Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Salted Egg Crab

I keep on losing my recipes. Just the other day, I was looking for the brown banana pecan muffin recipe which is tried and tested by yours truly. Syukur that I remembered that I blogged about it before. And true enough I found it. Alhamdulillah.  

So I'm just thinking of documenting the recipes that I would like to share with you guys as well as for my future recipe. Here goes..

This particular one got raving reviews from le Laki. It's the Salted Egg Crab, recipe courtesy of the ever sweet Kak Haizah. (@haizahzainol) 

Salted egg crab

Crab ( around 1kg) 
Black pepper
8 salted duck eggs (hard boiled)
Curry leaves 
Pandan leaves
Cili padi 
Ideal evaporated milk

Prepare and wash the crab - I take off the top shell and chop off the bottom triangular thingy. Halve the body and take off the first major claw. Wash it slightly and put in marinating bowl. 
Marinate with slices of garlic, ginger and black pepper for at least half and hour. 

Squash the hard boiled salted eggs - 8 yolk and 3 white eggs. I find the easiest way to get the yolk out is by halving the hard boiled egg and scooping the yolk out with a spoon. 

Coat the crabs with corn flour then deep fried it and put aside. Instead of deep frying, I used the airfryer and it worked just fine too. 

Now you are ready to prepare the sauce. In a wok, heat the butter, about 2 sprigs of curry leaves, a good handful cili padi (just take off the top) and pandan leaves. Stir until you can smell the fragrant aroma and take care not to let the butter burn. 

Put in the squashed boiled salted eggs (8 parts of white and only 3 yolks) together with the Ideal evaporated milk, about half a tin and some black pepper. Throw in the crab and mix well so that the crabs are well coated with the sauce.


Happy trying!!