Monday, May 10, 2010

And the Award Goes to...

Yeay! Been a while since I received a Blogger award. This one is from miss Amy from her post here. Thank you baybeh! Saya terharu! All this while I have only gotten 2 awards before sahaja:
i) the I love your blog from chicsinred, Kucingorengemok & floweRinthedessert and
ii) the Uber Amazing Blog from ms ngantuk.

Dapat award! So comel! But it does kinda make me feel good. To know that at least one other person reads my blog and sayang juga sama saya! Me love you too guys! :) So, here I am spreading the love!! I am gonna do this tag!

The Rules are as follows:
Step 1. Accept the award and put it on your sidebar. (Ya, saya tambah rule ini - haha!)
Step 2. Describe 7 things people do not know about you.
Step 3. Award the Award to 7 other Beautiful Bloggers and describe why they deserve the award.

Step 1 :
Done. Completed it a while back, really. Long before I actually composed this entry. hihihihi

Step 2 :
7 things people do not know about me?

1. I go through my family's stuff at least once a year. We live in a condo, so space is always an issue. One way to cope is to run through the inventory of things in the house - especially clothes for each and every one of the family member. Sort it into things I would want to give to my siblings/nieces and nephews/ immediate relatives / friends or to be given away to a needy home/ kampung /organization. Result? Salvage some space for our new clothes. hihihihihi :)

2.Still related to the home. We have bought the adjacent condo unit and Insya Allah, the keys will finally be with us come July or August. Never knew we would have to wait so long for the process to go through at the local authority. It's been 10 months of waiting already.

3. When we finally get a hold of the keys, the plan is to make an opening between the two mirrored units. Existing unit would be the family area - kids' rooms, maid's quarters (Cheh! Grand je bunyi dia) , family lounge and work area/bilik solat. The other unit would house the new Master bedroom, a guest room and a possible walk in closet. (Maybe not. Tak tahu lagi)

4. I used to offer face painting services to parties and events before. But now I pencen already. Took my little sister under my wing and she has turned it into quite a handsome money-making hobby. :) I still have the tools and materials , and they are of the best quality - Krayolan tuh.. Just that I couldn't be bothered to do it commercially any more. Malas. hihihihihi I do it still on special requests lah, especially if those requesting are my kids, kakak , adiks or the teachers of my kids' schools. :)

5. I used to scrapbook too. Bought the book, enrolled into a few classes, bought lots and lots of tools and stocks of materials. Now? Well, let's just say, "What scrapbooking?"

6. Maybe this is old news, but I proclaim myself as the Queen of HHTA (Hangat-Hangat Tahi Ayam) I am always excited when I begin a project or so-called passion, but somehow I don't see it through in the long-run. Please refer to: Exhibit A: Face-painting, Exhibit B: Scrapbooking, Exhibit C: My previous gym experience, Exhibit D: My numerous diet regimes.

7. I love food. Eating them - loads. Making them - not so much. I love exploring new eateries. Thankfully I have my Inche Azrul who loves to eat too and I have several friends who would jump at the chance of a eat and gossip session! hihihihihihi

Step 3 :
I would like to award these following bloggers.:

1. mimpimurni - She's a beautiful person , inside and out. A famous blog entrepreneur who makes such exquisite jewellery. Also, follow her plans for her wedding with her 7 year boyfriend (who happens to be a friend of ours!) at murni&jamil.

2.KS - Walaupun dia privatise blog dia, this does not disqualify her from being my nominee, yaww! I love this lady. Known her since my PPP days and she is married to one of my adik angkat. haha! Also owns the shopping services at shoppingqueen78.

3. toughcookie - I stumbled upon this mommy blogger a while back. Since then, she has been reading my blog too. We finally met at a mutual friend's - welcoming her new born baby, no less. Such a beautiful, bubbly and genuine character, I felt an instant connection with her. She's also been inducted into the TEKBES! hihihihi - read her tagreply

4. Ngantukalways - Another gem I chanced upon during my days in PPP. :) The beautiful kaynie who writes about her life with his boy Jibby. She has not been blogging of late. Maybe this will bring back the enthusiasm, girl!

5. Ica - The cousin of my BFF, LJ. Known this mommy since way back when - almost as long as I have known LJ, kan Ica? She's only been blogging since this year but is much more prolific than the rest of us. Way to go, girl. :) Keep on writing coz I do enjoy your writings!

6. noordinarymomster - One of my favourite finds in the blogosphere, I can relate to her writings very well. Yet to meet her in person, though. Her stories are simple and sincere, that's what I love about her blog. Next year would be our year , dear - both Imtiyaz and Khaleeq will be going to Primary 1. haha! - read her tagreply

7. Bagaholic Anonymous - My junior in STF and love her sense of style! This bag-lover is a fashionista and loves all things beautiful and classy! :) Me likey! - read her tagreply

Here's a feel-good way to end your Monday, spread the love, y'all!

-dillz blogging out-


KS said...

awww kak dillaaaa.. thank u thank u thank u!!

adakah i dapat award ni sebab u love my lips yg mongel?? haha.. malu plak i rasa hehhehe.. :P

if u remember, i still owe u one tag before. haihhh bila lah nak settlekan yg tu. as for this tag, i dah pernah jawab. tapi insyaAllah i will do another 7 things about me yg org tatau.. semoga tidak malas! hehehe..

toughcookie said...

ohhh diriku tersangat terharu dengan penghargaan ini *tsk tsk* ;P

thanks babe... omg... ada 3 tags i tak buat lagi ni huhu...

dillazag said...

Velkam. Velkam. Velkam...
Gotto say, the mongel lips played a little part in it. hahahaha

hahahahahaha. Banyak la ko. Geng TEKBES tak leh malas-malas, aaaa.. Cepat-cepat buat! *muah muah*

toughcookie said...

tengah buat! tengah buat!! hehe... pening nak fikir 7 things tu sampai ngantuk2 semalam. save as draft dulu sebab still ada 2 lagi tak cukup. today boss, today ;P

kyakash said...

Ha ah... you both are synonyms in my life ..hihi.
Babe I can relate to no 6 very well. We're in the same department but I applaud you for initiatives.. mine, haram ...all in the head but yet to initiate!

The Momster said...

Awwwww... I'm glad I found you too! Thanks so much dear!

Will try to do this a.s.a.p! :)

dillazag said...

Pressure pun... :) Tak yah pikir, post je dulu. Nanti kalau terpikir baru update. hahahahahaha :)

At least dah ada niat!!! hihihihihihi

Yeay! Jangan malas-malas tau!