Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Mom,

I've been in the hospital since Sunday at midnight. It's already Tuesday now. I have been with lil Miss Khadra in this closed space for about 40 hours now, give or take. There has been loads of visitors, despite the tight H1N1 screening at the hospital entrance. Her Aweewa and family, Aki, Aziezi & Naqib, Khaleeq, Khaleeda & Parmi and not forgetting her Ayah Teh. Even my' officemates came too. (Thanks Linda, Daleena & Norli) So, she actually got some great gifts - a Hannah Montana figurine balloon, a turtle balloon bouquet that has "Have a Speedy Recovery!" on it, a few Hannah Montana books and a High School Musical Yearbook . You would have thought she is living the life here in the hotel hospital.

As you already know, as soon as we got our room and settled in , I started sms-ing everyone to update you guys on Khadra. I got the following message from you all the way from Londres;
Plse take care of my cucu. tell her nenek loves her. will doa for her speedy recovery. jaga the sibling too pls

Yes, mom. That's what I've trying to do here.

I have been rooming in with her since admission to take care of her needs. From the morning showers, suap makan, ambil air / blanket / tissue, lap hidung, etc. etc. etc. I am officially her own personal Bibik.
To tell you the truth, mom, I am feeling pretty tired already. I was up at wee hours in the morning to sponge her down and calm her while taking her nebulizer. Have not been sleeping well and the drama... Ayyoh... I am up till my nose already.. She exaggerates everything.. She cries and wails and meronta-ronta when the nebulizer is near. And it does not even hurt one bit - I should know, I have been living with that thing to manage my asthma. She screams at the nurse everytime the suppository is inserted. More meronta-ronta. She would wail and shove the medicine away when we try to drip her nose medicine into her nostrils. I know she is in pain. But, I also know that she is just ber-drama, too sometimes. I am beat. Penat already. I think I need a break.

So, I am going off for a bit for some me time. I am watching Transformers tonight and her Ateh will be the nanny for 3 hours. I hope you won't think I am a bad mom for taking a break. I need it to be a better mom. I know I need it bad 'coz I have resorted to cubit-mencubit as she is really getting to my nerves with all her drama.

Your daughter,
Kak Ngah

-dillz blogging out-


anedra said...

Haha- yes, they can really be drama queens/kings! Nasar was the same when he was hospitalised a couple of months back. Hubby took me out for some "me" time to catch a movie too! Lepas tu, I was less of a *itch and every one was happy!

Hope she gets well soon (although, kalau ikut my son, he didnt want to go home. he loved the attention too much!)

take care.

.ems gems. said...

ibu: okay, do take care of YOURSELF first so that u can take care of her.

Aznita@Terk said...

owh yes..the drama and all sounds familiar especially to lovely daughter.Yes you need a good break to release your tense a bit..huhu..enjoy =) and hope she recover really soon..just give her loads of plain water/air zam-zam with your doa in it.InsyaAllah..berkat doa ibu anak cepat sembuh..

dillazag said...

Good on ya. Seronok, ya punyain suami yang memahami. :)
I really wanna get rid of this Wicked Witch of the West and be a better mom. So, that outing was really helpful. BTW, enjoyed Transformers tremendously!

dillazag said...

Yeay! You answered! I feel so selfish for leaving her, but i really needed the break. I think if you were around, i would have come back to you nanny-ing khadra. Nasib baik adik lelakiku boleh harap. He really is a doll! Tq for understanding, mom. You know that you rock! ;)

dillazag said...

definitely! First time her temperature at 3am adalah nomal. Kalau tak time ni mmg dah masuk ubat bontot and sponging segala. At last the antibiotics are working, alhamdulillah. Been trying to get her to drink loads of water too.. Thanks for the tips, dear..

wanshana said...

Awwwwhhh...poor thing(s) - that includes the patient AND her Mommy. Hope she's getting better by the hour, and hope you're less tensed now. Taking care of sick kids can be hell...we understand. Great that you had some time off for yourself.

Nope, you're not a bad mother at all, dear. It's a good mother who has the ability to reflect on the whole situation, step back and decide on the next course of action to detach herself from the situation so as to come back and be a better mom...(and not continue with the cubit-mencubit bit...Hehehe!)

I so have been there, done that! :)

Amy yg dah sOoka Transformers said...

Alah akak ..let me give you a big warm hug *HUGS*

dillazag said...

Aahhh.. Kak Shana... Always the one with the wise kind words. Thanks dear.. :)
It's just so frustrating sometimes when you want to be the best that you can be, you know.. :) She's getting much better alhamdulillah and we will be discharged tomorrow if all goes according to plan. :)

dillazag said...

Makacih babeh... :) I had good ole fun last night and in a much much better mood.. Lamanya transformers tu nak habih.. Nasib baik tak tertidur. hihihihi

chics said...

I think you deserve the break. Hope you enjoy the movie!

dillazag said...

iya dong.. penat bangat - emosi, mental and fisikal!
glad ada support system yang superb in the form of my only brother. kalau tak, memang tak de harapan nak sneak out.. hihihihihi