Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mommy Day!

Sorry guys, been pretty tied these past week. Let's just blame work and also I have been just too tired for anything lately. I don't go around vomitting and my appetite is pretty great, so sometimes I forget that I am already 12 weeks pregnant. It seems that even after a long nap, I still feel tired and my time is spent mostly on sleeping and sleeping and more sleeping. So, that kinda took away my time for blogging. (Excuses, excuses.. heh heh heh)

Anywho, Happy Mommy's Day! It's still not too late, right? I came home last Saturday to a glowing 4-year old who immediately started to frantically search for something in the living room, whilst yelling out to her bibik, "Flower Card.. Mana flower card, bibik?" She then looked at me desperately, almost at the brink of tears.. "My bibik doesn't understand me, mom.."

I already knew that she wanted to give me the "secret" card she's been hiding from me since Friday. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and she simply wanted to get me her card... I told Parmi (the bibik) what Khadra was looking for and she took the cards out of hiding. Khadra presented to me both the cards and beamed when she said, "Happy Mother's Day, mommy! We made this for you. " I hugged her tight and she said,"I love you, mom. You're the best mother in the world!" (Khadra also proclaimed, "I am the coolest kid in the world!" but that is besides the point, lah) So, yeah. I had a good mother's day. What more could you ask for, huh?

-dillz blogging out-


david santos said...

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e W a Z a g h L o L said...

aWw So SweEEEeeeeeeeeeeeT la ur anaks~ ish geram nye.... khaLeeq dah besar! pandai tulis... nak jumpe dorang!!!! hehe kakak sempat buat statement :P Love&MishU2Kiddos~

.ems gems. said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. *speechless*

btw, did u get my text?

Sharifah Munirah said...

Nak anak gak! Pandai mcm 2 ekor ni. tapi tanak kawin, tanak beranak, tanak jaga. hahaha. pinjam bole? Kak Ngah, bila nak breakfast?

e W a Z a g h L o L said...

ye la ye la breakfast kat raju's la tu... buhsan! (jealous pls~)

Along said... sweet!! Siap cemas lagi tu..

Dania also made a few cards for me for Mother's Day. Siap ada english version and Mandarin version. :D

It's times like this that I cherish Motherhood.

D.N.A.S said...

I got cards too. But, when they handed them to me they said, 'Mak, ni kad. Teacher suruh kasi mak.' Heheheh... sungguh honest anak2ku.

Anonymous said...

awwwww thats the sweetest thing! anak2 awak sgt pandai plsss. want my kids to be as pandai as yours(heh bila la ni.. few years to come)

Inn said...

sweet. dem! my biological clock just kicked so hard. hehe

Faiez Idrus said...

Alahhhhhhhh.... so sweet! Ur son so handsome lah! Hehe. I wonder how it feels actually having kids of your own? Hmmm...

drbubbles said...

selalu dah bloghopped at your blog nieh, you same batch dengan si Arnie Fadzilah lah kan? she did her matrics at my almamater, STAR.tu yang kenal dia tu. by chance, do you know where is she now?

WANSHANA said...

Dear Dilla,

How's life, sis? Hope everything's okay.

I have been checking your blog every now and then for updates - kehampaan... :(

So, I thought - maybe if you're tagged, you don't have to think too much about what to write and just follow the tag rules?

So, sis...You're tagged! Eherks?!!

Details of the tag/meme are in my blog. Take your time...but, not too long, eh? ;)

Take care, dear.

dillazag said...

Ewa --> You should see what they came up with for Father's day! :)

Emms --> Yup, I did. (Why do I bother to reply this comment.. You are already here, la!)

Munz --> Please pinjam so that I can have some quiet time for me! hah hah hah Bila nak Raju's?

Ewa --> Jangan jeles... ;)

dillazag said...

Along --> So true.. :) It beats those times you wanna throw them out the window, doesn't it? heh heh heh

d.n.a.s --> Lurus benar.. Tak sentimentel langsung.. heh heh heh

sitisarah --> I am sure they will be. With your personality, I bet they will be, dear :)

inn --> Tick tock tick tock.. You can always pinjam mine. They are for hire, you know.. :)

dillazag said...

faiez --> terasa lebih coz Noi dapat baby, eh? :) it's a strange feeling, really. at times you'll love the times you have with them while at other times you just wish that they'd leave you alone.. heh heh heh

drbubbles --> Tak kenal lah Arnie fadzillah. From where, ya?

Kak Shana --> Sorry, sis. I dah update dah.. (finally). I've been tagged twice to this particular one. Will try to get round to doing it, okay? Bila nak coffee dgn awak ni?