Monday, May 11, 2009

Momsie's Day Outing

Wherever you go last Sunday, it was impossible to ignore that it was Mother's day. The reminders were everywhere, in shopping malls especially. Mom's Day special this, Mother's Day special that. Buy a customized Mother's Day cake and get a handbag for free, or something like that.. 

Anyhoots, my little family and I went over to Bangsar Village to have lunch at Nando's whilst the little ones enjoyed themselves at the small play area - very convenient for parents who needed to stuff some nutrition down their throat. We actually promised that we would take them to Kiz Sports for some playtime. (Yes, Khaleeda included) So, off we went to Bangsar Village 2 and the kids played their merry way for a good while. I was just following Khaleeda around since the other two were already big enough to be playing independently. Hubby left us for a bit to attend to a business meet at Chawan's. So, it was just me and the kids..  Chilling, or so it seems.. hihihihi

After about half an hour into playtime, some people were getting thirsty and needed drinks. Time-out! We got 2 Capri-Sons Apple drinks for Khadra and Khaleeq and a bottle of mineral water (with a straw) at room temperature for Khaleeda. On our way to the dining area, we came across those coin-operated trinket machines and the big ones demanded a toy each. Okay, after drinks, we'll get some. Fair enough, right? Okay for Kakak but not so okay for Khaleeq. He went on his standard "It's not fair" rage and ran off to let off steam. Khadra and Khaleeda had some drinks and in no time we were back at the trinket machine again. By now, Khaleeq has cooled down and standing by the machine to get his rubber ball. (Thing about Khaleeq is that it takes him such a short time to be back to his happy self) One happy camper and went running back into the play zone. Khadra was not so happy coz the trinket she got was a Boy's toy. She was starting to cry without any voice , body all slumped to the side wall and ended up on the floor.  Aduss.. Seorang lagi merajuk...     

At about 1600hrs, our second obstacle emerged itself in the form of a gun-shaped balloon. It could be nicely summed up by my twitter statuses yesterday. Iya, walaupun busy menangani masalah, masih sempat tweet-ing! (Sila baca dari bawah ya)
  1. Dilla Zaghloldillazaghad to say Sayonara to the balloon at 1645 hours. You have been our source of joy, tears and fun for the past 45 minutes. Thank you.
  2. Dilla Zaghloldillazaggun-shaped balloon now looks more like a sausage at 1630 hours.
  3. Dilla Zaghloldillazagballoon meltdown mitigated at 1615 hrs. A compro,ise has been reached. You don't play with the balloon. You share the balloon..
  4. Dilla Zaghloldillazaghad to manage a balloon meltdown at 1600 hours. All three kids crying and fighting over one measly gun-shaped balloon.
  5. Dilla Zaghloldillazagsudah penat following khaleeda around at kiz sports, bv2. Bila la budak ni nak berhenti jalan. Mummy dah tua, nak oiii..
  6. Dilla Zaghloldillazag@ kiz sports with the kids. Ni mother's day ke kids' day? Hihihihi

All that drama.... Haiya... Nasib baik la not too long after, Azrul came up to get us to our next pit stop. By then, meltdown was successfully mitigated, Khaleeda was already sound asleep and the troop made our way for ice cream at Baskin Robbins!!! :) 

Yes, they may be a little handful at times.. Could blardy well drive you up the wall, even. hihihihi.. 

But it's when they present you with thoughtful little did-it-myself certificate and artsy craft, your heart melts. You feel that it was worth the while and you must be doing something right. It's when your little one sings and dance for you. You feel your heart swells with pride, all your wearies and problems disappear and you just want to be in that moment forever.. 

I'm gonna need this image perpetually etched in my mind, especially when they drive me up the wall again. hihihihi... 

Happy Mother's day, ibu.. It's so tough being a mommy. I don't know how you did it with the 7 of us. I love you dearly.. 

Updated: Just finished reading my previous posting on Mother's day 2007 - so sweet lah Khadra. Really need to save this image in my mind. I keep losing it more and more these days.. *chants to self - These kids are not monsters.. They are actually sweet, thoughtful children..* 

-dillz blogging out- 


ms ngantuk said...

i read yer tweets, rasa nk gelak (+kesian) at the same time. well anyway they keep u entertained and happy (walau tired+crazy) all at the same time kan?

dillazag said...

Ya, sila gelak. Tapi, masa terjadi langsung tak kelakar, ok? Imagine three kids all crying for a balloon.. Sangat meroyan pada saat itu.. hihihihihi..

Lana said...

kids are indeed God's best gift money cant buy.

dillazag said...

But, sometimes you just get caught up in the moment and lose it, you know.. Tu yang kena ingat sangat2 yang they are actually gifts and amanahs for us..