Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Results Are (almost) Out!

Khadra just finished her Formatif 2 Exams (fancy name for what used to be our Ujian Bulanan, but done every two months) last week and some of the results are already in.

This was her very first exam ever. She has been revising for it by doing the practice questions on her elective activity books for English, Maths and Science. Ibu assigns her specific pages in the book and finds it done by the end of the day. Sometimes, when she gets stuck on a question, she would get irritated with it and would not move on. So, I told her to mark the questions that she was unsure of answering with a question mark. Sometimes , I get a big question mark in pencil that fills the whole page at the end of the day. hihihihihi Maknanya tak pahamlah macam mana nak jawab tu. Then, Ibu would mark the work and leave little notes of encouragements and stars and smiley faces (wherever applicable) This went on for a full week prior to the exam.

**start of digression

Disclaimer : I didn't even dare go NEAR Bahasa Melayu. I wanted to just gauge where she really is on her own accord. Standard of Bahasa Melayu is high these days, even for Primary One.

Sample of questions that baffled me in her Bahasa Melayu activity book:

Picture form : here
A.Sang Rimba
B. Sang Lamri
C. Sang Bedal

Picture from : here
Kereta ______ itu kepunyaan abang Asraf.
C. Waja

Q3: ____ ialah suami Puan Norliza.
A. Encik Rahman
B. Cik Rina
C. Puan Asmah

Advanced,kan? You are expected not just to know vocabulary, but general knowledge is tested as well. Case in point:
Q1: If you've never read any kisah dongeng or fables, how would you know that a singa could be called as Sang Rimba? BTW, what is a Sang Lamri anyways.
Q2: The question on the car thing. I mean , unless your dad /relatives/people you know drives one, would a child be able to tell the difference between a Persona and Waja and Saga? I memang buta kereta - so I don't know the difference. Dah tu, kalau dapat gambar googled as per above , OK lah jugak. Ni dalam activity book tu, it's just a lame sketch that vaguely resembles a car. Boleh?
Q3: The name thing is also a general knowledge kinda question. I mean, you need to actually know what kind of names are generally feminine and what are masculine. In turn, the title of someone would also indicate whether it is a male or a female and either married or otherwise.

*** end of digression

So, on the night of the exam, I made sure that she had a good sleep and rested well. No more revisions. Chill aje lah. On the first morning of the exam, we went through some do's and don'ts of a typical exam. Don't chit chat. Not to look at anyone around you. Don't sleep during the exam. I told her to try to answer the questions, just skip if you don't know the answer and come back to it later. Once done, check your answers - once, twice, thrice. Then, if you have more time, start colouring the pictures in the exam paper. (Tak nak kasi tidur lah ni) Don't leave any sections blank - even if you are not sure of the answer, at least attempt to answer.

Last sekali, before masuk sekolah, we would recite the doa that my mom taught me for penerang hati. Allahumma Bariklana (*Sheesh , itu doa makanlah, Ketua Pengawas!) Allahummaftah and Rabbishrahli. Tawakkal je lah, wahai anakanda...

When I got hold of some of the exam papers, I was pleasantly surprised that her writing was neat and she had coloured objects on the exam papers - with boarders and blending, no less! :) Aanyways, here's how she has done (so far) :
Pemahaman - 94%
Penulisan - 88%
Bahasa Inggeris - 95%
Mathematics - 100%
Science - 94%
Bahasa Arab - 91.5%
Agama Islam - 93.5%
(The rest I don't really know. Once I know, I updatelah *updated*)

BM was OKlah - she:
Mixed up between:
a) rumah teres and rumah panjang
b) Lembu tinggal di dalam hutan and Harimau tinggal di dalam kandang
c) Kakak mandi pokok bunga setiap waktu petang and Azman gemar menyiram di kolam

Boleh tahan jugak exam skills dia. There was a question on body parts and she really did not know what the knee is called in Malay. However, she knew her rambut, mata, leher, jari, kaki, tangan, bibir, gigi, hidung and rambut. By the process of elimination she got lutut right! Yeay!Bold
The other subjects I wasn't too worriedlah. Some silly mistakes here and there. Looks good to me and I am proud of what she has achieved. But apparently, the results are not THAAT goodlah. Some kids are getting 100% in all subjects (by some, I am generalizing here and may include pupils from other Primary One classes in her school) Maybe we need to look into the option of tuition for her Malay. Don't knowlah. Would have to see how this unfolds.

One hurdle done. Yet, her PKSR1 (ala-ala midterm examlah zaman kita dulu) will be on the 24th of May 2010. That's in another 2 weeks time, y'all! Stress betul ya, jadi anak-anak zaman Millenium ni.. Kesian..

footnote: Sila kesian kat ibu dia sekali

-dillz blogging out-


ICA said...

Congrats go girl! Am sure you're gonna do very well on your other upcoming exams...

Wow, that's what my girls will go thru when they reach Primary 1??? I am soooo NOT ready. Goodness, whatever happen to simple and easy breezy wonder the kids nowadays are all stressed out! Parents pun stress sama...:))

Larawannabe said...

Well done Khadra (and ibu dia juga)!

I can see her logic part 'Lembu tinggal di dalam hutan and Harimau tinggal di dalam kandang'... mana ada nampak lembu dah kat KL ni kan, so for sure ada kat dalam hutan. Harimau boleh nampak dalam kandang kat zoo. LOL.

dillazag said...

Just you wait. It's pretty... ugly. hahahahaha Just LJ, siKya dah 2 tahun dah sekolah besar, kan? I've decided that I'm not gonna worry about it too much lah. :)

Tu la... Harimau dalam kandang kat zoo, kan? :D

Along said...

Congrats to Khadra for getting great results!! Yeah...standard one exams can be brutal. Dania punya standard 2 pun, especially Sains...macam2 kena tau sekarang. In a way it's good, but I'm just scared we're cramming too much too soon.

Anyway, good luck for her upcoming exams!!


welcome to tutoring mode dillz! :)

tell me about the BM questions. some are plain general knowledge. one of zareef's questions was "siapakah ini?" and put a picture or tunku abdul rahman on it. zareef asked me "sape orang tua ni, mommy?"

i was gobsmacked! i don't blame him at all for not knowing coz you don't teach those kind of stuff to a year 1 (at that time), yet.

yes, it's tough and it's even tougher to not get suck into the comparison mode where you're amazed at how some other kids get 100% all the time. but i've learnt that each kid has their own capabilities and strength. it's up to us to strengthen them further and not dampen the spirit.

so you're doing it right ibu! just keep it up :)

dillazag said...

I'm just scared these kids are trained to answer exam questions and not learning anything in the process. :(
Oh well.. bantai sahaja lah labu..

I guess I've joined you now, haven't I? hahahahaha
Harap-harap nya pandai la dia nak hidup, babe.. :)Kalau dah tiba masa tu kena tawakkal aje lah, kan? Aku just make sure dia baca doa-doa yang mom ajar to me dulu in the car. :)

atreyu strange said...

Wohh. Q2 is crazy! Sape lah yang buat soalan tu.. Bg my lil bro pun tak tentu boleh jawab ni.

e W a Z a g h L o L said...

Congratulations Kakak~ AweeWa is so Proud of u~ Give her a HUGE Hug & Butterfly Kisses to her KN! Study bit by bit from now for ur Midterm ok? Im sure u'll do well dolly!

dillazag said...

tu lah, logik la buat soalan tu kan...

Thanks dearest.
She is so sibuk lah nowadays - with her action song la, gym la. She gets home tired already. I guess kena buat more revision during weekends now.

ms ngantuk said...

oh my agak merepek gak soalan kereta tu? is that the way to instill love for national goods from early age? anyway i think khadra n u have done well. jgnlah risau if x dpt 100% semuanya.. am v sure she is as smart as the mom! (and dad jugak if ayam baca :P)

dillazag said...

I have decided that I shall not fret about it. Kalau macam tak terbendung, nampak gaya kena hantar tuition lah kot. Especially the BM subject.

KS said...

Omg rasa kecut plak baca this entry. Next yr aiman standard one sure i pon bertambah stress.. Haaaihhh!!

Btw, congrats khadra!!!! Bijak mcm ibu jugak! :-)

dillazag said...

Saya pun terculture shock sat. Ni pun OK lagi, sebab Khadra ni dah boleh baca and agak cargas jugak.

I can't imagine when it's my boy's turn. That's why I have been spending more time reading with him and stuff. Takut dia lagi terkejut. Kesian kat dia.