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Monday, January 08, 2007

Great News to Start the New Year

Just a little update from my previous posts. You know, the one from the 'other' place I used to call home.
I AM STILL ALIVE!! :) Obviously. I am NOT writing from the Land of the Dead. I was admitted on the 27th of December 2006 and I had a real breakdown the day before. Primarily I was worried about the anesthesia, not so much on the actual surgical procedure. I have an underlying asthma condition so my main worry was that I would not come out of my 'sleep'. I was not ready to leave my hubby and my kids. So, I cried in the shower and I broke down again when I tried to talk to hubby about it. The main thing that kept me going was the principle that if it was time, then I'd be gone anyways. In many other ways -- it didn't have to be through this particular operation, right? So, I did the next best thing , I got myself a nice manicure and pedicure. At least, my nails were buffed up real nice and I would go in-style!
Seriously though, my family came to send me off before I was wheeled off to the Operation Theatre in Level One of Pantai Medical Centre. I was kept at the reception area which undoubtedly was a scary place to be in. We were in this little area partitioned by a drapey curtain and I could here the next bed uncle wanting to go wee-wee and the nurse double-checking a Malay looking patient with a Chinese name tag. "Salah ni.. Wrong name lah.." Ai-yoo.. I kept on saying the Syahadah and read any Surah that I could remember. My ENT specialist and the anaesthesist (?) came for a little visit and answered all my last minute questions and that did make me a little better. After a little bit more of waiting, an abang wheeled me into Operations Theatre 2 at about 1pm and I was prepped. I remembered a needle poking into my left wrist and after a minute of so...

Wake up girl, wake up...

I tried to clear my throat and say something but I couldn't. Where is this place? , I wondered. I looked around and the clock on the wall showed it was now 3.25pm. It's over? It's over and I am still alive.. Alhamdulillah... :) Yahoo!!!!! I was wheeled back to my room with two strings coming out of my nostrils. Apparently, they were holding gauzes that was put in place to stop the bleeding.
I won't bore you with the image of blood gushing out of my nose the next day when the gauze were pulled out. It basically went well and I can tolerate the aircond now!!! No more blocked nose.. Yeay!

We've got the car and I have the pictures to prove it!

Azrul is very pleased. ;)

-dillz blogging out-


cikPijah said...

happy belated birthday!! nice car! like the plate number! :P baper lama kena tunggu for tht car eh?

dillazag said...

cikpijah --> muah ha ha ha ha
Nasib kitorang baikkkk... Tak berapa lama... But I heard the next batch bulan April baru release...
muah ha ha ha ha ha

Good to see you in my new home.. ;)

Anonymous said...

nanti tumpang naik pegi KFC lagi.. hehehe


che' nah said...

ahhh... can now leave feedbacks! :) -- teehee... i didn't realise you were THAT phobic on the whole OT thingy... haha... sowee about the sms mintak maaf for everything then.. but hey... you're still ALIVE! *ngee*

a 'appy belated one from me as well... i have very good reason for forgetting (honestly!)... :P

rajin2 la update hor...

kaynie said...

k dilla, cun keta+no plate? apa free gift u dpt skali?
btw it was funny reading your fear of the op thing..teringat nk bsalin op, punyelah ketar!

dillazag said...

Giggsy --> Gi Pizza Uno pun boley. (Teringat lak kat pizza dia. Yummy)

che' nah --> SMS mu mengetarkan hati ku.. :( heh heh heh Gerun gak baca sms cenggitu

kaynie --> Free gift? What free gift?
I had the same conversation with my friend yesterday. She was also relating to her birth experience.

Amy said...

Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaa kak dilla is back.Miss u kak.. happy belated birthday. Am glad we're in the same 'house'now :P
Kaynie ni bukan budak ADP4 ke? Betul ke?:)

kaynie said...

k dilla,
bukanke toyota offer mcm2 to its buyers each mth? cash vouchers, trips to mana2, free tv la etc. keje i monitor all these promos, tu yg tanya...besides camry's the most expensive car kan? mesti ada sthing, unless u get a huge rebate off la

Dilla said...

Amy --> heh heh heh Aku stop sat sebab takut nak mati hari tu... But, I am back now.... ;)
Kaynie = Kay ADP 4

Kaynie --> Ooooo.. promo tu utk nak habihkan stock je. new models takde hadiah....