Monday, May 31, 2010

Send your Prayers and Love for Sheema

I just got home with my sister Illa from visiting Zoorek in the UMMC ICU last Saturday. Right after Maghrib, I got a phone call from Jaja (Khairiza Kurdi), my junior in STF. She was calling to update me on Sheema's condition in the ICU. The beautiful Sheema Wahid is a friend of ours from UNITEN. She is married to Zul, who happens to be a friend of my hubby and also my brother. They make the sweetest young couple.

Jaja called to say that Sheema wasn't doing too well. I could feel my heart literally sink to the pit of my stomach. Me and @azrulx rushed over to Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah in Klang that very night to see how she was doing. We were allowed to go into the ICU two at a time. Sheema was strapped to the life support machine with all sorts of lines attached to her body. Her feet was propped up a little and Zul was always, always by her, stroking her face and speaking to her. There was another lady there too, whom I assumed was her sister. She was just rubbing her feet, kissing her hands and making sure that she was covered sufficiently by the blanket. Such exhibits of unconditional love and adoration that really tugged at my heart. I managed to recite for her the Yaasin. Though with some difficulties. I couldn't contain my tears and I was actually sobbing between the lines. It was such a sad sad sight.

The thing is with Sheema, everything happened too abruptly. We were caught by surprise with the news and how quickly her condition had worsened. Sheema was taken to the Bangi Hospital on Thursday and transferred to the Klang ICU on Friday. The day that we visited her, that was a Saturday. It was only two weeks ago that she organized her daughter, Hylda's 2nd birthday party on 15th May 2010.

Pictures from Sheema's facebook on Hylda's party

Last update I heard today via sms:
Alhamdulillah she's improving. Her lips colour came back, bruises on d hands gettin lesser n her BP is rising 2 normal. But her condition is still critical. Jazakallah 2 all who r praying for her.
Things are looking up. Please don't stop sending your prayers and positivity for her.

-dillz blogging out-


KS said...

Al fatihah to arwah shima. Takziah kepada keluarga beliau. Dialah officemate saya yg tgh berkursus di intan. Sangat2 lovely and periang orangnya. Was thinking of visiting her today. Tapi tak sempat :-(

Dalam previous comment i cakap 3 y.o son. Silap. I
pernah jumpa anak dia sekali je during family day lasy yr.

Al fatihah again.

dillazag said...

OMG. That's the same one, sayang. It's really so sad...

Amy said...

Had a lump in my throat when I read this post. Sebak je rasa. Hang in there kak *hugs*

Ezi Suhaini said...


Was blog walking and found ur entry. Sedihnya sebab baru tadi ade kawan update di FB about her. Al-fatihah to her and family. May I know what happened?

dillazag said...

It just reaffirms that life is very fragile indeed. One day you are just living your life like you normally do, and the next, every single thing changes. :(

dillazag said...

All I know is she had severe case of pneumonia.

miss mokhtar said...

I knew Shima in Uniten. Was very surprise to here the news. SHe was always cheerful back in school. My condolences to her husband, doter, family & all whom loves her.

dillazag said...

miss mokhtar,
Yes, I remember her cheerfulness very well too. Very sad to see her go so suddenly, kan?