Tuesday, August 09, 2011

There's Something Baking in the Oven

Alhamdulillah. Just discovered that I am pregnant with my fourth child last Friday. How I actually took the test is another drama in itself. (Typical me, apa yang tak dramanya)

I wasn't feeling too well last Friday, with my sore throat and had a fever developing. But, I had an interview with my auditee that I just could not cancel at the office. So, kugagahkan juga untuk bekerja. Tengah hari comes and the throat is getting sore-er and the temperature had gone higher. I felt miserable - must've looked like shite too. At one point I had my hoodie up and my hands tucked in the hoodie jacket coz it felt so cold.

On the same day, we had a sembahyang sunat tasbih for the muslimah scheduled at work. A very special once-in-a-year type of event that I didn't wanna miss. The seminar room was filled to the brim, it kinda reminded me of my days in STF. Lagi pulak the ustazah was excellent! Sangat syahdu. Especially masa dia baca doa. Memang mengundang air mata, maka dengan itu teresak-esaklah daku menangis. So, conclusion is my emotions memang dah tak stabil at that moment. What with my sore throat and fever. Nak telan air liur pun took a lot of effort. Sakit. Every single time.

Sangat emo. Sangat, sangat emo.

After some poking by my BFFs - Mira and Kynne, I decided that I would then go back to the doctor and get some antibiotics for the infection. But, since I was 4-5days late, I asked the doctor to run a pregnancy test so that he could prescribe me with the right kind of antibiotics that would be safe for pregnant ladies. Maka, kubuatlah test itew. And alhamdulillah, positif. :) I took the home test just this morning and the Clearblue pee stick showed a very strong + sign that indicated that I am indeed pregnant. Yeay!

Anyhoots, I am taking extra caution this time around in view of my 2 miscarriages last year in August and October. It doesn't hurt to be extra careful, kan?

So, the plan of action is as follows:
1. Make an appointment to see Dr Hamid Arshat as soon as possible. He might want to prescribe me with some other medicine as well as the normal dosage of folic acid and/or obimin and what have yous.
2. Jangan merenyah. Kena maintain ayu until at least the first trimester is over. That means I need to walk less and not carry any heavy items.
3. Sort out my remaining PT classes. Have to postphone it till the baby is here.
4. Just relax and enjoy my time. With loads of tidur. Lots and lots of sleeping. I loike. (Kudapat rasakan yang Imma be very tired most of the time. Dah berumur lah katakan)

Here's to a healthy and smooth pregnancy. Insya Allah...

-dillz blogging out-

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ya Ramadhan 1432

Salam! Salam!

Tup tap.. Tup tap.. Dah Ramadhan sekali lagi. I feel so blessed that we are given this chance yet again to welcome this holy month of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. Masa untuk beribadat. Berlatih untuk jadi lebih baik. Moga-moga amalan di bulan yang penuh berkat ini dapat dipanjangkan into bulan-bulan yang seterusnya. Insya Allah.. :)

Khadra and Khaleeq are back at fasting again. Alhamdulillah. We did not promise any incentives for fasting this year as we did back in 2009/1430H. (Read my post for welcoming Ramadhan in 1430H here , the DSLite post, the challenges for fasting kids and last year's post for 1431 here) So, we'll have to see how they fare this year.

Not much drama coming from Khadra. She really is a big girl now. I am trying to get her to solat 5 kali sehari now. It'll be easy when I am around. She'll just follow me when I perform my prayers. Masalah problemnya bila dia keseorangan - when I am not there due to work or whatever. Hmm.. Camna nak buat ni. Try je lah. Kot-kot berhasil.

Khaleeq pula. Well, he has many questions for me this year. I took leave on the first of Ramadhan, so I was there when he had a little meltdown. Wailing and crying and asking out loud, "Why did God ask us to do this? I am hungry. I am thirsty." Kesian tengok dia, but it was a little comical too. I instantly goggled images of "starving children" and shared it with him. He stopped his drama immediately and asked what was the matter with those kids. Boleh dikatakan menjadi jugakla tactic itu.

Khaleeda? Well, she'll be 4 in November this year. I asked her whether she wanted to try to puasa this year and she replied "No". Adoii... However, she does follow me to the mosque for Terawikh. Sometimes pakai telekung, sometimes just duduk aje kat tepi saya. OK la tu dik. Pelan-pelan kayuh.

Anyhoots, have a blessed month of Ramadhan to my readers yang seciput ini. Selamat berpuasa. Selamat berbuka. Selamat beribadah. Selamat bersahur.

I think I am finding my writing modjo this month! hihihihihi.. Talk to you soon..

-dillz blogging out-