Monday, May 17, 2010

My Road to Health : Week 1 Scorecard

I was touched by toughcookie's tweets yesterday. Our replies to each other went something like this:
toughcookee reached d pool n realised it is actually raining. baru semangat nak swim nightly... huhu how to kurus la @dillazag??
dillazag @toughcookee hahahaha. Not heated pun you berani turun. Bagus2. teruskan semangat! :)
toughcookee @dillazag hehe... the semangat came from u la.. tu yg i semangat tu. tapi sekarang potonnnggg... :(
dillazag @toughcookee Takpe2. Start again, babeh. Every day is a new beginning. Esok plak try!
toughcookee @dillazag susah sgt want to get off my butt but i kept thinking abt u so tht i can be strong. tu yg a little frustrtd. takpe... esok eh...
So, miss toughcookie, I thought I'd keep both our semangat going. Instead of telling you want I wanted to do, I decided to tell you what I have done. This is, of course, in regards to all things related to me getting healthier (and hotter). The rights and the wrongs. Yes, even that McDonald's dinner will be included. ;)

I wanted to keep the scores for myself. You know, to keep me motivated. And maybe to keep you going too. :)

All in all I thought I have been really good this week. The intent to do as well as actually doing it :)
  • Had my first PT session on Monday where I did a little bit of cardio and was introduced to the various muscle machines. Then we did some stretching. I was told to continue with my cardio after PT session was done. I did 20 minutes on the bike, maintaing 85rpm (or above) all the while.
  • Walked up the stairs twice this week, from the 3rd floor (where the office cafe is) to my office on the 9th floor. Am proud of that! Have enlisted @adnil9 as my companion. We try to keep each other motivated. :)
  • Went to the gym again on Wednesday, this time before work. After I dropped off Khadra at school, I did a quick cardio on the elliptical and had a quick shower. Was all hyper and it really started off the day tremendously. :)
  • PT was cancelled on Friday, but I went in anyways and joined the Latin Mix group exercise. Danced and got sweaty all in one. Me likey!
  • Accompanied Khadra for her Kids Yoga on Saturday while I did a quick cardio on the elliptical. Did the weight loss program this time.
  • I had time to go to the gym on Sunday, but decided against it as I declared Sunday as my rest day! Didn't want to overwhelm my body with too much! :)
Started slowly this week with:
  • Cut out my air kaler-kaler. No carbonated drinks, or coffee, or teh ais on weekdays. Can only indulge on weekends.
  • Drank at least 2litres of water in a day. Did marvellously at the office coz I have one of those water tumblers with the measurements on it. Somewhat a challenge at home coz I was not keeping tabs on how much water I have drank.
  • Only drank water 30 minutes after my meal. Sukses! (I drink before my meals)
  • Started on the Anlene concentrate - a lil packet a day (on weekdays, coz I keep stock in the office)
  • Snacking healthily with cherry tomatoes and baby carrots.
My Indulgence
  • Could not resist the calling of McDonalds on my way back from the gym, Monday night. Had the burger and fries and a few sips of Coke. Can't help it, the drive-thru was calling my name! hihihihi.. Indulged in it. But didn't have any more fast food the rest of the week.
  • One caramel macchiato from Starbucks on Saturday. Oh, how I have longed for thee. Sedappp!!!
  • Nasi lemak ayam rempah Village Park and cupcakes from Wondermilk for dessert on Sunday
-dillz blogging out-


The Momster said...

wooohoooo u go girl! same like u, at the office i can drink up to 3 or more litres a day because of the tumbler... but at home, i think i drink much lesser.

i think the once-in-a-while indulgence is fine, at least it keeps u away from thinking too much abt what you crave and end up bingeing. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wahh love the variety of your exercise regime.. way to go (sambil2 remind diri sendiri jugak...)

dillazag said...

those things I can control better at the office. semua dah organized accordingly and ada geng! :) (we even have baby carrots and cherry tomatoes in the office fridge!) hihihihihi

dillazag said...

I am exploring all the options babe. Kinda finding the solution for all my prior excuses. hihihihihi

I really wanna make it work this time. Sebab tu include my daughter into it, so that I terpaksa pergi jugak. hihihihi. This week nak try the other Group Exercises - that Belly Dancing and Body Combat looks goood!

P/S: That drinking water thing, I was inspired by you, babe!

the principal said...

good luck sis

begin, the rest is easy...nak mula bergerak tu yg susah. Bila dah bergerak, sometimes tak percaya we can do so much

kucingorengemok said...

[diam] [[kerana tidak pernah berjaya]] hihihi

adnil9 said...

babe, cannot join naik tangga for the next 3 weeks lah.. MIM this week, lepas tu MK and JH.. tak pe teruskan usaha!

p/s: kat MIM tangga 2 tingkat je..

ICA said...

Go Dilla go... I sooo envy u coz ur determine on getting healthier & hotter. I pun determine jugak but nowadays my form of exercise is limited to my front of my pc. Baddd i know.... but i support u, my friend.

dillazag said...

OMG. In truth, I already tak percaya I am doing this. It's really good that I am getting all sorts of encouragement here, facebook n twitter. It really does keep me going. Thanks, dear!

Takpe. Diam tanda setuju! :D

dillazag said...

Tu la. When I got back you were already gone. Jangan lupa buat yang minum-minum tu ya!

You so skinny, whatcha talking about, girl? Hihihihi.. It's just a way to help ke keep motivated la yang.. Thanks for the support! ;)

D.N.A.S said...

I've been slacking for the past 2 weeks because didn't get much sleep and both Zarif and Wazif were sick. After that, I was also sick. Just started with my regime last Friday.
One thing that helped a lot in weight loss is cooking at home, I think.
When is your weigh-in day?

dillazag said...

Cooking at home? BOleh saya outsource to Parmi ni. Masak apa selalu wahai kekandaku?

I think my PT takes my weight at the start of the week. Semalam weigh in ada la hilang beberapa ratus gm rasanya. hahahahahaha... To me, it's not so much the number, but the feel good factor all around. I'd rather tell my success by how my clothes fit. :)