Sunday, January 06, 2008

Thirty Three

.. and counting. Hoop-de-doo!

The whole family was at our humble abode the night before. Since it was a spontaneous plan, we ended up having rice with chicken korma (courtesy of Illa) and Parmi fried loads of chicken with a plate of omelette and sambal belacan at the side. Not very fancy, I know.. We ended the night with a happy birthday song and me cutting the obligatory birthday cake. (Had chocolate cheese cake this year which was absolute yum!)

Azrul treated me to a birthday lunch at Victoria Station. We had the usual Indonesian Oxtail soup and Chili Spare Ribs. The birthday girl decided on Lobster Thermidor as a special treat. The food was good but the ambience was better. Since ours was a late lunch - the 3pm crowd was almost non-existent. The kids were really having a time of their life, running around the restaurant and acting like their grandfather owned it. Since there were no other patrons at that time, we just let them enjoy driving the train and going round and round the coach for the umpteenth time.

Speaking about Coach... Have a look at my brand new find and salivate!
My very own Bleecker Flap Leather Duffle bag. I love you, Azrul... Maybe another one next year? heh heh heh

-dillz blogging out-

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Short Break

We took the opportunity to go down south the New Year weekend with Ziezi's family. The plan was to stay in Orchard Road for one night for intense shopping session and also half-a-day at Sentosa Island for the kids' enjoyment.

We managed a superb rate at the Grand Central Hotel (behind Le Meridien) thanks to Ziezi's persuassive bargaining power which was OK in location and conveniently had a Halal hawker stall nearby for lunch and dinner. After the first wave of shopping at Robinsons', hubby and I unanimously decided that it was easier to get the shopping done withOUT the kids. So, we sent the elder ones back to the room , under the watchful eyes of Parmi.

Off we went; me , hubby and Khaleeda in her Baby Bjorn carrier for some serious shopping. (That carrier is a real God-sent! She looked so snug in it and was practically asleep most of the time) Shopping with Khaleeda was a breeze coz the malls here have sufficient facilities for nursing and baby changing. The breastfeeding rooms were comfy & clean and I was rather surprised to see many mothers were breastfeeding their babies here. Even saw one lady expressing her milk during one of Khaleeda's breaks-- heh heh heh..

Thankfully, we didn't do much damage shopping this time round. It was mostly for the kids and I was very happy when I managed to get the Bumbo seats for Khaleeda for S$69.00. Have been trying to get one in KL but to no avail; seems that the stocks have run out around here. For myself, got a hell of a bargain at Polo Ralph Lauren for a raw denim low-cut jeans. Me very happy, me likey! Other than that, biasa-biasa je....

The Sentosa Island trip was purely for the kids. We were in time for the animal encounter show and even crossed a hanging wobbly bridge for some photo op. The kids were a little upset when they found out that they couldn't go swimming in the sea. In fact, Khadra was the loudest in expressing her disappointment;
"We are doing NOTHING at the beach?"
Amboi, marah ke makcik?? heh heh heh

Wanted to watch The Sounds of the Sea but the earlier show was already full-housed. So, we headed to Arab Street for dinner instead. There was a long row of restaurants serving all sorts of food. Taste-wise, I thought that it wasn't anything much to shout about. We have better tasting food here. But, I was mighty impressed that the Singaporeans did not double-park and all vehicles were parked in their designated spaces. Seriously...

-dillz blogging out-