Sunday, December 09, 2007

Six, One & Four years olds

Ziezi had a birthday bash for all her kids on Saturday, 8th December 2007. Naqib turned 6 on 10.11.07, Heleyna Zahra turned Uno on 1.12.07 and Nelysa Khadija will be four on 30.12.07. So, why not have them all at once? Penat sekali je..

We were supposed to come in early to help out with the preparations. But we had some errands to run that morning and didn't get there until 2.30pm (the party was scheduled to start at 3pm). heh heh heh It was very festive-like, loads of balloons, streamers and brightly decorated tables and chairs. There was a nail art station and sand art station already set up. I volunteered to open up a face painting booth for the kids. (Cover datang lambat, maa) Though I could not eat the meehoon goreng and Nasi Dagang served at the party, we did have a lot of fun.. Check out the collage!-dillz blogging out-


Anonymous said...

wish i was there! sure lagi meriah kan? hihi i can imagine the suasana... Rindu korang smua pls! Heleyna, Khaleeda & Laiqa lagi rindu!! and not to forget Sharisz :P So chomel the kids!

dillazag said...

Anonymous --> is that you, Ewa?