Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Quest for the Perfect Tudung Gym

Semenjak-duamenjak ber-eksesais ni, I have been scouring high and low for a suitable headgear for my gym sessions. In the olden days, (referring to my high school years throughout my university days) we would normally wear the tudung bawal, ikat belakang. Then, the time finally came when the tudung bawal is no longer in fashion. I moved on to tudung Donatella - alah, yang patterned and very nipis and light tu. And that too went out of fashion. (which basically means I don't have them anymore) I have also experimented with some bandanas, which served the purpose but kinda made me look a little Rempit. Wearing the Syrian to gym just makes me really uncomfortable , especially when I start to sweat. So, needless to say, the quest for the perfect tudung gym goes on.

Then, I came across this magnificent product. It's the multifunctional headgear by Mily & Cole that comes with instructions on the varied ways to wear them on the very distinctive monkey board. This particular kiosk that I went to is located at the Lower Ground Floor of Bangsar Village I. Opposite the F.O.S. There's a lot of patterns to choose from and they priced one headgear at RM29.90. But, if you get 3, they go at RM69.90. Apa lagi? I picked up 6 pieces on my first visit. hihihihihihi

1. Mily & Cole Instruction Board. Please see overleaf.
2. Hasil tangkapan hari itu.
3. The pirate look.
4. The cap

Macam menarik kan? The actual headgear is just a long piece of fabric that has been sewed on one end. It looks like a sleeve. However, you can do all sorts of styles with it. Pirate lah, cap lah, apa lah.. Just follow the instructions on how to wear them. It comes in many colours, patterns and textures. I chose those without holes and were lightweight - senang nak jaga (as opposed to the wooly ones)

Now, let's see how it fares on the ground.

In the gym locker room on one very early morning.
OK, apa....

From my first hand experience, it was very snug and stays on the head very well. Takde la nak tercabut cabut ke apa. So far, I am very happy with it. Nanti boleh tambah collection. hihihihihihi

-dillz blogging out-


Along said...

Hmmm..yg gambar #4 tu, sket2 macam bibik la kak. Heheheh, jangan marah...nanti badan takmo kurus. Anyways, kudos on your exercising regime...bilalah, Along nak start pulak?

dillazag said...

Along.. Tak mau la aku pakai dengan baju kurung.. Nanti, mistaken identity la pullok..

BTW, saya dah turun 1 kg, ok???? :D

Cik Ros said...

amboi menang gaya nampak :)

dillazag said...

cik ros,
ya betul... gaya musti mau menang! :)

Anonymous said...

hey..mily&cole heaswraps oso selling in sogo, same price. same level as dat golf world thingy..

dillazag said...

Thanks for info. :)

Zarah Al'Khadri said...

hi, im selling the " gym tudung" for wayyy cheaper price. banyak design. 1 rm12 je..kalau 3 rm33
check out my blog.

Laila_Isabella said...

Nak tanyalah,apa nama tudung ni? Beli kat mana ek?