suspiciously talking to a boy, who happens to be her bf la. So, she came over and the following conversation took place:

Khadra: Achu, is that your boy? *pointing to THE boy*
Kira: What?*shocked, a little taken aback*
Khadra: Is that your boy?*confidently*
Kira: Kak Ngah, tengok la anak awak ni!!!!! *yelling at me*

Heh heh heh.. She is curious , that little one.. Tula, bawak lagi boyfriend datang rumah...

So, the other day, I was talking to hubby about how he should prepare answering Khadra when she finally asks about her paternal grandfather. You see, Azrul's dad passed away when he was only 8 months old. Khadra knows that she has 2 grandmas and a 1 grandpa. She calls my mom, Nenek; my dad, Aki and Azrul's mom, Atok. She could also understand the secondary relationship; eg Nenek = My mom's mom and Atok = My dad's mom.

And the day finally came;
.. while driving along to school one morning;

Khadra: Dad, where is your mom's boy?
Dad: What? *that's always our first reaction*
Khadra: Where is your mom's boy?
Dad: Ooo.. My dad passed away when I was a baby.
Khadra: You were a baby?

Eeh, ke situ pulak dia... 

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Srikandi Support

The weekend was a packed one for me as the first Srikandi Exco Meeting took almost the whole of my Saturday. But for Rm85 pax we had the use of the meeting room, break at 11am, scrumptious buffet lunch whilst serenaded by the 4-piece "GOMOS" group from Indonesia and more tea breaks at the Seri Pacific Hotel. (previously known as Pan Pac) I think that was quite worth it, especially when the Madam President was paying! :) Thank you Kak Mariamah, semoga murah rezeki!!! I thought the meeting was quite a fruitful one, we managed to schedule more EXCO meetings throughout the year, brainstormed on our "wish" activities, clarified our portfolios and embarked on a Srikandi Blueprint. Of course, the other big thing happenning this year is the Malam 3 Serangkai commemorating 50 years of STAR, SDAR and STF. I can foresee my social calendar being very full these two years.. So, thanks so much yang, for letting me do this!

On top of that, my kids and I also went to show our support for our lovely fellow Srikandi, Ms Yoga Instructor herself, Ninie. The finale hall was filled with Ninie's supporters clad in red or white with banners and styrofoam alphabets spelling "H.A.T.I.Y.O.G.A", "We HEART Ninie", "We voted for The Yoga Instructor" and lots more. I actually wanted to bring a banner with "Ninie, Marry My Brother" written on it, but I never got down to doing it. Me and my procrastination. Hrrmph!! But, we did bring Elmo since he was the right colour! Khadra even practiced chanting "Ninie! Ninie!" in the car to prepare for the show. 

Fortunately, we had extra pair of hands from Kak Hana, Kak Spena, and Kak Sue Nafry and her friendly crew of four. Thanks so much guys, I dah tak terkejar dah si Khaleeq tu ...

I guess the real shocker of it all is that our lovely Ninie did not win. It was very sad to see hearts crushed and dreams shattered like that. But, I do know that what doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger. Bounce back, Ninie.. Bounce back stronger than ever.. You have it in your heart - the passion, the drive to make it work. So, take your time to grief, feel the resentment and bitterness before you take on the world once more. It'll only make your success that much sweeter!

As we were walking out the hall, my Khadra said, "I like your purple friend, mom." See, even the little one knows...

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My Absence..

So, we were at Awana, Genting Highlands for a 5-day Managing Across Cultures course. It was meant to prepare managers who would be going on international postings / assignments. The day would start at 8.30am and end at 11.00pm daily. There were lectures, lectures, lectures, case study presentation in the form of a sketch (I loike acting!) and we had to come out with an action plan to resolve the 'real' issues when we get back to the office. So, it really was 5-days (and more!) of hard work..

The course is simply an eye-opener for me. We were very lucky to get prominent speakers in the field to come talk to us. We had Dr. Paddy Bowie, an 83-year old Oxon who has been in Malaysia for 53 years. Gosh, she's been here even longer than Malaysia's independence. (She's also the one who gave the Oxford toast at the Boatrace Gala Dinner) We had our personality trait profiled by Peter Shephard, and I am a high RED. This cluster represents sociability and expressiveness. According to the CREDO Personality Profile, people with high RED scores are:
More extroverted, warm and friendly. Good at greeting people, uninhabited. Expressive with eye contact and gestures. Initiates and responds. More spontaneous, optimistic and cheerful. Likes excitement. Moves at a more vigorous speed. - I guess that kinda summarizes me. ;)

There was also Dr. Asma Abdullah, the cultural guru who happens to be an old-TKCian and Peter's wife - so when she talks about across cultures, she really knows what she's talking about. Then, there was Sverre Stoje, a Swedish who gave a very entertaining and expressive talk on Change. We also had the priviledge of having a Life Coach onboard in the form of Ms Su-Chzeng. Last but not least, we had a very special main instructor, Mr Mano Maniam, who is more well known as an actor than a culture expert! So, that was the icing to the cake!

In between, we also managed to slot in a 2-hour karaoke session. I didn't know that I was surounded by such karaoke junkies. But of course, I find that the microphone is in my hand, most of the time. (I am a self-confessed karaoke-biatch!) It was really kinda hectic for us but I managed to find some more 'me' time and finally finished I Am Muslim by Dina Zaman. ;) (Not gonna go into that until later, ok? )

I just needed to emphasize that we worked really hard that week... We honestly did. Honest!

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Kids Say..

I just came back from Genting for a 5-day course (this could make up a post in itself) around 2pm yesterday and the rest of the day was spent with my two kids and better half. I just LOVE my kids' reactions greeting me at the front door. As soon as I rang the doorbell, I could hear small footsteps shuffling and small, high-pitched excitement going on behind the door. True enough, waiting for me were the sweetest little faces you could ever imagine, jumping up and down, calling my name.. A picture of true bliss... :)

So, I'll just leave you with this little peek into our life and show you what I have to deal with on a daily basis!

We were driving along Federal Highway the other day when Khadra asked me;
Khadra: Mom, you know the circle and line with a bike on it?
Mom: Yeah?
Khadra: That means the bike can not go on the road because it's dangerous, right?
Mom: Yeah.. 
Khadra: That means we can ride the bike in our house, right?
Mom: Huh?
Wah... Sungguh power penakulan mantik dia... She was actually justifying why she rides her bike in the house!

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Friday, April 06, 2007

She Quoted Me!

Just a little tak larat coz she quoted me in her testimonials.. I am testimonial number 9 after the likes of Kenny Sia, Dina Zaman, Juliana Ibrahim, Ruby Ahmad... Eh, tiba-tiba , ada lak Dilla Zaghlol.. :) (kembang hidung....)

and I quote:
This girl is 25 years of age and is turning her dreams into a reality. I was taken with what she has accomplished in such a short time. The sheer determination and hard work. I am really impressed!" ~ Dilla Zaghlol
Waaaaa... I feel like my opinion matters... heh heh heh
Don't forget to vote Ninie for Nescafe Kickstart! Type NK NINIE and send to 33511 or dial 13721 and press '2' for Ninie from 7 APRIL to 15 APRIL 2007 to see HatiYoga available at more adidas outlets and newstands nationwide.

Jangan lupa, aaaa!!!!

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We Are The Champions!!

Eversince 28 February 2007, we (whom will be disclosed shortly) have been diligently practising our strokes and such at the Putrajaya Lake Club. We = staff of my lovely company who once attended Oxford or Cambridge or any of the London schools. (Note the operative word is ATTENDED and NOT graduated. Had it been the latter, I would not have qualified)

The event that we were looking forward to was the Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race 2007 that was scheduled on the 1st of April 2007. There were to be numerous races on that fateful day;
1. The original and traditional - coxed four sweep boat race between Oxford and Cambridge
2. The invitational - coxless four skull boat race between Oxford and Cambridge and Harvard
3. The oriental - dragon boat race between Oxbridge, TM, Harvard and Deloitte.
(note: coxed means that there is another person on the boat who shouts commands and steers the boat while the rowers just concentrate on rowing. coxless just means without the cox, la)

So, our task was to form a winning boat and grab that inaugral trophy back to the office! The practise sessions were rather fun. We were allowed out by 4pm , twice weekly to go to the Putrajaya Lake Club for a little warm up, paddling and some treats (in the form of Mini Milkyway, Mini Mars and Mini Snickers) At least , I thought it was not that tiring, the rowers might feel otherwise. You see, it was my job to sit at the helm of the dragon boat, shouting commands and encouragements (personally, that's what I call it) to the guys. Don't do any rowing anymore -- pregnant, remember?

So, on the actual race day itself, we were greeted by some drizzles here and there, the weather was very cooperative in trying to simulate the actual event by the River Thames.
Unfortunately though for our first race against the Oxbridge team, it was raining cats and dogs and all of us got totally soaked. :( Picked the 10 rowers (we had one extra) and the TM boat made our way to the starting line. While waiting under the bridge, we saw the distant silhoutte of the Oxbridge team struggling to get to the starting buoy. Haa!! Ada can nak makan ni.. heh heh heh Suffice to say, we won that round by a few boat's length and we were through to the FINALS. Now it was down to either Harvard or Deloitte. 

In the second semi-finals, Harvard pulled through and they seemed a little more together than we had hoped. Plus the fact that my Boss was rowing in the Harvard boat - the finals could be a little tougher than expected. The time came for the final dash in front of the Putrajaya Lake Club and - as the post's title tells you - it was no surprise that we emerged as champions! Got the trophy to prove it! heh heh heh

Boss has promised to take us out for a victory lunch soon and there's also the Boat Gala Dinner at Carcosa this Saturday.. Uuuu, I feel very posh all of a sudden..

* Pix courtesy of Shazz. Got more pix to upload later.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

A New Responsibility

The recent Annual General Meeting for Srikandi last Saturday was a little special than usual coz we also had the launching of DSUS - Dari Srikandi Untuk Srikandi; a compilation of recipes by Srikandis. To make it more special, I also contributed a recipe in it! (ahem!) So murah one.. Just RM25 only. I bought a copy and got it signed by the authors... :) To start off the event, we also had the marhaban seeing that it was also Prophet Muhammad's birthday, that day. Srikandis - all so multi-talented one... heh heh heh After the AGM, we had the normal round of delicious hi-tea sans the Karaoke session. (also because of Maulidur-rasul . Come on lah, AF Concert pun postponed, tau!)

Anywho, this year's AGM also saw me committing to yet another responsibility. I am now one of the two internal auditors in the Srikandi's 2007-2009 exco. Now, ask me how I got elected. Did I hear a distictive how from way behind the room? Well, I was just minding the board where you write the name of the potential candidates (actually replacing Norzu who just left the stage 'coz she too got nominated) when I suddenly heard someone nominating me instead. Hmmmm... Fluke aje tu..

You know, I have always had a soft spot for Srikandi. I spent some of my time volunteering for the Golden Jubilee Celebration in JB last year. Well, a lot of my time, actually.. :) I take part as much as I can in all their sponsored activities - treasure hunt (recall the Afro Goons), watching people play futsal, the AGMs, the annual dinners, buy the merchandise... I am poyo like that. Maybe, just maybe it's because I just treasure my time back in STF so much. I am not saying that they were ALL happy times - there were moments, you know.. But I am glad though - I just want to give back to the alumni as much as I can. Maybe it's time for me to commit...
So, there we have it.. The next meeting will be on 14th April 2007 and we need to come up with a wish list on what we want the society to do for the next couple of years. 

Need to start writing: 
1. Get Anuar Zain for annual dinner... 
2. Get Anuar Zain to officiate treasure hunt... (heh heh heh)

More pix here: Leymah's Fotopages (TQ Leymah for the lovely pix)

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