Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Layered Me

Was tagged by the lovely D.N.A.S , my senior from high school. She was also my dormmate, and the one who taught me the many ways to avoid being caught by prefects when I accidentally missed the riadah at the wee hours in the morning. (It was her and Kak Paie, actually) heh heh heh How I missed those days....

OK, here goes nothing! ;)

Layer One: On the Outside
Name: Azlul Adilah Zaghlol. My friends call me Dilla, friends from my earlier days call me Azlul, some super seniors from my high school call me Jelul.. :)~~
Birthdate: January 6th, 1975. 32 in 2007.
Current status: Married, mother of 2 and a quarter
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Man-made dark red with red highlights and an inch of black roots. You can't actually see this, coz I wear a gypy-styled scarf!
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Layer Two: On the Inside
My heritage: Malay - Dad's from Bohor Bahru, Temerloh, Pahang and Mom's from Datuk Keramat, Selangor. Dad's ancestors came from Padang and apparently mom's side came over from Minangkabau. (*whisper*.. and her great-great-grandpa could fly.. Spooky, huh?)
My fears: Losing my kids.
My Weaknesses: Procastinating Perfectionist.
My perfect pizza: Pizza Uno! The bomb!

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My thoughts first thing when I wake up: Today cuti, ka?
My bedtime: Latest by 11:30 pm lately, coz I feel soooo tired nowadays.
My most missed memory: Of my carefree childhood, especially those years in STF.

Layer Four: My picks
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
Mc Donald's or Burger King: Mc Donald's
Single or Group Dates: Single (I am romantic, one..)
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Tea or Nestea: Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Cappucino or Coffee: Cappucino (So posh, like that...)

Layer Five: Do I
Smoke: Never, but really wanted to try it just to see how it feels. Even asked my then-bf to teach me at one point in time. However, can not 'coz of my asthma.
Curse: Does "Oh mak engkau jatuh!" counts? If not, not really..
Take a shower: Not as much as I'd like to .
Have a crush: Not now.
Think I've Been In love: Just once.
Go to school: Yes! Yes! Yes!
Want to get married: Already am.
Believe in myself: Definitely. Sometimes overly so.. heh heh heh
Think I'm a health freak: Nope!

Layer Six: In the past month
Drank alcohol: Never.
Gone to the mall: Are you serious? Of course.
Been on stage: Yup and I love it! Attention- seeker!
Eaten Sushi: Pantang, carrying a foetus in my belly.
Dyed your hair: For my birthday.

Layer Seven: Have I ever
Played a stripping game: Nope! (But would love to *wink wink to hubby*)
Changed who I am to fit in: Not really.

Layer Eight: Age
I am hoping to be married: Taken - since I was 27 years old.

Layer Nine: What was I doing
1 min ago: Replying my comments
1 hour ago: Attending a training
4.5 hours ago: Sending off my kids to school
1 month ago: Balik kampung.. o.o.o Balik kampung...
1 year ago: Nothing much.. just completed my MBA

Layer Ten: Finish The Sentence
I love: Arty, creative stuff - face painting, scrapbooking, singing, acting..
I feel: that I very blessed and lucky to have been dealt the cards that I have.
I hate: to be WRONG! I am ALWAYS right!
I hide: my resentments and try to look at things in a positive light.
I need: a back massage!

Layer Eleven: Tag 5 people

-dillz blogging out-


ruby ahmad said...

Hi Dillazag,

Heyyy...kena tag rupa nya..he he. Thanks for thinking of me. My dear, I hope it's ok if I did it after my trip. Will be back early May. Ok. Take care sweetie.

Zook said...

K.Dilla? You ter'missed' riadah? Hhehhe...still remember me hiding in the closet pepagi kalau lambat gi tennis court :b

Enna said...

hi k dilla,just dropping by to say hi!-Enna-

dillazag said...

Kak Ruby --> Of course it's OK! :) Just thought it'll be interesting to see your answers.

Zook --> 'Ter" coz tak bangun... bukannya sengaja.. heh heh heh I pun nyorok dalam closet jugak.. Nasib baik masa tu cenonit aje.. Senang sikit...

enna --> OMG! Is that you???? Velkam, velkam... Selalu selalu drop by, ya... :)