Monday, May 24, 2010

My Road to Health : Week 2 Scorecard

I do believe that the key to making this work is not to deny your desires, but to control them. I have to make this a part of how I live my life. Not just a temporary way of doing it. So, as such, there will be engagements and birthday parties to attend to, as well as reasons for me not to check into my gym - kids' activities, dance practice, work commitments, what have yous.

Anyways, this is how I have done last week:

Not too bad. Not too bad.
  • 2 PT sessions this week - my PT let me experience the different kinds of cardio machines. This time around it was much harder, resistance was high and we were on the "Weight Loss" program - I sweat like a pig under the blazing sun. She also worked on my weakest muscles - the tummy are and the thigh. Loads of crunches in many different ways. Pumpinglah , apa lah. I didn't know I could hurt and sweat so much while staying put at a single point. Menggeletar, OK. More flexibility and stretches akin the stuff they do at a traditional Thai massage parlor. Needless to say that some of my joints popped and I was excreting wind from places you don't want to know about. Sorry, Jess. hihihihihihi. I like it that my PT does different things every time I come in. keeps it interesting. Just that I think I have to keep a journal on all the stuff she's asked me to do. After this PT sessions conclude, I at least have a reference point. Nak ambik PT sampai bila-bila, mau bangkrap. hihihihihi
  • Walked up the 12 flights of stairs, all 144 steps of it 4 times last week. Itu pun, without my partner-in-crime who was out for training. So, extra effort and perseverance di situ. I also tried running up the steps for 4 floors and walked up the remaining 2 floors. Yeay me!
  • Couldn't make it to Kids' Yoga or Dance last Saturday due to attending the 3 parties we had lined up.
  • I made it up with 2.5 hours of dance practice at Khadra's school last Sunday. (This one is for the Teachers' day performance) On top of that my gluteous maximus and feet had loads of exercise courtesy if the amount of walking I made hunting for the perfect short can-can skirt for the performance. We scoured Pavillion and Sungei Wang and back. :)
Except for the trying to eat more home cooked/prepared meal, I only tried to keep up with what I have done the previous week :
  • Sukses on the air kaler-kaler thing. Absolutely NO carbonated drinks, or coffee, or teh ais on weekdays.
  • The drinking of 2litres of water in a day is going on effortlessly on weekdays. Needs a little more concious effort to pass my mark on weekends.
  • Drinking water only 30 minutes after my meal is becoming more a second mature to me. I am making this work even when I was out for a buffet lunch last week. Yeay! Succumbed to it a little at @mimpimurni's engagement party though.
  • Bought 4x4 packs of Anlene concentrate, so that's going well. :) Still snacking healthily with cherry tomatoes and baby carrots.
  • Started making more home made dinner. The secret to this is planning. Need to have the ingredients that makes up a quick, healthy meal in stock in my fridge. Wholemeal bread, cold cuts, cheese, salad, cherry tomatoes, etc - Walla, you have a home made sandwich! :) It really brings down my eating out , especially at night.
My Indulgence
  • The team was treated to a Japanese buffet lunch on Monday. I had loads of oysters and salmon sashimi. :)
  • 3 parties lined up on Saturday - Teelong's engagement , @mimpimurni's engagement and LJ's birthday bash for Kya and Kash. So, foods galore!
-dillz blogging out-


Along said...

Wow, impressive! You've almost convinced me to start exercising too...well, almost. Heee.

dillazag said...

Mari! Mari! Mari!

KS said...

rajinnya u kak.. jeless i... i ni nak panjat tangga kat rumah pon malas haha :P

yyup.. say yes to more home made food!

dillazag said...

Kena lah sedar diri saya ni dik oi.. Nak sihat. Tak larat dah complaining and bitching about it. Time to take action!