Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I am the Foursquare Mayor of Marmalade Cafe, BV II (for now)

Just caught the foursquare bug a fortnight ago and here's my stats this morning.

After 15 nights out, adalah dimaklumkan Dilla Z. dah maju... Not bad, eh??? :) hihihihihi Woot! Woot!

So what the heck is foursquare? To me, it is an interactive explorer game that I enjoy on my Berry. Yes, you would need some kind of smartphone, I think - either Berry or iPhone, just pick your poison. What you would need to do is download the foursquare (or 4sq) application on your phone, register a username and you could check-in straight away.

Check-in? Check-in? What's that? You check-in(to) a place when you are in the vacinity. (Can not lie one, the phone got GPS maaa) For every check-in, you will be given points. Higher points if it is the first time you checked into that location. If you can't find the location, then you could even add the venue on 4sq. (and get some extra points while at it) Points are not thaaat exciting.

The thing is, is you check-in enough times at the specific location, you might even be crowned as the Mayor of that venue. At some locations, look out for the "special deal". A Mayor could even be eligible for special discounts, you know. I was told by @inaleem, true story this, that one Kopitiam in Bangi gives out free ommellette for its 4sq Mayor. Exciting stuff that! I am proud to be the (current) 4sq Mayor of 5 venues :
  • Marmalade Cafe
  • Carrefour Market @ The Sphere
  • Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Damansara
  • Level 9 S, Menara TM
  • Pondok Azlul
The other thing that I am interested at is in collecting badges. It makes me feel like a pengakap trying to collect as many as possible. hihihihihihihi. Here are some of mine.

The full list of known badges could be obtained via TonyFelice's list or from IwasAround.

What fun is a game without having friends to play them with, right? Connecting your friends couldn't be any simpler. You could connect your 4sq account to your twitter and/or facebook accounts and the contacts will be linked automatically. Just add the ones you wish. There are also options for you to send your location / achievements to the said twitter / facebook accounts. In a way, it is also like the friend-finder application. However, there are some cool privacy settings too. Uncheck the "Tell my friends" box, and your location will be kept a secret. They could only see "Dilla Z. @ [off the grid] Checked in, but hiding their whereabouts". This is especially useful if you don't want stalkers to know where you are at any precise moment.

Just to get up to speed with what this foursquare thingy is all about, please read this 4sq review

In the mean time, lemme explore and work on those School badge - need to check-in after 3am on a school night, SuperMayor badge - must have mayorship of 10 places at a time, GymRat - 10 checkins into a gym in a month and Jobs-three checkins into an Apple store. ;)

-dillz blogging out-


kenwooi said...

im still not into 4square yet.. no smartphone la =P

dillazag said...

Must get one la kenwooi!!!!

Sareque said...

k.Dilla..am always having problem checking in. Can"t seem to add venue too...what gives?

Anonymous said...

wah byk lencana skrg :)

~cik ros

dillazag said...

2 things, whether the triangulation of your mobile provider tu yang budus sikit - can't get your real location or the venue yang you nak check in tu sebenarnya dah di pin kan kat tempat yang salah.
I pun selalu add venue macam tak lepas - cuba try check kat the web after that. if you added the venue, you can tukar label / tag of the venue and even move the pin to the right place. lepas tu, baru senang nak check-in. problem is if orang yg add venue tu tak bother nak betulkan the right location. :(
i sound aje kat "Add Tips" tu, suruh dia betulkan pin locator iteww. :)

dillazag said...

cik ros,
kerja keras tu.. Azrul lagi over tau.. hihihihihi

KS said...

Haihh... Ni kalo sya main kang sure yg sorang tu lagi takmo kalah... Hehehehe... Tmpt yg saya konfem jadi
mayor - carrefour alamanda, petronas p11 heheheh oh dan kelab tasik juga! And school aiman. and my office too!! Haihhhh ni yg nak kena main niii hahha

KS said...

And oh poslaju putrajaya jugak! Tiap2 ari ke sana except weekend haha.. Haihh blom main dah over :p

dillazag said...

Semangat tu yang kita cari.hihihihihi.. Iphone pun boleh la... :)

KS said...

Ok ok... Nanti mintak tech support saya installkan...
Nak pujuk dia main sama (hishh ayat ni cam geli2 plak haha :p)

dillazag said...

Takpe. Saya paham maksud yang tak geli tu. :)