Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Miss My Munchkin(s)

I really miss my little Deyda. Yes, we live in the same house but I hardly see her on weekdays. By the time I leave the house in the mornings, she is still in La La Land. Sleeping and occasionally snoring. :) By the time I get home at night, she is already preparing to sleep or already asleep. The only time that I really get to gomol her is on the weekends.

Such a drama queen, this one. Just like her sister, I guess. :) She is cheeky and mischievous and so loving. Always putting up a smile and ever willing to shower me with her bear hugs and sloppy kisses. Anak bongsu agaknya.. :)

Since it's a public holiday tomorrow, we decided to take the kids out for a special treat to the movies tonight. Shrek 3 Forever After it is. :)

Picture from: here

This is my other munchkin that I miss.

My sister, Kira who is in Alexandria, Egypt right now, studying Medicine. Year 1 out of so many. *updated* In the above picture she was a measly 3 year old, giving me a visit in ole Cobham Hall during my A-Level years - she actually sent me this picture with the subject "found a nice pic of us that wld have been perfect for your blog entry" haha! (looking at the two - Deyda and Kira, they have a lot of similarities, don't they? Yeay Deeds! You're gonna grow up pretty like your Achu)

For the rest of her, sorry Ki, saya cilok gambar awak.

Beautiful and talented. But, I really miss the time that we spend together. The karaoke-ing, the eating and especially the goofy things that we do. Case in point, see below:

Adik, bila mau balik? Kanda sudah rindu, wooo!!! ( Anak bongsu, kot)

Er, boleh ke pergi
Egypt je, Inche Azrul?

-dillz blogging out-


Along said...

My kids also are begging to go see Shrek 3 but this weekend my SIL is getting married. So maybe next week. Let us know if it's worthwhile...(but I would still go if only for the Cat...meow!)

dillazag said...

Apparently, the cat got fat! (Fat is so IN!) hihihihihihi

Nanti guwe review, okies?

sity29 said...

best best.. udah nengok!!
indah gelak guling guling!!!
the fat cat is to die for!!!

(bape banyak tanda seruan daaa.. ahahhaha)

dillazag said...

(? and . nak lawan tanda seruan)

Tak sabar nak nengok ni.
Kitorang tengok kat premiere class, 2 seats for the boys and 2 seats for the girls. Kena bawak Zoobies ni. Baru best! :)

ms ngantuk said...

adik bongsu saya yg dkt pun i hardly see these days. org lg sibukbkepit gf 24-7 than nk ngadap kakak sekali-sekala...:(

dillazag said...

ms ngantuk,
actually, if she's around here, mungkin susah jugak nak jumpa madam tu. dok nak melawat kawasan aje. itinerary mengalahkan MP. hihihihi

kiminusplusra said...

hahah oii kutuk aku ye kakk hahahah plspls rly consider coming here this july or aug! miss youu xxoo