Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Ibu's Day!

I am a mom of three. The first is a girl, Khadra (7 yo in June 2010); the second one is a boy, Khaleeq (6 yo in July 2010) and my baby girl is Khaleeda (3 yo in November 2010). So, every 2nd Sunday in the month of May I am entitled to celebrate Mother's Day with other mothers in Malaysia and probably Asia. (coz apparently people from other parts of the world celebrate them on different days ;) )

I am in no way a perfect mom. Never claimed that I am a supermom. Simply coz I am not. Just a woman trying her very best in raising three kids and balancing her career, family and social life. Sometimes there are good days for this Ibu and sometimes there are bad, ugly ones. After a disagreement / fight with my kids, I sometimes get little notes such as below slipped under the door of my bedroom. It simply affirms that I am just human after all.
First paper reads: Dear Ibu, I don't like you. I'm so sorry. Love, K1 Picture of a broken heart with "Broken" written on it.
Second paper reads: I'm sure you don't like me too. Put a (Tick) if you like me or an (X) if you don't like me.

To which I answered as:
(Tick) and I love you too. Love, Ibu.

After she read that, she gave me a hug and smiled the biggest smile. It saddens me, that she would think I would love her any less since we had a disagreement. Khadra, do know that you would always be my first born daughter and I would love you unconditionally till the day that I die. Yes, she has a lot of jiwa, my Khadra (takes after her Achu, I think)

But being a mommy brought me a share of many happy memories too. The little DIY gifts and art pieces, the achievements be it little or big, the running around and round the bean bag, the completion of a milestone, the great big bear hugs, the incessant kisses, the private family performances and the checking up on you to make sure that you are OK. Those are the images that I hold onto so dearly to give me the strength and perseverance to go on - to keep doing what I am doing coz it is a sign that I have been doing something right too. I wrote about some of it in my Mom's day 2009 post last year and another one in the Mom's Day 2007 - she said that I was the best mother in the world, then! hihihihihi.

Here's someone who's been doing it right. My very own Ibu - she has 7 kids, an illustrious career and loved by all. (Am still wondering how she managed that!)

She is my source of reference and I do adore her so very much. Now that I have my very own kids, I appreciate her even more. I understand where the nags are coming from, all from a beautiful heart filled with love. I remember one time I was so overwhelmed with mommy duties that I wrote an entry for my mom. She was in London at the time, visiting my sister Ema and she actually commented on the post. hihihihihihi. There was this other time when i was ranting about what I sometimes want from life, she wrote almost an entire paragraph in the comments section that went like this:
datuk azizah said... Syabas i am so glad ibu2 muda sekarang dah pandai menyesuaikan diri sebagai ibu. do only whatever u are capable of, don't stress yourself semata2 only on perkara duniawi ini, ingatlah give the kids whatever yg menjadi your tanggungjawab as orang ISLAM semoga mendapat kejayaan di dunia dan akhirat. Give the best to your husband and children. But...remember anak2 dan harta hanya merupakan perhiasan dunia,yang akan ditinggalkan apabila kita kembali menemui ALLAH, yang kita bawa adalah bekalan ASA {amanah saham akhirat) bukannya ASB. Oleh itu jangan lupa isilah tabung ASA anda sekarang juga selagi masih hidup dengan melakukan amalan soleh kerana mati tak mengenal umur, lebih2 lagi dunia sekarang yang penuh stress ini. tak menjadi kesalahan kita mencari harta dunia asalkan halal dan tidak menyeksa diri sendiri dengan melampau. Jangan jadi orang yang cari harta dunia sampai tak sempat beramal ibadat kejalan Allah, tiba2 sakit , mati, orang lain yang enjoy. ASA kosong ,dirinya diseksa terpekik melolong, tak ada siapa dapat menolong! fikir2kanlah. sekadar ingatan ikhlas seorang ibu.
Ya, Ibu saya IT savvy - she has a facebook account and she sometimes reads my blog (and leave comments too). I love you so very much, Ibu. She is just the best!

So, to all mommies out there - in good times and in bad times , have a very Happy Mother's Day, y' all! :)

-dillz blogging out-


kucingorengemok said...

"i don't like you, i'm so sorry"? alaaa, that's so sad+sweet+comel all rolled into 1... happy mother's day :)

the principal said...

happy mother's day to you.

p/s : shahrul always puji ur mom & ur dad awesome couple.

kyakash said...

Ur a supermom and I'm sure ur kids think the world of you :-) Have a wonderful day!

dillazag said...

What can I say.. Budak2 zaman sekarang, they wear their heart on their sleeves and not afraid to tell people what they really think. Hihihihi
Thanks for the wishes, dear. :)

dillazag said...

Happy mother's day to you, the mother of so many pre-schoolers in your wonderful school. :)
Have a good day too, kakak! :)

dillazag said...

Right back atcha baybeh! :)

ICA said...

Dilla, wow..beautiful words.. Have a wonderful day today with your love ones...:))

KS said...

Aaawwwww so sweet la entry ni :-)

anak pempwan mmg byk jiwa kot. Haihh bila la
saya nak dapat notes2 gitu heheee...

Happy mom's day kak dilla!! U mmg superwoman! ;-)

ZaTiL said...

Cute Khadra with her little notes :)

Harith only loves me when Azrul is not around (outstation) "I don't love u, i love ayah only" My son is so direct!

The Momster said...

Khadra's note is so cute! And that's a lovely family photo you have there... :)

dillazag said...

Thanks so much honey. I hope you had a wonderful day with your 2 angels as well! :)

Boys and girls memang lain sikit. Especially bab jiwa - jiwa ni. Time to try for a girl, then? hihihihihihi
happy mommy's day to you too, babe!

dillazag said...

Oh I so understand that. Khaleeda macam ada her own ranking and preference list. Kalau yang Rank #1 takde, dia manja2 dengan Rank #2. hihihihi
Happy Mother's day to you, dear!

There's no escaping her thoughts - she really tells me what she feels. Tapi, dia ni cepat terasa and cepat nak recover. :)
Happy Mother's day to you, my dear.

ms ngantuk said...

k dilla,
khadra's such a drama queen hahaha! but you're a great mom; trying to juggle it all n still making time for everyone. and i rasa your mom pun sgt hebat.. well all mothers are kan?

happy mother's day.. everyday!

dillazag said...

I think most people would perasan that they are the one who has the greatest mom on earth. Coz I do! Just hope that my children would feel that about me, some of the times too. :)

I second your everyday celebrations!

KS said...

kak dilla,

mmglah gedik tau nak anak pempwan pula.. cumanya... skang dah bestlah tido tanpa perlu bgn malam buat/pam susu :P bagi sikit masa lagi hehehhhe

dillazag said...

Seronok kan , anak-anak dah reti bahasa semua. Tak yah bangun malam semua..
Have a breather. Nanti dah ready, try lagi.. :) You are still young lah hun.