Friday, July 06, 2007

Rendezvous in Redang

Had a well deserved break in Redang with the nucleous family plus some. My mom, my dad, my baby sister and my maid were there too. My 'tan-kuda of a brother was supposed to follow the Rombongan Che Kiah but couldn't make it due to work commitments. :( Boo-hoo.. But, we had to get on with the program anyways and left him behind!

The trip started with us boarding the Sani Express (owned by Sani of the now defunct Impressions boy-band) to Kuala Terengganu from Shah Alam. The seat was mighty comfortable and the kids were actually enjoying it. Nevermind the fact that they were asleep about 80% of the 8-9 hour journey. Khaleeq, on that day discovered his love for his hooded Thomas jacket -- he couldn't live without it now..

The ferry/boat transfer to the island took a little longer than I expected - enough to make my stomach squirm and for Khadra to spill a little of her guts onto her Aki. heh heh heh. Sorry, dad.. The lodging that welcomed us was actually quite pleasant. No fancy schmanzy stuff; just the basic room with bed and shower, a self-service canteen that rings a meal bell when food is served - along with a 24-hour bread and hot beverage counter, a scuba/snorkel centre, a tv area near the pub that magically turned into a karaoke parlour / disco come night-time plus 2 stores where we get our daily ice-cream fix from. The 3-days, 2-nights package even includes 3 complimentary snorkeling trip per person.

Lots of fun in the sea, the sand and the sun. (which explains my mysterious tan) The kids actually ended up swimming in the sea with their arm floaties (literally) , the big 'uns indulged in deep water snorkelling and we even took our mom and dad for a private karaoke session at the Laguna resort nearby. By the end of the period, Khaleeq was not willing to leave the island, Khadra wants to do this many more times and I was just glad we got the transfer back to mainland on the speedboat this time. :)

3-days, 2-night package in Redang Pelangi Resort= RM380 per head. Sani Express for a KL-Kuala Terengganu return trip = RM63 pax. Boat transfer from Merang jetty to the island = RM10 per person. Khadra saying, "Thank you mom, for taking us to the beach" before she closed her eyes to sleep that night = PRICELESS.

-dillz blogging out-


paranoid android said...

awesome trip indeed.... :)

e W a Z a g h L o L said...

wish we were there kangs~ with ibu n encik sumore! what more can i say... JEALOUS pls!

Yan said...

Yeaa!! You're back!! Yep, been missing your celotehs... ;)

Inn said...

the joy of having ur own family. Adorable little ones. It's a beautiful entry kak zilla :)

D.N.A.S said...

Waaaa... you kids know how to say Thank You. My kids will usually say, "mak, lain kali kita datang sini lagi, ye?" That means diorang suka lah tu. Hehehe.

dillazag said...

p.a. --> yup, definitely was!

ewa --> jangan jeles.. nanti you all balik, kita pergi lagi, okies???

yan --> i missed you too.. baru dapat a breather ni.. :)

dillazag said...

inn --> thanks, babe.. :) datangla visit lagi .. heh heh heh

d.n.a.s --> laki / pompuan tak sama... kena kerja keras dapatkan a girl, la you... heh heh heh..